50 Eafaced And 1 2 Cent

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Jennifer - December 13

I have heard that this is really nothing. Is this true? Could I dialate fast or will it take a long time still. On Friday I will be 38 weeks.


Laura - December 13

See i am wondering the same thing im almost 28 weeks and im dilated 2cm and half way thinnned out how long could it take


Dani - December 13

I havent dialated none in 2 weeks. But i have thinned 20% in 2 weeks.... everyones body is different. I was telling Laura in her post, that my Dr said it could be tomorrow that i go into labor, or baby could be teasing us...hehe I am only 36 wks, and am dialated to 1 cm and 85% effaced. Sounds like i have progressed more though for only being 36 wks along. But Dr. said it could all the sudden just stop and not do anything. we'll see though


YC - December 13

I think it really just depends on your body. At 36 weeks I was exacty the same, 50 effaced and 1/2 cm dilated. I went in today and I am 0% effaced and 0cm dilated. I am going backwards arghhhhh! I am due in 4 days.


C - December 13

It could be fast or slow, even if you've already given birth before. I was 50% and 1cm at 34 weeks. At 37 weeks & 4 days my water broke (on it's own), but even with increasing pitocin it took 17.5 hours from 1cm to 10cm. So, even *if* labor is right around the corner you never know how fast/slow you'll dilate.


C - December 13

You know, I think I'm the only person who can't dilate even in labor, lol!!!


Dani - December 13

poor YC, I would be so discuraged...keep your chin up :) Your lil bundle will be here soon!


stephanie - December 15

I am 40 wks baby has not droped I am 1 cent. and 50% efased. I am not getting any sleep very tired of every thing right now


Elizabeth - December 15

I am at 41 weeks and have been 80% effaced since the end of november. My due date was 12/6 and we are still waiting, if there is no action by 12/20 we will induce on tuesday. I really is a waiting game and I guess the first test of parenthood. I have petty much done what I know to, to encourage labor, but nothing yet.


j - December 15

i was 50% effaced @ 25 weeks. i was dilated to fingertip-1 @ 34 weeks. i remained both 50% effaced & fingertip-1 dilated up until 38 1/2 weeks. i was checked yesterday at 38 1/2 weeks and i am almost totally effaced and dilated to 2. so, it took a while for me...but it might go fast for others. the dr. stripped my membranes yesterday. so, i'm waiting to go! i'm ready!



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