41 Weeks Took Castor Oil

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mejjohnson - May 24

Hi ladies- just curious to see if anyone has taken Castor Oil before and actually had it work? I took it a little while ago and I'm 41 weeks, 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and -1 station. I did talk to my doctor before taking it and he said it won't work if your body isn't ready, do my above numbers say I'm at least a little ready? Anyhow- any success stories would be nice! Thank you!


ashley - May 24

i know my sister took one of those 1 oz bottles of caster oil and then 1 oz of mineraloil and she was 37 weeks along and it worked for her. She had diarrhea and then had the baby the next morning.. I'd say you are some what ready yeah.


ashley - May 24

by the way she mixed it with OJ and took them at seperate times. I think the theory is the diarrhea/cramps irritates the uterus and gets things going. How did yo


Nerdy Girl - May 24

The good news is that pregnancy is not a permanent condition. That baby will be here soon, no matter what! :)


mejjohnson - May 25

Well, last night I had lots and lots of BH contractions but no real ones. Guess my body isn't ready!! I drank 4 tablespoons of Castor Oil mixed with a gla__s of OJ...it wasn't bad, just oily. I also feel a little dehydrated but no baby yet!! the wait is killing me LOL!!!


ashley - May 25

did you vomit or have diarrhea? Are you going to try it again. Have you tried s_x, marching up some stairs, taking long walks, taking a drive over bumpy roads, and spicy foods yet?


mejjohnson - May 25

I had a little diarrhea, but didn't vomit- and no I'm not going to try again. I figure if it didn't work then my body just isn't ready. I've tried it all girl- every single thing you listed LOL!!! AND MORE! I've even done jumping jacks....nipple stimulation with a b___st pump, you name it I have tried it numerous times. I still walk 1.5 miles every day to stay in shape so that should help some.


Ginny - May 25

You sound just like I did! I tried EVERYTHING. The castor oil gave me awful diahrea, then 15 hours of false labor. I tried it the next wek and NOTHING. If you're going to try it, drink gatorade and water to keep from getting dehydrated. I was finally induced - 10 days after my due date.


ashley - May 25

just curious, how long did you try the nipple stimulation. I would keep trying with the s_x since they sperm has prostiglandins in there and they use those to soften the cervix when doing inductions. I would also keep trying the nipple stimulation since it produces oxytocin if ofcourse you are still desperate to start labor. I read on a site something about some lotion/gel you rub on your stomach and it supposively puts you into labor gently???? who knows if it really works though. good luck. I am trying to find out what works because I want to start that at around 38 weeks! I am already way to uncomfortable at 31 weeks.


mejjohnson - May 26

I use the b___st pump once a day, 15 minutes each b___st. That's usually all I can withstand before they get a little sore :( I also don't want to make myself so sore that if I do go into labor b___st feeding my son would hurt. Maybe I'm not doing it often enough or long enough. Who knows. I have another doc's appt tonight at 5 and if my cervix is thinned out more then my doctor said he would strip my membranes for me, we'll see! Oh and I try to have s_x at least once a day- lately it's become more of a chore then the fun it used to be.


HannahBaby - May 26

my cousin takes castor oil 3 weeks early with her babies, and has had her babies within 24 hours (and she wasnt even dialated at all) youcould try it, if i didnt have such a terrible gag reflex i would do it too!! I was induced with Pitocin with my first and will NEVER do that again.


ashley - May 26

Sighhhhh I hope you are progressing more. That would be frustrating to be a week past your due date. I am only 31 weeks 3 days and axiously awaiting for 37 weeks to arrive. I guess some peoples bodies are different. When you did the b___st pump thing, did you get contractions at all? Well let me know how your appointment goes, now I am interested....


melanie - May 27

I took castor oil last night and then went to the fair to walk around a few hours, well the castor oil never kicked in but I had horrible contractions that I could feel in my back for hours and then they stopped. I thought for sure this was it but it is now the next morning and I don't feel anything now.


miraclebaby - May 27

mejjohnson, sorry you are working so hard, I can't believe nothing yet. Ask the doctore to induce you. your 41 weeks. good luck


mejjohnson - May 28

here is the latest- I went to my 41 week checkup and my doctor decides to tell me that my cervix isn't "optimal" for inducing yet AND that he's going on vacation on this upcoming week! Meaning- a doctor I don't know is going to be delivering our baby!! I was so p__sed off! But I guess everything happens for a reason. I am feeling a lot of pressure down there and he pushes down real hard on the cervix, but no real contractions yet. At this point I'm just relaxing, either way I will have this baby by Friday whether it's by induction or his decision. :) so, at the most I have 4-5 days left of waiting. I wish all you girls the best of luck delivering the way you want and with a doctor you trust!


HannahBaby - May 28

Mejjohnson.....Listen to your doctor, i know that you are way overdue and want to have your baby but inducing when the cervix isnt "optimal" is really hard. I was induced at 37 weeks for high blood pressure and had to have 36 straight hours of cervidils until my cervix was soft enought for the pitocin and then still the pitocin took forever. Also, my girlfriend just had her little man yesterday. She was 10 days overdue, and because her cervix wasnt ready she only dialated 2 CMs in 12 hours, so she had a c section because baby couldent tolerate anymore pitocin. I know that you are in a huge rush but as long as baby looks good there is no reason that you cant go another week. Trust me forcing mother nature to do something that it doesnt want to do almost always ends on a rough note.


mejjohnson - May 29

Thank you to all of you for giving your stories- at least I can say I tried it even though it didn't work. I have come to peace with myself and have accepted the fact that my little boy will be here by Friday no matter what. My doctor said that going past 42 weeks can be dangerous for the baby and brings higher risk for a c-section if he gets too big. I am very excited and figure I waited 9 months 4 or 5 more days is nothing. :) I wish you all the best of luck and thanks again!



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