6 Weeks Til Due Date Contractions Like Crazy

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Kar - February 3

I've some week....went to a regular docs appt last Tues and she thought I was maybe leaking a fluid so sent me right to Labour & Del and they did some test and hooked me up to monitor and I wasn't leaking fluid but started having contractions every 3/4 mins apart so they kept me and checked me and was not dialated or anything so sent me home. So today I can not stay off the toilet feeling like I have to "go" all the time and have bad period like cramping......could my baby be coming soon?? Is it too soon for baby to come?


cyclemom - February 3

Kar, a similar thing happened to me when I was 35 weeks. I got the flu and ended up in the hospital because I got dehydrated. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes, and eventually just every 10 minutes. My cervix wasn't changing, so after 2 days I got to go home. It has been just over three weeks and I have had constant contractions (day and night - they wake me upevery 30 minutes or so still). They get farther apart when I lie down, but everytime I stand up or walk, the become more frequent. I felt exactly how you describe it: bad period cramps, feeling like I have to "go" all the time, and I also have extreme pelvic pain b/c my baby is really low. Make sure your Dr. knows, but I would rest as much as you can until you are at least 37 weeks. I am shocked that I am still pregnant!! It is pretty miserable having contractions all the time though. I have been completely effaced, but only dialated 1 cm. I find out Monday if I've changed at all. You don't want your baby to come this early, so again, make sure your Dr. knows and rest as much as you can. Good luck!!


starlight_94 - February 3

I felt that way after my first internal exam, crampy and very sore between my legs and b___t. i think it it possible that it may just be from them "prodding" around down there. The next day i felt pretty good, compaired to the pain I was having! Hope you are ok, if you have any doubt CALL THE DR.....thats what they are there for!



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