8 Letter Female Names PLEASE HELP

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meesh - August 27

im looking for an 8 letter name to name my daughter.. im being induced on friday the 2nd.. and we still dont have a name... my first name, my husbands first name and my first daughters name are all 8 letters.. so we want to carry on the tradition. we like victoria, but we dont want people to call her vicky in the future (which is probably inevitable).. i like jassmynn(jazzmynn,jassminn,jazzminn) but he doesnt want that... he likes veronica and i dont want that...carolina, isabella & mikaylah are names we like but have been taken already by close friends... any suggestions with any other 8 letter names??? PLEASE!!!


Melissa - August 27

Mellissa, Abbigail ( Abbie for short ), Courtney, Ashleigh, Cristina, Nicholle, Brittney, Meredith, Rachelle, Corrinna, Patricia, Christin, Kimberly, Jordanna, Jocelynn, Adrianne, Nata__sja. Cant think of any more right now, DO you want it to start with a certain letter or anything?


Tanya - August 28

How about Jazalynn


michelle - August 28



erica - August 28

two of my best friends have the cutest names ever and they happen to be eight letters hope this helps:) creeanna, and corrissa. id of used em but im having a boy:D


Mary - August 28



Tina - August 28

We are going with Angelina Kathryn. Go to any of the baby names lists online, there are sooooooo many to choose from!


Carrie Anne - August 28

We're naming our little girl Samantha Lynn.


Maggie - August 28

I know some people will think this is too old fashioned, but being that its my name I have to through it out there...Margaret. My nickname is Maggie . I like my name because it has a great deal of significance in my family. For the past 9 generations on my mother's side, the name has been past on. If I have a girl now she will be Kathleen (also 8 letters) Mary, because I'm Irish and we always name after the the grandparents first. My next girl will definately be Margaret. Try to find one that means something to you.


angellamaria - August 29



Jenn... - August 29

ANABELLA. I love this name. This was the name I would have used if my Baby boy was a girl.


Tiffany - August 30

Callista, Cheyenne, Stefanee, Scarlett, Savannah, Ariannah, Arabella, Madeline, Brooklyn



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