9th Percentile

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Melissa30 - March 3

Please someone help me understand what this means. Two weeks ago I had a ultrasound to measure the growth of my baby. I was 30 weeks and they said my baby was in the 9th percentile, according to the sonographer he weighed 3 lb3 oz. I tried to get my doctor to tell me what that meant but I couldn't get him to give me a straight answer. What doe it mean for the baby to be in the 9th percentile and should I be worried. Has anyone ever been told their baby is that small and delivered heathly. The doctor is going to do another growth sonogram on March 16 but that is two weeks away. I have worried about my baby this entire pregnancy because it has been one thing after another with him. Please someone tell me it's going to be ok and my baby will be ok. I can't quit crying because I just don't understand. Is there anything I can do to help him grow?


sahmof3 - March 3

I can't speak for exactly what the %s mean, but I can tell you that my good friend had a baby at 30 weeks and he was 2 lbs. 11 oz. (she had pre-clampsia)... so I guess he must have been under the 9th %. He had to be in NICU for several weeks, obviously, but now he is a totally healthy, energetic 12yo. So I think what it means for you is that you probably have b/w 7-10 (hopefully not more lol) weeks for your baby to put on a few lbs. and I think he will ;-)


Tracy88 - March 3

At 30 weeks the average fetal weight is 2.91 pounds. Are you sure your doctor sisn't say 90th percentile???? Because if the baby was 3 lb 3oz at 30 weeks, that actually puts the baby ahead in size and 90th percentile makes more sense. Last week I had an ultrasound . I was 27 weeks, my baby was ahead in weight, and she was ranked in the 60th percentile. If your child were in the 9th percentile at 30 weeks, they would have told you something was amiss and put you on a special diet for the baby to put on weight.


Tracy88 - March 3

First line is supposed to say : Are you sure your doctor "didn't" say 90th percentile?


moescrilla - March 3

yeah, I was thinking the same thing. 3 lbs sounds like a great weight for 30 weeks. You've got to remember they gain most of there weight the last few weeks of pregnancy (probably like 3-4 lbs)


DownbutnotOUT - March 3

My first son at 32 weeks weighed around 2 ibs and my dr wasent too concerned, well my son ended being 10 days late and weighed 7 ibs 15 ounces. With my daughter a couple days shy of 30 weeks she weighed 4 ibs 11 ounces and was born 11 days early weighing 8 ibs 13 ounces. Its so hard because some babies gain most of there weight in the last week stretch while others are pretty steady threw out the pregnancy.


DownbutnotOUT - March 3

I meant to say "In the last weeks*"


lunamoo - March 4

Hi Melissa, when your dr. said 9th percentile what was he referring too? During an u/s they do many measurements including a weight estimate. Do you remember if it was all measurements in general. The weight of over 3 pounds for 30 weeks is above the 50th percentile, so I don't know what the dr. could be referring to in your case...Have you had any other medical concerns with this pregnancy...?


Melissa30 - March 4

I am very sure the Dr. said the 9th percentile. He said my baby was measuring small. I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with gestational diabetes and he said that usually diabetes babies are big at birth but because of the diabetes and the fact that there is some evidence that there is restricted blood flow through the umbilical cord he wants to deliver at 36 weeks. I just want to make sure that if he delivers early that my baby will atleast be over the 5 pound mark so that he doesn't have to go to the NICU. Right now that gives him 4 weeks to gain almost 2 pounds. Maybe that's why he said he was measuring small. I am going to have another growth ultrsound on March 16 I will be sure to find out then why he says the baby is small.The Dr. also measured his bones, maybe that is what he was referring to. Maybe he will just be a short baby. From what you all are telling me I figure that I am worrying over nothing. I will be so glad when he is born so I don't have to worry and wonder if he will be ok. Thank you all for the responses. The Dr. also put me on insulin Friday which he said would help the baby grow. I have not been out on a special diet to make him gain weight but I have been put on a low carb diet for the diabetes.



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