10 Weeks Is A LOT OF TIME

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andy - January 17

I know I have gone throu a lot ... I had some problems conceiving , then a m c and then when I finally got pg on June , I had a subchorionic hematoma, and went on bed rest from week 6 to 13 ... but OK we are fine now !!! Only 10w4days to go and little Bianka will be here with us .... but I don´t know whats up with me , I´m crying and getting all emotional , and wanting time to go fast like crazy ... I know , well hope, we are fine and that everything is progressing normally , but I have this insecurities that make me mad ... I think that It is also cause my SIL and I were both pg and last week she had her little boy , and now the wait is just on me ... Anyone else about 30 weeks and what to share this last 10 weeks together ? thanks ... andrea


Gretta - January 17

Hi Andy - I feel like this will be the longest wait too! I am 31 weeks and am excited about the final countdown of weeks but it still seems so long off. I just want to meet my baby girl!!


kerryv - January 17

Hello! i am in the same boat! i hope now that my doctor appts are every 2 weeks that will speed up some of the time. but i cannot wait for it to get here. i am also getting to the part where i am tossing and turning ALL night long and starting to worry about the whole labor process!


amya - January 17

Andy- I am 30weeks as well. EDD March 23rd. I know how you feel. It seems so far away...... why could'nt it go by fast like the 1st trimester? Ugh... I cannot sleep well either Kerryv. I am ALWAYS uncomfortable... and to make my last 10weeks worse I will be so bored b/c I am not working. The Dr. pulled me out of work 12/19/06... so it's been almost a month now.... I dont know how I'm going to make it. I hope it goes fast for us though!


StacyChambers - January 17

I am totally in agreeance with all of you. I am 30 wks and due march 23 as well, I am getting so excited/ nervous to meet my little boy. Thankfully though I am very busy right up to the end so hopefully that will make the time go by faster and I won't have time to really think too much about being nervous.


andy - January 17

hi ... thanks for responding ... I´ve been having problems sleeping too ... I cant sleep more that 2 hours in a row , and my back hurts sooo much . I´m really exited cause we just received a phone call and tomorrow we are getting the crib a__sambled .... yeah!! And we finally got into one of this pregnancy delivery cla__ses and we start this monday ... so that will give me 6 weeks of something to do .


PrincessesMom - January 18

I'm due March 27th and I swear it will never get here! I've been on strict bed rest since Dec. 24th and I'm about to loose my mind. This is my 4th child and my 3rd time to do bed rest while pregnant, this time is VERY different. I'm miserable!!! Everyone keeps telling me to be thankful for every day that he is able to grow stronger, and I am.......but I personally am so done with this pregnancy!!! He isn't ready to come now, but I am so afraid that all of the meds I'm on will cause him to want to stay forever. My 2nd child ended up comming 1 1/2 weeks late because of all of the meds I had been on. Delivering at 36 weeks would be perfect.


Tammy276 - January 18

Hi Andy...I've got about 10 weeks left also.....I'm due March 29th and I feel like it can't come fast enough!! My doctors appt.s are every 2 weeks now which will hopefully help speed things up a bit, but I am so ready for this to be over.. I mean I love feeling her move inside me, but I am ready for all the aches and pains to be over!! I wake up in the morning and my stomach on top is so sore, like she has been jabbing me in the ribs all night long. 10 weeks seems so far away, but I really think it is going to fly by faster than we are ready for.


Gretta - January 18

My question is if we are all getting uncomfortable now...How are we going to feel in a month UGH! :)


andy - January 18

yes!!!! thats exactly what I think ... I´m not even 7 months and I´m soooo worried about gaining more wight , I have gained 20 pounds and my body is kind of the same but with belly , but my face ...my god!!! its a potato!!!! and my b___st are like d cup , maybe thats why my back hurts so much , cause its just on the higher part . I´m still having 1 month apointments , feb 9 will be the last monthly one , so thats so far away for me , on feb 8 I´ll have my 3d ultrasound !!!!! that will be nice , at 32 and a half weeks I hope to get chubby pictures ... and I hope baby girl grows quickly and she wants to be here by week 39 , not too small , but I don´t want to pa__s my due date for sure ... take care



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