Question About Folic Acid 30 Weeks

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andy - January 22

hi ... this is just something I would like to know ... My obgyn told me that I should stop taking the folic acid pills since by this time I just need the amount that comes in my vitamin pills ... what do you think about it ? should I stop taking it ... when didi you stop taking yours or are you still taking it ... thanks a lot


aliciavr6 - January 22

I never took folic acid pills, just my vitamins. I do however eat a lot of cereal with folic acid.


cindernar - January 22

I stopped taking mine after my first trimester. I had to take a super high dose -- higher than normal pregnant women -- because I have a history of babies with neural tube defects. And even I stopped taking mine. The most important time to get that extra amount in is the first trimester (specifically, 17-31 days after conception) when the neural tube forms. I know that folic acid helps with other things as well, but I've been told that the amount in the standard prenatal vitamin is enough as well. At 30 weeks (which I will be Thursday:) ), you're way past the critical point. Good luck!


boolie79 - January 22

it depends on your health i believe.. i in the past have had seizures so for all 3 of my pregnancies i had to take folic acid for the whole pregnancy to prevent any defects from the seizure meds i take.. mind you i have been seizure free for 5 yrs now(knock on wood) and ALL of my kids are healthy!


Gretta - January 22

Folic Acid is really good for other things like your blood and cutting down colon cancer risk. You probably don't need to take it if it is in your other vitamins but it certainly can't hurt you or the baby.


cindernar - January 22

It is water soluble, so Gretta's right. It really can't hurt you. Although I do remember getting acid reflux after I had been on 4 mg for about a year. I have no proof that it was related, other than the fact that when I cut down, it went away.



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