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Kaitlin - November 4

Just thought I'd start a new chain b/c the other one was getting long. About the question regarding interesting breakdown stories, the other day I broke down looking at the calendar - I realized I still have two full months left of pregnancy and that the baby is only half the size it is gonna be at birth - scary... For some reason, once I hit the third trimester, I thought the weeks would fly by; WRONG! Oh well. I'm trying really hard to focus on enjoying the last two months of just being a couple with my husband. We're trying out new restaurants and taking day/weekend trips while we still can. The hormones aren't making the trips THAT much fun, and the heartburn limits my enjoyment of these new restaurants, but at least we can say we did it and we won't complain too much at hibernating all winter with baby bean. We're also starting the baby's room, but slowly. How is everyone else spending their last couple of months?


Swtpea - November 4

Aside from the emotional side of things.... trying to relax, spending some extra time with my mother. Like I had said my relationship is ... awkward, so .... I try to spend time with him, but sometimes it doesnt work out that way. The "baby room"... what was supposed to be the babies room, he has now addressed as a storage place for his home business. SO i cant decorate the way I'd like, not now anyways. SO, there's big piles of stuff in there that need to be organized, it needs to be rearranged again... and I cant do it, seeing as I cant move the big stuff. So it just sits there. He doesnt care to much to help.... his mind is focused on the home business... We even got some new furnature for our room... but, it needs to be rearranged to fit it in there and still have room to walk, but again, I cant move the stuff. *sigh*. I've asked for his help..., he says he will,... then I just watch the days go by. SO... my mother, is supposed to come help me... I'm very thankful for her. Other than that, I spend my time dreaming... and looking at tons of baby stuff. I guess... up until a few weeks ago, I havent been very excited about the whole thing... its just now "hitting me" .... So I shop online, or just go to the store and "window shop". LoL... not much to be bought on one income.... I understand that and am okay with it... lol, the other half doesnt quite grasp it yet, and just bought a brand new lap top for 1400$, when we barely have enough money for bills. Its for the "home business" *laughs* I understand that, BUT we have a desktop... AND he could have waited until after the baby.... when I could at least look for another job again.... He officially opened the business and we've had 1 customer... kinda makes me nervous that all our bill/food/utility money is gone, and there's no one coming to make up for what he spent. *laughs* ... Told him, he should have taken out a small loan for the business or to get some small debts paid up, or apply for a business line of credit... so that his day job can still pay our NEEDS. *shrugs* sorry, thats my blurb for the day... *laughs*


Beth - November 4

Hello ladies, I think I'm due last out of all of you and I still have a little less then 3 months to go...it seems so far away. But I have so much to do. I'm going to slipcover this little rocking chair that I've had forever, it was my dad's from when he was a kid, I'm going to make a slipcover out of a bluish-green microfleece, then make cut outs of fish and stuff out of bluu chenille then stuff them with batting so that they puff out, it should be super cute, if it turns out like it's supposed to. I also got some fabric to make a baby blanket out of so I'll be a homemaker this weekend :) My little vent on my bf, we went to our prenatal cla__s last night, got home at 9ish, then he went to meet his friends at the casino, I have no idea what time he was out until because I found him on the couch this morning when I woke up and when I tried to wake him up to go to work he was like go ahead, right because we can affod for you to not go to work today. It's so frustrating because I get so exhausted from being preggo and I can't sleep alot of the time and I wake up to go to work every single day, I haven't missed a day yet, but he's always missing work or leaving early, it scares me because how am I supposed to rely on his income when I'm on maternity leave when he is so irresponsible with working? That's my venting....one other thing I know I'll get home today and the apt will still be a mess and he won't have done a single thing today, it drives me crazy why is cleaning the apt my responsbility? I work more then he does. I'm really frustrated with him, and I know that when I get home today I'll prolly get in a fight with him about not going to work because he "had" to go out last night, and about not doing anything today, and the fight will go nowhere and he'll leave and I'll be super angry and prolly take my frustrations out by cleaning, then he'll come back sleep on the couch and I won't want to fight with him for the whole weekend so I'll just give up being mad, and "forget" about the fight. Then he'll win and do the same thing next week. *sigh* what do you do? Swtpea-I know how you feel I can't move stuff either and it's so frustrating to have to rely on someone else to do it. and I know about looking at baby stuff but not beong able to afford to buy it, I have spent l;ots of my money on the things we're going to need for the baby, and on our groceries and bills, and my bf spends his money on....???I don't even know alcohol, ciggs....c___p....Thanks for listening to me vent I'm grumpy today.


Swtpea - November 4

Hi Beth. I'm sorry to hear about the situation, but I completely understand. And on top of already taking care of someone that cant take care of themselves.... *smiles* we are soon to have another. Difference is, WE know, that one of them, SHOULD know .... how to act like an adult. *hugs* Hang in there. If any of you ever need to vent or want to share stories... or converse feel free to email me any time at Lilyfinder@gmail.com , Take care all of you. And I'll be back around ... sooner than later =o)


Beth - November 4

Have a good weekend swtpea, thanks for listening to my vent..you can email me at bethy@cutey.com *hugs*


Heather - November 5

Hey girls - it seems like I haven't been on in a while. DH is about to be strangled though! Next week at work he is going to be working from 5 pm to 5 am and is grippy with me b/c I told him that he needs to spend most of his time this weekend with our daughter. She is 2 1/2 and frustrated b/c her grandpa just left to go back to the states and I'm worried how she will be next week barely seeing her daddy. DH just keeps talking about cleaning the house. I DO THAT - everyday! The things I ask him to do, like taking some of the boxes for the baby, swing, car seat, ect down to our storage he won't do. Yes, I CAN do, but it is easier for him, as he can see his toes beyond his belly and I cannot. Our house is clean - I just need to sweep (done twice daily due to dog hair - lab mixes) and I can do that before going out. He is constantly telling me to go out with the girls - go somewhere, do something - then I come home and nothing in my house is in the same place. I know he thinks he is helping but he just makes things worse. We have only been in this house for just over a month, and I still have 3 boxes to unpack. I can see that he is frustrated with it, but some of the house got unorganized with dad here and I want to reorganize before I add more to the confusion. Oh well, I guess I'll go out for the day - maybe spending money will help - hehe!! We all have to have some form of therapy right! We'll see when I get back tonight if I can find anything here. Thanks girls for letting me vent, I don't usually feel the need to, but I think if I could just smack him for being stupid I'd feel a whole lot better right now - lol - hehe! Have a good day, although most of you will be in the middle of your day when I get home to go to bed!


Swtpea - November 5

!NOISY NEIGHBORS! We live in a duplex... and on top of having to get up at night to: go potty, get drinks, turn on the fan, adjust 'cause baby is moving, or just get up 'cause i'm in pain (hips, legs, stomach, back)...; our neighbors.... are up at times (2+ a week) till 3:30am, and then like this morning, a sat, when b/f and I can try to sleep in together... they are up at 7am cleaning and moving stuff. ALL i can hear is the vaccuum(sp) and loud LOUD thumps. The people over there arent even supposed to be there. The guy that DID live there... got thrown in jail >.< nice to know that ... and supposedly his sister is just supposed to drop by and check his mail make sure nothing got taken etc etc... but someone is LIVING there, and is NOISY!! I talked to the people we rent from, and they've called and talked to the "sister" twice... she says she had no idea there was anyone over there all the time... and would take care of it. The dude is supposed to be evicted by the end of Nov., and what sounds like they are cleaning and moving him out, happens nearly every other day. WHAT could they be doing!! sheesh. ANYWAYS... I woke up this morning on the "wrong side of the bed" lol, can ya tell. BUT I spoiled myself by making french toast, hashbrowns (fat free *wink*), OJ, and a cup of coffee. I usually dont eat that much. Hope the rest of the day goes better than my night did =o). Take care ladies.


Hanna - November 5

Cleaning at 7 am?? Weird people! I am happy to report that we don't have noisy neighbours (thank god!) and my boyfriend is really trying to help me. Unfortunately he is home from work right now because of work-related stress, but he is doing much better and will start working again in about two weeks. His employer has been really good about it, so no worries there. My last couple of months will be spent working unfortunately. I still have 5-7 weeks to go before my maternity leave kicks in... I don't have any plans for my maternity leave though.. I guess I'll buy the last stuff that still needs to be bought for our baby and read loads of books. I'll probably be too big for doing any other things..


Heather - November 5

Well, I'm happy to report that Dh did not acconplish anything while I was out today, and him and our little girl were fast asleep in our bed with the menu to Toy Story on in our bedroom! I'm a__suming they had fun tonight! I had a good day (spent way too much money on me!) and came home to be happy here too! Sorry about those neighbors. the houses here are on top of one another, so it is kind of like living in a duplex, ect, but we haven't had any problems. Hope everyone's weekends get better!


Swtpea - November 6

Kinda a quite weekend overall on the forum as a whole... I slept okay for most of my night. But my hips started aching really bad, still do... =/. *laughs*... about 3 years ago, when I was real big into eating right and exercise, when i was at my lowest adult weight... taking boxing and TKD, ... a girl my brother works with commented on my hips. Saying... they would be could for having an easy child birth ('cause the are "wide"). I remember I nearly fell over laughing. I am and have been used to those comments. My hips are "strangely" made, and although I dont look "fat" or freaky, its a very noticeable feature. THAT even STRANGERS make coments on, to my face at times. ANYWAYS... lol, due to them hurting this morning i made me remember all those comments, what that girl said... and well, I laugh... but I hope she's right... and they can help play a factor in giving birth. lol. =o)~ Happy Day. (btw, any of you military mommies, or plan to be soon?)


Hanna - November 6

Our weekend was alright here, but unfortunately it is already over! Tomorrow I have to get up at 6.30... ridiculous. Dear bf is playing some computergame with friends over the internet upstairs. If I really have anything to complain about it is the fact that he does that more than work in the household. He tries to help and is especially good at rubbing feet, belly and back (wonderful!!), but domestic chores... not that good. I asked him to iron a couple of shirts two weeks ago.. I ended up doing it myself this weekend because they were still not done. What is that?? He said he would do it! Even though I am really happy with him, this annoys me.


Chrisy - November 6

Kaitlin. I feel the same way you do. I thought Oh, my third trimesterwe will have a little baby soon. it keeps dragging on and on. Yes, as far as the hormones go, I think my husband needs a vacation..away from me!! The people I work for..well she will deliver our baby and they are going on vacation mid of Dec. I will be on leave before the baby gets here!!! I will try to keep busy!!! We have the baby's room pretty much done. I guess I will wrap christmas presents, visit with family and do crafts!!


Heather - November 6

Swtpea ~ I'm a military mommy & military spouse! With another on the way. Are you guys military or thinking about it?


Heather - November 6

I've been sick most of the day today, just physically mostly. I feel like I got hit by a truck. Either I'm stressd about my glucose test tomorrow, or all of the continuous going while my father was in town finally hit me. Either way - yuck! Swtpea- if it makes you feel better, my ex-boyfriend from high school always teased me about having "birthing hips" even at 90 lbs (i'm 5'8") and my labor with my daughter was under 3 hours start to finish (1 cm to baby!) lol!


Swtpea - November 6

To Hanna: What games does he play? Both my b/f and I have played computer games together, over the internet. Since I am out of work for now... I have started playing again on occation, something to do I guess. To Heather:: I am actively considering joining the military. I know it will be a lot of work after the baby to get in shape again, but I would like to. I have talked to two recruiters, one offered to send me information, one said "Come back when you're not pregnant and have been released from the dr." LoL... Silly, i'm not going to join while pregnant, in fact, ... I would like to be able with in the year following, but If I wait for the baby to be a year old I'd feel a lil' better. My b/f is unable to join... tried out of highschool and can not, for some reason or another. But he is completely supportive of it.


Heather - November 7

swtpea - my dh has been in over 7 years now. We got married right after his 1st 4 yr enlistment and I was going to go in so we would be mil to mil. We found out that we were pregnant the same day I was supposed to schedule my swear-in! Needless to say, now i would have to sign over rights to my child to someone else andwe don't want to do that. But military life for us (dh is in) is good going so far!


heather - November 7

I made it through my glucose test, have been getting sick since I got home almost 2 hours ago. I pray I don't have to take the 3 hour test!



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