5 Ft Tall And Expecting 10 Lbs Baby

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BCC - October 11

To whoever reads this... I am so scared and nervous as I am very short and my doctor has been telling me that my baby is expected to be about 10 lbs. and has big head, he also adviced me to ask for an epidural!!! I am so nervous and scared girls I don't know what to expect I don't know if I'll be able to push him out, has anyone been in situation like this or heard stories like mine before if so what was the outcome? Please help me out.


Hello BCC - October 12

The epidural is for contractions, not pushing. The baby's size won't have anything to do with the strength of your contractions. Doctors don't like being sued. If he thought you couldn't do it, you wouldn't be doing it. If anything changes he can do a c-section. I have large babies too. I'm five inches taller than you. They can be wrong on weight estimates also. Don't worry so much.


Trish - October 12

BCC I too am like you, I am 5'2", all along our baby has been measuring in the 90th percentile and above. Each time we went for the ultra sound the baby has been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead of what it was supposed to be...we do have large babies in our family. I go for a final ultra sound at 36 weeks (I am 31 weeks) to determine/guess/see what the baby will/should be at delivery time. I have been told that if the baby continues to measure in the 90th percentile we can schedule a c-section...has your doctor given you this option? I also talked it over with my midwife and she said there are several things we can start to try around 37 weeks to induce labor naturally and hopefully the baby would come on its own prior to getting to the 10lbs if we don't want to schedule a c-section! On a side note, it can be done...my aunts and grandma's all had 10lbs, 11lbs, and even a 12lbs!!!! Good luck to you.


jorden - October 12

i also was told i was having a 10 lbs baby. My ultrasounds were measuring him 2 weeks ahead. It said he weighed 10lbs 2oz. The gave me a choice of trying to do it v____ally or by c-section. They told me for a first time mom that his shoulders might get stuck or their could be a different risk...but left it up to me. So i chose the c-section...and they were pretty much right, he weighed 10lbs 7oz.....GOOD LUCK


Tammy - October 12

I wil be 38 weeks on Friday and just found out that not only is this baby over 9 pounds, he is also breech. I have to have a c-section.


Carolyn - October 12

Please don't panic about having a big baby. I'm 5' and have a family history of big babies: my mother was 10 lbs.; father was 11 lbs; brother was 11 lbs; and I was 8 lbs 15 oz, nearly 9 lbs. My mother is 5' and my grandmothers were 5'2" and had a pre-pregnancy weight of 105-110 lbs. My grandmother had my father at age 36 in 1941 and, as I mentioned, he was 11 lbs.! None were born by c-section, though we were born thirty years ago or more. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant with my first and am expecting a big baby with my family history. My doctor has scheduled an ultrasound to determine the baby's weight better so we can discuss options. However, my baby is also breeched so this may limit my options further. Nevertheless, my doctor has already expressed concerns about delivering a 10- or 11-pound baby v____ally. I suggest looking into your options about having a big baby (macrosomia is the medical term) and discussing your options of delivery with your doctor. Here's a link which may be helpful to you: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/baby/physrecovery/1152319.html Consider your options and remember that there are plenty of women who are 5' and have had big babies. This is possible and it can be done. Good luck.


Ashlie - October 12

Sometimes their guesses are a little off and so can be the Ultrasounds. I was induced with my first son at 40 1/2 wks because they thought for sure I was having a 9-10lb baby. I ended up having a 8lb 1.1oz baby, just barely over 8lbs, although he did do a number on my bottom Im thankful I gave birth v____ally cuz then I got to watch him be born. If your nervous at all epidural will definitally help and if the baby gets stuck in the birth ca___l (like I did when I was being born) they will just deliver csecetion, its no big deal :)


To Trish from BCC - October 12

Well first let me say thanx to all you who answered it really helps me out. Now to Trish hello!! I just wanted to know what did your midwife advice you to do? in order to deliver a little earlier?



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