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YC - December 13

Hello. Where is everyone at? It's been quiet today. I thought I would start a new thread. Hope to hear from you all soon!


TCM - December 13

Hi YC. Getting quieter as everyone has their babies I guess. Today was my ideal day for my baby to be born - guess I couldn't convince him of it. Still some stuff to do so maybe it is not so bad that he is not here yet. Nothing new - just waiting now.


Kayla - December 14

Wow, we used to yap away, and now? Everyone's gone?!? Well, I'm still standing, with 40 wks and 6 days under my belt! I wonder if this baby will EVER come out! Congratulations to all the new December mommies, that are reading this and can't post b/c they're holding their sweet peas :)


patty - December 14

hi baby dropped over the weekend so when I go to my next appointment the doctor said he was going to stur things up a bit I will be 39 weeks at that time......I am so excited for everyone who has had and is having their babies. I reckon I am just skating through this whole experience no problems to really speak of other than the hands hurting and the pressure down there...... going to get last of christmas shopping done this weekend and I guess I will pack the bag for the hospital wow it is hard to believe that I should have my baby within 2 weeks but hey guess what the calls have already started........they say just wanted to call and see if you have had that baby yet....WHAT???? this is my grandmother and mother in law that has started this ....I mean what do they think???/ I should say well [email protected]!!! so glad you called cause you know overnight I had that baby on the couch and it has been so busy here that I havent got a chance to let you know........well I guess that would be mean lol.......but funny.....yall hang in there and I am dying to hear some birth stories....


Ka__s - December 14

Hi ladies.. when are you due ? I am due in 2 weeks, dec 29th... been having some cramping... hoping he decides to join us sooner. Last ultrasound said dec 21st... so anytime!!! :-D


patty - December 14

hi ka__s I am due dec 29th as well....has your baby dropped that you can tell? Mine just did over the weekend and I can really tell with the pressure and belly is bigger lower it actually bulged out my innie belly b___ton


ka__s - December 14

i'm not real sure if the baby has dropped. I went to the doc on monday, and she said he hadn't yet. I do feel alot of pressure though. Sometimes it feels like he's gonna come right I'm hopeing he has dropped now... I've been doing alot to keep busy, and walkin.


Kristy - December 14

Hey, I am due Dec. 29th as well. My baby dropped, and I didn't even know it until I went to the doctor, and she did my exam. I have been dialated to a 1 and 80% effaced for two weeks now!!


Anxious! - December 14

I'm due 12/19, and I just can't wait!


Kayla - December 15

I was due 12/9 and I'm still here... I thought our little girl would be joining us early too, but she has other plans. Today I have a doctor's appt, let's see what she has to say now! At first my dr said I would have to wait out the 2wks over, but on monday she said my BP was a little high and that was enough reason to induce me over the weekend - so I'm hoping for some high BP again, haha! That would mean only 2 more days, but at this point I've given up hope! I'll keep you guys posted...


patty - December 15

good luck kayla for your doctors app today....not much going on here just getting husband is convinced I will go into labor a week from today on my 39th week cause of the doctor stiring things up so he is wanting me to quit work on wendsday and just not go back after my doctors appointment wends. I plan that thursday the 22nd is my last day of work and then I will go on maturnity leave and unless something happens untoward then that is how it will be. you know guys.......this is the best christmas ever!!!!!!! :-)


hmm... - December 15

I'm due on the 28th, but hoping to have my baby before christmas... otherwise i will be induced on my due date... just wondering - is anyone else measuring small? I'm 38 2/7 and measuring 30... I know the baby has dropped already... but that seems quite a bit off... don't you think?


Kayla - December 15

Thanks for being such an encouragement Patty. i sometimes forget about the miracle my body is performing, and want to rush things. I do hope you go early and not a week over like me... I've had contractions all morning, but nothing to run to the er for. I'm waiting for my appt to tell the dr... let's see


patty - December 15

hmmm have you been measuring normally before the baby dropped?? I have been told that once the baby does drop it can effect the measurements which really does make sense if you think about it.....Kayla I know it is just the excitement of seeing your baby for the first time that makes us anxious for the labor and you know I do not think anything is wrong with that fact I think it is natures way of keeping us to -be -moms calm and a way to keep us from dwelling on any pain we may feel at delivery ...don't get me wrong I am scared (this is my first) and people have told me all kinds of stories about labor good and bad ......but....I am really more excited than scared and just feel blessed to be able to go through this experience ....I mean wow is amazing huh!!!!??


hmm... - December 15

i've been measuring fine until the 32nd week... and according to the ultrasound the baby's size is within range(16% on 32nd week and 56% on 36th) - it's just that i'm tired of people pointing out that i don't look like i'm about to pop... and i sooo am ready to delier :-) . btw - anybody else eating pineapples? my mouth is so sore from them...


stephanie - December 15

I am 40 wks due today!!!! I dont think that its going to happen.


Ca__sie - December 15

I haven't posted on here since the birth, but just wanted those of you who don't already know... that Aria Sophia was born on Dec 10 (my due date). For those of you still waiting... don't worry... it's sooner than you think and you will make it!



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