9 Lbs 9 Oz 23 Inches Born May 25 9 14am Welcome Baby Kesar

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Sims1 - May 28

Hi Ladies, didn't know if i should just post this in May Mommies or to all. opted for all. Baby Kesar finally made his way here. birth story is got induced on friday. went in was 70% effaced zero dialation. they used cervadil and I went home. i started getting contractions adn boy at around midnight couln't sleep all night the meds were making me sick hot flashes and nausea and my face hurt. by 9 in the morning I hadn't slept all night, and when i got up to use the bathroom i trickled fluid and thought my water broke. so I woke up dh and we went to the hospital there the dr checked and said i was 1 cm dilated and he broke my water. the contractions continued as dull but very amplified mentrual cramps. so dh and i waited for three hours at which point oxytocin was started and i gave in to the morphine lol and loved it. it was awesome for the short time it took affect. finally be at 3 cm's and i got the epideral. omg relief after that they also increased the oxytocin and i was having regular strong contractions but couldn't feel them. then for some reason the nurse forgot to put in my new epi meds, and i started feeling the contractions switch and i started feeling pressure which got stronger and stronger adn so did the pain, and then it was time to push. i love women who say i pushed twice and he was out......well i did over two hours of pushing and a vacuum suction and hyperventilating and almost dying from the pain he came out. i have to say the ring of fire is an understatment. needless, i had minor tears and did pretty well that way still in massive pain though. but loving having my baby. worst thing i'm facing now is that he never latched on and i didn't take the time to teach him and now he won't br___t feed. i'm seeing a lactation consultant tomorrow. see if we can reverse the damage i've done with the bottle. other than that. i finally have my baby!!!!!!


javidsgirl - May 28

Congratulations pe tumhara naya baccha


mjvdec01 - May 28

I am so happy for you. I still have 7 weeks to go. It sounds like the birth wasn't too bad. With my first I was in labor 11 and a half hours, and pushed for a hour and 45 minutes. I got her out with the help of the vacuum. I am sure you can correct the b___st feeding. Congratulations!!


fefer1 - May 28

congratulations and good luck with the b___stfeeding! I'm sure you guys can find a way to work it out - its so worth it! :) I have a few days till due my own due date so I love to read all your stories!


cors1wfe - May 28

Sims1 - congrats that is so awesome - I will be induced with cervadil also and I wondered what to expect thanks for sharing your story!!! 9 pounds 9 oz ! you go girl my last one was 9 pounds 4 oz and don't hate me but he came out after 3 pushes....weird!


krissy2006 - May 29

CONGRATS SIMS!!! FINALLY AFTER SO LONG YOU HAVE YOUR BABY!! Can you pray mine will come along soon, too? LOL


wv_red - May 29

SIMS congratulations!!!!!!!! You said you were having a big one and sure enough. Congratulations to you both! I hope BF works out. Post some pictures soon!!!


CgGirl - May 29

CONGRATS! Enjoy and try to keep in touch!


Mama Ashley - May 29

Congrats! Looks like you had your baby in May afterall. I will too, but I am sceduled for a c-section tomorrow. Dr. says I have too much fluid and baby is very long, these two factors are keeping her from descending head down properly. It is nice to know you are loving every minute with your little one. Good Luck!


RMC - May 29

congrats! we were wondering why you weren't posting!


Sims1 - June 2

Thanks everyone. I miss coming to this site now lol. so who's next?!!!!!! RED?????????????


LIN - June 3

Hey Sims, congratulations!!! Welcome to motherhood! :-)



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