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heather - November 7

I made it through my glucose test, have been getting sick since I got home almost 2 hours ago. I pray I don't have to take the 3 hour test!


Rachel.R - November 7

I so know how you feel.. I have had a few days this past week, where I end up just crying myself to sleep.. I have a little over 2 months to go, and bub is due January 16. Ahh.. another 10 weeks.. :( My moods have changed alot, and im getting really upset all the time at nothing. Like my boyfriends birthday party last friday night. I ended up sitting in his room crying for hours cause i was tired. Oh yeh, its almost summer here too.. so its really starting to warm up.. Yeh. I get really bored through the days too.. cause im not working. And my boyfriend is gone from 7am til almost 6pm everyday, so I have been getting very lonely. And my family have been driving me nuts. To be honest, I really cannot wait til this is all over, I really just want to get back to my old self. and of course, I cant wait to meet my little girl... 30 week ultrasound coming up this wednesday, hopefully all is well. Well Its late, Im off to bed. Thanks all for listening to me ramble on.. i tend to do that alot lately.


Swtpea - November 7

Heather, what branch of the military is your husband in? Where are you stationed now? And... With the first gluco test, I got really sick too, they told me it was a possible side effect, and that I shouldnt drive. I was fine during the hour I was at the clinic, but I had to have my b/f come drive me home. I got really light headed, and my whole body just felt weird. That lasted for about 2-3 hours afterwards. I didnt get sick...but I couldnt stand to think of anything sugary LoL. I ate a few small things and a "bean burrito" ... and I was fine afterwards. BUT... lol I had to go do the 3 hr test the day after, and usually from what I have ready/heard, they take blood 3times during that test, I had it taken 5!times. So during a 3 day period I had 6 vials of blood taken, my flu shot and my RhoGam shot... my arms were sore for 1 1/2 days. lol. BUT the 3hr test came back normal. ~It does get lonely staying home all day. I am here to answer fones for my b/f's home business, but its not "thriving" like he would like... and so I get mostly calls from noncustomers that hang up when I answer. Other than that, I clean everyday... take naps... and on occation, play the online computer game to pa__s time. I like going for walks, but it has rained ... going on 4 days in a row... and is raining out right now. My b/f works from 6am-3pm, so I'm up with him at 5AM, ... take a nap from 6am-8am, then I'm up until about 1pm, take a short nap for no more than an hour, and am up the rest of the night. Last night I was up 'till 1am helping him study to get a certification for his job.... *laughs* Lets just say... I slept well, no getting up for potty breaks or drinks... I was dead to the world. =o) Weekend is over, but things seem to be a lil better otherwise. ANYONE here is free to email me... I listed it above. So if anyone is lonely or just wants to chat outside the forum feel free. I check it daily. (if not more than 4 times/day, lol). Have a wonderful "monday" and a great week!.


kaitlin - November 7

Hi all. Weekend was nice and quiet for once. We are finally getting our new stairs finished today - this project has been ongoing for four months. Over the past 3 weeks, we've had no railings on our stairs while they were removed and painted white. Perfect! Anyway, dh is at home today getting that accomplished. He is now talking about making a further change to the stairs which will mean they won't be finished today, but in another month, with him having to work on them during that time. He's asking for my advice and I'm trying to politely tell him that we have a baby's room to paint/decorate etc. and other things to worry about. I know this won't be a top priority for me over the coming months. Why is he so preoccupied with this?? Does anyone else find their dh/bf is willing to put time into just about ANYTHING else but the baby? Unexepectedly, he'll offer a comment about the baby, then when I probe a little, he clams up. Seems like he is worried about what is to come - aren't we all? - but he's a strong character and doesn't want to talk about it. Personally, I've had depressed moments in my life (before and during pregnancy) and I know it is important to be open about how I'm feeling now to avoid baby blues turning into PPD, but I'm not getting anything from him on this, not even simple discussion about the nursery. Any advice?


Raychel - November 7

Hi all. I'm new here, but I'm due Jan 6th. Exactly 2 months to go! Yippee. I just had my baby shower this past weekend, got a lot of nice things. We played "Name That Poop" and "Smell the Smell". Plus my fiance came home on Thursday night, he just finished AIT down in Ft. Jackson, but still has 2 more weeks of some kind of school b4 he goes airborne. But he'll be up for 2 weeks for Christmas, I hope the baby pops out sum time around there. I really want him here. So...hows the rest of yall?


Hanna - November 7

I'm doing fine. Going back to work again today (weekends end too quickly, don't you think?) was ok-ish. kaitlin - I don't really know what to do about your avoiding the Baby Question bf. I guess he is scared because of the uncertain future. Maybe there's someone else who can come and help you out with the baby's room? Or would your bf not appreciate that either? In my case my father was a great help. He painted all the walls, etc. Then my bf got so excited that he placed the floor in the room right after and now it's done! Funny, my bf finally (we have lived here for 1.5 yrs now) put up the railing of our stairs too! I am quite pleased with it, our stairs are much safer and it looks much better. Before it was just a bunch of screws in the wall and no railing attached. Looked really bad. Swt pea - my bf plays Black Hawk Down a lot. Raychel - Welcome!


Beth - November 7

Hey ladies, how'a everyones mondays going? It snowed here this weekend and for some reason I'm excited by this, even though bf tells me I'm not allowed to go tobogganning, or skiing and especially not snowboarding before I pop...."allowed" it's winter, what the heck am I supposed to do? Weekend was extremely uneventful, caught up on sleep, but then I couldn't fall asleep last night, got about 5 hours of sleep, not including my pee break right in the middle there. So now I'm back to being sleep deprived. Sorry I'm such a debbie downer, it seems this way every monday. I'm worried about getting ppd, I allready feel depressed.....baby finally got hiccups for the first time, I was pretty excited, was starting to worry about his lung development as I hadn't felt them yet....I'm going to try and have a "talk" with bf tonight we'll see how it goes, also need to set up a budget of some sorts as I almost murdered bf in his sleep this weekend.....I hopped on the scale this weekend terrified of seeing no numbers, just huge letters stating that I had officially turned into a WHALE, but to my astonishment I've gained exactly one pound in the last 3 weeks..I'm very impressed, however I do think I have stretch marks coming in, hard to tell with this fuzz that seems to have acc_mulated on my tummy though. I was sitting at a friends house this weekend, not even for that long, and my entire bottom half fell asleep, I fell over trying to get up, it was pretty amusing, to everyone else, I'm kind of worried I'm thinking the baby is prolly just sitting on a nerve or something though, what do you guys think? I did my glucose test on Friday, it wasn't too bad, I closed my eyes and tried to remove myself from what was happening and I didn't cry when I got my blood taken!!! This is a first for me, just so you know. Makes me think maybe I'll be able to give birth after all :) I'm sorry your glucose test made you feel so ill Heather, mine didn't really bother me, I did try to have a nap after though. Swtpea I'm jealous of all your naps, I can't sleep for a nap at all. It's a good thing you ladies got railings for your stairs, that could be dangerous to have a pregnant lady who can't see her feet trying to manage down some stairs without a railing! Anyways, just thought I'd drop you ladies a line, I'm exhausted having troubles keeping my eyes open at work!


kaitlin - November 7

I just called home and apparently, the stair project has taken on a life of its own. There is so much dust everywhere from pulling the carpet that they had to put up plastic "curtains" floor to ceiling. What a treat to go home to on a Monday night. Really looking forward to the clean up! Hanna, I know he'll get to the room, but it's the talking part that worries me. Sometimes he says the weirdest things like "can you believe soon a new person will be here who will have a first birthday then a second, etc." Well, yeah! Of course - isn't that what we wanted?? I mean, I agree, it is an awesome thing to imagine, that we've created a whole new person, but his comments worry me, although he never elaborates. Maybe it's because he feels rea__sured by just saying it and having me say "we can handle it". After that, he seems okay and moves on to the next topic. Beth - I think your bf is right, you shouldn't be doing dangerous snow activities this late in your pregnancy. Hopefully that doesn't sound "preachy". I always hate it when people write in those types of comments! Have a good one everyone.


Samantha - November 7

Heather-what branch of the military is your hubby? And where are ya'll stationed? My hubby is in the Air Force, he is in his fifth week of basic right now... I am due on the 26th of january...It seems like an eternity!! ha...How is everyone doing today?


Michelle - November 7

Hi all! Monday is going well for me. I have a very active on at the moment. It snowed here too! I don't mind the white stuff, I just don't like the cold part. I should take my daughter in it, see what she thinks. Our second due Jan 23rd is a little boy. I am still debating on names... I kind of like Benjamin... don't hear it to often around here anymore. I went for the glucose test last week. Horrible, why does that stuff have to be carbonated? Hope you all have a great day!


Heather - November 7

Hey girls - after several hours I finally have my second wind and was able to eat something! Dh is in the airforce and we are currently stationed in Germany for the next 3 years. The Germans are reparing the roads around here for ice. It has been rainy and the weather is dropping into the 30's. I'm dreaing the bad weather here, the roads are curvy and hilly and supposedly very treacherous in the winter. The sun doesn't come out until after 9 am and is gone by 5 pm (when it comes out at all!) Seasonal depression runs in our family really bad, so I'm hoping that I will be able to handle it here (a big change from Texas and SC)!


Beth - November 7

I did that glucose test on Friday, I don't know why they have to make it carbonated tastes pretty gross. I love winter activities, although I'll have to keep it pretty mild this year. Being preggo sux, why does it have to take almost a whole year? I'm pretty unprepared though, so I guess that it's a good thing that I have all this time to "prepare" even though I'm the hugest procrastinator and I'll prolly end up in my last month scrambling to get everything organized!


Heather - November 7

I am right there with you Beth! We had been in our apartment 3 weeks before my dad came for 3 weeks and I still have a few boxes to unpack, I only have one painting hung and although the crib is put together I'm finding that I'm missing much more than I thought!! I was very excited about moving here, near great skiing and snowboarding, now I'm depressed that I'm going to be at my largest during all of it this year!


Beth - November 7

Heather-will you ski or board this year? I'm not super good at boarding so I won't be attempting that, I'd definetely fall on my tummy or break my tailbone, I can barely walk with my belly sticking out my balance is so off. But I've been skiing for my whole life and I've done compet_tions, I'm kinda a pro, so I might sneal out for a day....just have to convince the bf that it'll be ok.


Heather - November 7

Beth - I would love to get some snow this year, but all of the best is about 3 hours away, and after 30 weeks, dr doesn't want me more than 2 hrs from here. So I guess I'm going to have to settle for playing in light snow around here with my 2 year old. I wanted to buy a new board this year (before we got pregnant) but I guess that it will have to wait until next year!


to beth... - November 7

Hi beth, just lurking here - I just want to warn you against skiing - the injury you could suffer could cause a loss of the baby... not probable of course, but you dont only have to worry about your lack of balance, but others on the course... I understand how you feel about being a pro - and having to restrict your activities. It does totally suck. I am a horsewoman, nationally ranked at one time, but haven't been able to get on my horse in months and months - just not worth the risk, and my horse is as trained as can be - we just cant see in the future and it's worth it to wait it out, get that healthy baby, and THEN make up for lost time. Hang in there, lady...



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