8 Months And Counting

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vanessa - January 11

i keep having baby dreams where he is already talking and walking after birth and i am trying to explain to everyone in the dream that he is a new born-has anyone else had weird dreams like this???


belgian - January 12

lol..;thats cute......but yes Ive had weeeeird dreams also!!Its natural... Not about the baby but about other WACKY things! Especially about my past or something...I do dream about puppies and things like this. But i did have a dream once about me giving birtth to a baby girl..but im having a boy! hehe go figure!


rainie - January 12

in mine he was full grown after a couple days, and i was having a lot of trouble accepting the fact that i didn't get to enjoy a baby because all the sudden my son was an adult (you can imagine how akward that would be for me considering i'm only 18 myself!)


vanessa - January 12

thanku-for the answers and rea__surance im not nuts-well lets face it at this time were all a little nuts, but you know-i read today these dreams that the baby is full grown right away means we are worried that the baby wont be smart or intellectually able to learn things-weird huh??


Lisa - January 13

I have been having weird dreams right throughout this pregnancy. The bigger i get, the weirder they seem to be....only 4 weeks to go now. Quite often i dream that i am in water.... the other night i had a dream about snakes!!! I would be interested to know why dreams are seemingly more vivid and lucid during pregnancy.


belgian - January 14

Yea they say dreams are more vivid and lucid during pregnancy because of hormones. As a matter of fact, after reading that bit of fact I started to realize how strange it is that hormones control just about every change your body goes thru during pregnancy..including being a little nutz! ;-)


brooke - January 19

i have similar dreams all the time!!! I am b___stfeeding yet i know that my baby has yet to be born. i have also had dreams exactly as you where i know that he is a newborn yet he is as big a two year old....strange what pregnancy can bring...


London Johnson - January 27

I am also eight months with a baby girl and I dreamed that my newborn was born a human, but turned into a kitten! (LOL). Girllll, don't ask!


karen - February 6

I too am 8 months and just had a similar dream...the baby is 2 days old and I b___stfeed for thr first time then he's walking and talking like a 3 or 4 year old. I'm disappointed because he is already independent from me.


Regina - February 13

when me and my husband are intimate.. i go to sleep and have dreams all night about s_x.. it is so weird.. nothing but the weirdest dreams here lately.


tasha - February 18

no..but i often dream of having a girl ween my altersound said it a boy i dont think i have ever had a dream with me having a boy in it ps..i will be 8 months 2/19/05 have you ever had a dream like mine


tasha gross - February 18

i just turned 16 the 7th of feb, and i am am expecting a baby boy in march i always have strange dreams of my son coming out and saying mommy you too young it hapins everynight and i wake up and start laighing the daddy thinks im not all there ween i tell him what my dreams are about well (lol)gess all boyfriends think the same


anonymous - May 6

I'm sick of being pregnant and I never want to leave the house. Am I alone?


Erica - May 6

Oh my gosh, I've had those same dreams where my baby is birthed and she's already skipping about and talking like a college professor! Interesting side note, though; both my husband and I had separate dreams of our baby being born a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl (like her momma!) in the earlier months, and then a co-worker of my husband's says to him out of the clear blue, "So, you're going to have that little brown-haired, brown eyed girl someday, eh?" (The co-worker knew nothing about my pregnancy or about the dreams) It was quite eerie, but even eerier when I'd had my 26 week ultrasound done and the tech announces, "You've got a little girl in there!" I almost bawled my guts out right there. We can't wait to meet the little la__sie! :)


becca - September 17

i think im the only one who hasnt dreamed about my baby except that hes a she? is that werid


lisa - September 19

dont worry vanessa, ive been having loads of weird dreams for months, last night i had my baby then realised i was at a wedding and had forgotton the baby, i went home as i hadnt yet seen it and when i went to bath her she was suddenly a hamster running around. Ive also drempt i cant find the outfit i want after baby is born and get realy wound up and also that i got put under general to have baby and when i woke up loads of strangers were dressing bathing cuddling my baby and i hadnt even met her yet???



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