7 Months Plus Mommies To Be

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synesthesia1821 - October 2

I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and just thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are getting really close to the due date. so, I'm Ashley, and my LO is going to be named Ethan Isaiah Miller. =] Nice to meet you all, let's get this thread started!


skylite - October 2

Hello, I will be 34wks friday... My little one will be named Haley. I keep getting BH all the time and other pains, not much longer! I will be getting induced Nov 7th... Plus this is my last month of work, SO excited. How are you feeling?


chickiepoo9 - October 2

Hi i'm Shanna i am 38 weeks my little girl is going to be Kaitlynn Breanne Brophy and i am sooo excited to meet her!


afireinsideamanda - October 2

we know im 40 weeks in about three hours!!


staci - October 2

Hi Ashley! 33 weeks here with little Graci Ashlynn! I am soooo anxious! I want to hold her soooo bad!!


beeniestar - October 2

Hi! I'm Jewel and I'll be 36 weeks Saturday. My LO is due on Nov. 3rd and will be named Chase Xavier.


BBNo2 - October 2

Hi, I'm Jenn, 34 weeks with my second girl! Her name will be Brielle Ryann and I am ready for her anytime now!


emfine99 - October 2

I'm Emily, I'll be 33 weeks on Friday. I'm having a little girl and naming her Reagan Ashlee.... don't think she will stay in until 40 weeks, but we will see! I'm due Nov 23!


falafal0 - October 3

Hey everybody. I'm due the day before emfine99, due November 22nd and I'm 33 week tomorrow withour fifth, a little boy. He MAY be named Ethan Michael but we're not sure yet. it's the first of our children that we've not had a name for in the first timester! Rather a strange thing for us...


falafal0 - October 3

ooh, BBNo2, I love the name Brielle as well. It's gorgeous. i've never heard it before.


nicole12 - October 3

I'm 34 weeks today with our second boy and he will be Kolton Mathew and I can't wait to meet him.


inuk-mama - October 3

I'm Amanda. 34 weeks on friday with #3. A girl! Her name will be Regan Lily Elnora Stubbert. Although the past couple days I can't stop thinking about the name Ryan or Reece! :)


docbytch - October 3

Hello you guys. I'm Pamela. 38 weeks yesterday and due for my csection Oct 9. My boy is Derek Evans (Dad's middle name). He's my first son.


bluv5147 - October 3

Hi girls, I'm Beatriz I'll be 37weeks on Sunday I'm due Oct. 28th with a boy we will be naming Yosiah Isaac. He will be our 3rd child.


ahay - October 3

I am Allie--36 weeks today--My little one will be named ZOEY and of course is a GIRL!!!


Mrs.Steve - October 3

I'm Erica, 35 weeks, with Alyssa Cheyenne due Nov 5.


BBNo2 - October 3

Thanks falafal0, I actually thought I made it up until I googled it and found that Brielle is a real name! #5 for you! That's great! You will be a busy mom!



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