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Lia - October 17

Hi! Can you believe we’ve made it to the 3rd Trimester? My name is Lia; I’m due January 18th and we have no idea what we are having. I been writing in the January Girls (Allison Thread)/ 2nd Trimester for a while. I thought I would start a new thread for us. I’m happy to have graduated! How is everyone?


Jessica - October 17

I am due with my son on Jan 8th. I am very happy to officially be in my third trimester.


mother777 - October 17

i am hapy to be in my third trimester as well. the second seem like it was forever. i am due jan 10


ad - October 18

What is everyone having? When is your shower? What # child is this?


Michelle - October 18

I am due on January 24th, but will deliver the week before by c-section. Nice to see ya ladies!!


M - October 18

Hey how many wks are you ladies and when is your due date? I am due January 15 and i thought i was 27wks ..We are already in the 3rd trimester?? COOOOL NO COMPLAINTS HERE, JUST THOUGHT I WAS HERE NEXT WK


chrisy - October 18

I just entered my third trimester and I am due january 24 with a baby girl!! Well when I entered my third trimester a cold entered with it. I was feeling great now I am not!!!


ad - October 18

M- Yes your in your 3rd trimester! According to many doctors and the American Pregnancy a__sociation, your trimester starts at 26 weeks. According to development method of calculations you start your third trimester at 27w0days. In the gestational method, you start third trimester at 27w3day. Most people say you start your third trimester at week 28. But remember you’re in you 28th week when you are 27w1day. Welcome!


Stefanie - October 18

Hi everyone and congrats to all! I am so happy to be in the third trimester...I am 29 weeks on Friday which eleven weeks still seems like awhile but I figure with all the holidays coming up it should go by pretty quick...I am 23 due with my first, a boy, on Jan. 6th...don't know when my shower is but I am trying to play detective...next week I am going for a 3D ultrasound has anyone else had one..how was it?


M - October 18

Thank you-ad, i always go to Stoknet.com and the 3rd trimester starts at 28 wks but i am glad to be here.... this will go by fast for all of us due in January because of all the holidays, we get a thanksgiving break next month and then for x-mas before you know it we'll be holding our babies, i am so glad i am due in January when the weather is cold and yucky and we'll be keeping our babies warm.. I had a 3d us and i was very disapointed! sorry but it was just like a regular sonogram, my friend is a tech and they got a new 3d us machine and she asked if i wanted one and i said sure but it wasn't what i was expecting, let us know how it turns out!! HELLO 3RD TRIMESTER


mother777 - October 18

the doctor gave me a due date of jan 15, the the us gave me a due date of jan 10th. however, which ever date they decide to use i will be deliver a week early by c-section. i am having a girl and this is my third. i can't wait.


Amanda - October 18

I'm due January 3rd. This is our first and it's a girl! I'm so excited to be in the 3rd trimester! I'm 29 weeks now...I can't believe only 11 more weeks to go...it has really flown by.


KSM - October 20

Congrats to all. My original due date was Jan 3rd and then my 20wk U/S said Dec 27th. My CNM says they won't officially change it unless it fluctuates more than 2 weeks. I just posted a question today about GBS and was wondering if anyone here had been diagnosed via a urine test? And if so, have you been prescribed antibiotics? I am beyond anxiety ridden about this and any info is SO appreciated!


amber - October 21

hey my name is amber, i will be 28 weeks on sunday the oct. 23rd, i am due january 15th, im so excited, i am having a girl just like i wanted:)


amber - October 21

hey this is my first child, i am having a girl, my shower is november 19th.


kelly - October 21

My son's due date is Jan. 12th. This will be my 2nd & last child. I don't think I'm going to have a shower this time, I still have everything from the time before. I posted in a different thread, but has anyone had any problems with a prolapsed uterus or a broken coccyx (tailbone)? These were both presents from my 1st son's birth.


DANA - October 21




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