4 Lbs 8 Oz At Week 30

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Kim - September 15

I've heard that weight estimations by ultrasound can be off, but has anyone else had this big of an estimation at week 30? I'm just worried cuz I've been told that I had high blood sugar...just not enough to be gestational diabetes. But doctor said that I was in the 46th percentile?


chel - September 15

I have gestational diabetes. At my 31 week ultrasound 3 weeks ago, the baby was 4lbs 10oz. Doctor says she'll probably be over 8 lbs. I am having a scheduled c-section 2 weeks early.


Lynn - September 15

My baby was 3 lb 3 ozs at 28 weeks - also cuite large. I also have high blood sugar. My docotr termed it "impaired glucose tolerance" just like you, not quite enough to be cla__sified as gestational diabetes but he is sending me to a nutritionist anyway. He said he still plans on me having a 9lb baby but sticking to a diet will ensure it isn't a 10 lb baby. My husband was 9 lb 13 ozs so I had planned on having a lrge baby, I was hoping since it was a girl that it wouldn't be quite that large since girls are usually a little smaller than boys. You can always ask your doctor about it agian and the possibility of going to see a nutritionist. The way I understood it was that the hormone levels rise between 28-32 weeks so if you were tested early for gestational diabetes then they may have missed it - and if your numbers were high then you might want to restrict the refined sugars/carbs in your diet.


Wanda from NM - September 15

My baby measured exactly the same at my 30 week ultrasound! The techs said he was measuring a little big, about 2 weeks bigger than my dates would have indicated. I've been tested for GD, and pa__sed, so my doctor doesn't seem too concerned, other than to tell me I may just be having a 9 pound baby! My other babies weighed 7lbs 13 oz, and 8lbs 8oz, and I am kinda scared about a 9 pounder. I've noticed that on TV shows, like Maternity Ward and Special Delivery, they sometimes induce women whose babies are measuring big, and then their babies come out like 8 pounds, and the nurses all say that it was a big baby, and could have been risky because of things like their shoulders getting caught, but my doctor didn't seem worried. I am going to ask him for my next appointment if I can be induced 2 weeks early, again because I don't want to deliver a baby that big, and it would be easier to know when I would be having the baby, since I am working until I deliver. Good luck to you.



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