50 Effaced But No Dialation At Only 32 Weeks

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Deanna - November 24

Last week I went to my appointment complaining about having a lot of "low pressure" (sometimes I actually feel like the baby is going to fall out) and was just feeling all around bad in general. My dr. did a pelvic and found I was already 50% effaced (cervix thinned out) and my baby's head was on the cervix positioned for birth... no more full body flips for her (the baby). I was only 32 weeks. The dr. put me on bed rest for "threatened pre-term labor " for the remainder of the pregnancy, and though I have been taking it easy I still feel more and more pressure everyday. I don't have any contractions though (except for LOADS of Braxton Hicks comtractions). Does it sound like I'll make it to at least 37 weeks? Also when are women "normally" supposed to start effacing? Any help will be much appreciated.


Christine - November 24

Wow...a little early for that...but I think with the bedrest you will make it...and if you go into labor they can give you steroids to help stop it...I know it doesnt sound good, but its better to wait as long as possible at this point...I dont think that woman usually start to eface until around there 36th week or so in general...but some woman go 1 cm dialated for a while...good luck and stay rested


Deanna - November 25

Thanks for your response, Christine! No actual pre-term labor or contractions as of yet, so hopefully I won't have to undergo the whole process of them "stopping" labor... if I can just hold out a couple more weeks then they won't have to! : )


Ricki - December 11

I am 32 weeks pregnant and i am feeling the same pressure as you. My doctor did an examination and he told me that my cervix is still thick but not thick enough to where it should be right now. He gave me some medication to calm my Braxton Hicks Contractions or relax my uterus so I will stay the same for a while. My doctor did not give me bed rest at all he just told me to limit on what i do now as far as walking and picking up my 2 year old. stuff like like and get lots of rest. So my suggestion to you is just do what the doc says and you wil be fine.


Dayna - May 20

Hi i went to the docotr today and i am 31 weeks and 1 day. I am 65% effaced and not dialated at all yet though and the baby is very far down at like a -2 postion. They didnt tell me to go on bed rest and i with my first i had him a month early at 35 weeks. So i dont know what to think i was never told with my first though that i was effacedd until it was time. So i dont know what it really means either i mean 65% effaced already and im not sure what it means for me!


Kristen - August 10

I am 34 weeks and have been experiencing signs of premature labor since 29 weeks. I was hospitalized and given terbutaline to stop contractions. My question is the same. I did not efface or dilate until the last two to three weeks with both of my other children. At my appointment yesterday, the doctor told me that I am getting "very thin." He is having me come back next week and said to take it easy and he'll see me then if he doesn't see me before. This worries me! I want to go as long as possible for the babies health. Has anyone had effacement this early before?


Penny - August 10

Strange~ I went into the doctors on August 1st and was experiencing pre-term labor signs so she did an exam and found that I was 50% effaced, and the baby's head is engaged and that's why I'm feeling so much pressure. I was at 31 weeks, and had asked her about working part time and if she would approve, she said yes and to take it easy until at least week 35....but she didn't seem to be overly concerned, but did do a test to find out if my cervix was susceptible to preterm labor, the test came back negative. Both my previous pregnancies were over due so I'm not too worried, but do feel this one will come before my due date (October 4th), but we'll have to see. It would be interesting to see if anyone else experienced this and how soon after did they have their baby- :)



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