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Gina - November 20

Hi Ladies! That thread was getting long.


Gina - November 20

Although I don't have a lot of time to post I read everything on here and the our group. It takes me so long to read I run out of time to write! I had my first "false" labor on Friday. Because I have so much experience with childbirth....5th baby...I know it was not real. I had contractions for about 4 hours varying from 10-15 min. apart. I just hope it is doing something down there!!! My shower is in 13 days. I hope I get some things I need. I can't wait to pig out on Thanksgiving!!! Anyone else? I hope you all are doing well and progressing closer and closer to a easy birth. I know Bree and I are two of the farthest away from delivering. Ca__sie, I hope you and hubby are ready. Who else is close? How do I add my due date to the calendar?


mom to be - November 20

Hi Gina and Ladies, well i was up at 6 am this mornig with very intense cramping and lower back pain...i wasnt timing them at first then at about 830 am since they weren't goin away i timed them to be every 4 minutes and they last from 40 sconds -1 minute, took a nap and awoke to more but they went from 4 minutes to 10 minutes apart them subsiding.....i really could say i dont think they are BH had those last week thses are so much more different they start by cramping and then the get to a peak and then hold and then they finally subside, i really dont want to go to the hospital since they arent constantjust yet. i was just curious if any of u would go to be just incase? i do have a drs appt tomorrow morning and i already know that my cervix is soft and i am 1-2 cm dialated and 25% effaced this was as of thursday ( but dr said since this is my second child i wasnt totoally closed to begin with) so can anyone suggest what they would do in my perdictiment ? thanks


Brooke - November 20

I'm due December 5th. I'm really excited! This is my first and just can't wait to have her. I have been feeling cramping for about a week now and dull lower back pain for the past few days. Maybe I'm getting close!! I sure hope so!!


Gina - November 20

Hey Mom to be, are you still have them? WHen are you due?


Ca__sie - November 20

Wow... so lots of contractions/cramps going on. I guess it is that time, eh? I am soooo tired lately. I want to sleep all the time. I never wake up during the night due to bh, but last night was a first. It was only one bad one though and then I could sleep again. Hubby is trying to get the car seat installed in our car right now. I should probably go out and at least act supportive... even if I just stand there. lol. Then maybe I'll take another nap. Zzzzzz....


nicole - November 20

Brooke, I am also due Dec. 5 with my first and it's a girl. I have been having pretty regular braxton hicks for the last few days, but I think it must be false labor because they are not progressing. I have had period like cramps off and on all day today. If I don't go early, this is going to be a really long two weeks!


TCM - November 20

Hi all. Went to see my dr this morning and, as expected, he wasn't concerned about the size of my baby from last week's ultrasound - he measured in the 10th percentile "just like his mom" the dr said (I am 5ft). I am still growing and he is an active baby so all is well. Only see the dr in 2.5 weeks again - seems a long time at this stage (I am 36 weeks now). Finally a__sembled our cot and bought our stroller etc, so we are nearly ready for him - one more weekend shopping and getting the nursery ready and I will be happy for him to come any time. **Patty - I have also been surprised at everyones different att_tudes to s_x. I still want it regularly, with some variations for this big belly - and my hubby is on notice that from 38 weeks I want it OFTEN! We'll see how I actually feel at that stage. **Brandi - congrats on your little boy. I had a strange thing yesterday - got into such a bad mood and none of the usual things (food, chocolate, sleep, calls to mom/ friends in South Africa) cheered me up. It is so strange knowing you have no reason to be grouchy except that you ARE! Was alternately really b___hy to my husband, then apologising for being such a cow ... hormones I guess!


TO GINA - November 20

well since my last post this afternoon, they havent been regular at all. I get the odd one throughout the evening but i dont think i have nothing to be concerned bout, hopefully all goes well tonight and i can sleep. I have a drs appt in the morning so i will mention it to him and i am sure he will be doin another internal to see where i stand. OMG i feel so bad i am sooo BITCHY with my man and my son i dont know what has come over me i feel so short tempered, then to make it worse i go and clean my frig tonight well that just went GREAT ..(NOT) !! why do i do stuff to myself ...grrrrr!! anyways so sorry but i needed to vent thanks ;) hehe well i'll post tomorrow how my Drs appt went. oh ya my due date is DEC 28th :) nigthy night


ops - November 20

this last posting for gina is from me - mom to be :)


Lindsay - November 21

Hi ladies... glad to hear you are all doing well. i have established this weird sleeping pattern. hubby goes to sleep around 11pm and i am tired but cant get comfortable so i toss and turn until 2am then i sleep until 5am. i wake up and have a snack while hubby gets ready for work then i go back to sleep and i can usually sleep until about 2pm. it sucks i wish i could sleep earlier at night but i cant :( i have also had lots of cramping throughout the day for about a week now. i have my 1st internal on friday when i will be 37 weeks yayy! so hopefully they will tell me something is going on down there. (cross your fingers). I really can't wait till thanksgiving...i have been thinking about it all day. not even the nice hot meal but the cold turkey sandwhiches i can make with leftovers yum! well its like 12:30am and i am soo tired so i guess i should go start my tossing and turning. does anyone else feel like they have a bag of bricks on their stomach when they lie on their back? i feel like i cant even breath sometimes. well goodnite ladies. i'll check in soon to see how everyones appointments go this week :) good luck all!


Brooke - November 21

Nichole, I'm also having a girl. This is my first baby. I've also been having BH contractions the past few days. Mine just wont become regular. Yesterday, I started feeling a lot more pressure down there than I was already feeling, imagine that!!


Lizzy - November 21

Hi! I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and have a doc. appt., I wonder if I'll have an internal? My due date is Dec. 20tth, a girl!


Ca__sie - November 21

Hello ladies! Brooke- I was going to post about more pressure down there too. Yesterday I began to feel actual pressure down there, not just the pain. Hubby and I had gone grocery shopping and on the way there and back, really felt it. Then when putting groceries away in the fridge, had to let hubby take over because I just couldn't stand it. Thought maybe Baby was going to pop out or something. HA! No such luck. Gina, add your due date by clicking on "calender" on the yahoo site. I think you can then flip to December and click on "add event" or something like that. Maybe you've figured it out by now... I'll check later. Patty- to tell you the truth, hubby has finally gotten a little nervous about having s_x. hehe... he never was before, but he just doesn't want it anymore. That's actually fine by me because it has gotten uncomfortable. It is because the baby is so low and I'm sore down there. I do miss the intimacy... I really do... but we cuddle a lot (I make him) and once I'm all recovered from the birth, we'll try to get back to our regular s_x life. *** The nursery still isn't really decorated, but we have all of our essentials. Went and bought first aid kit, bath, boppy, diaper pail, etc. We still have to get the stroller, but we wouldn't be using it any time soon anyway with such cold weather. The stroller is from hubby's parents though, so we don't have to pay for it. Woo-hoo! :-) I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow. I think he'll do another internal if I want it. And I do because I'm so curious to see if I've made progress. I really really hope so!


YC - November 21

Hello Everyone, geez, so many posts I can't keep up. Well, only today and tomorrow in the office and then my boss gave us the rest of the week off. I will be working from home the two weeks after that and then I am officially on maternity leave. I am counting down the hours! *Gina, yes, I am definitely looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving. My future MIL is the best cook in the world and is preparing all of these special dishes for her grandchild ha!ha! Can you tell it's her first? Sounds like everyone is progrsesing right along. I wish I could say the same thing but I don't think anything is changing for me yet. Everyone is having braxton hicks contractions. I have read a lot about them but I do not think I have had any yet. Can someone explain exactly what they feel like. At my last two NST monitorings the contraction line showed that I was having contractions (BH) but I couldnt feel anything, not even any tightening. I am such a freak of nature! I have to say I wouldnt mind not feeling any contractions but I don't want to get up from the couch and have my baby fall out because I didnt realize I was in labor ha!ha! The nurses a__sure me that there is no way I won't be able to feel contractions once the real ones come. I hope they are right.


patty - November 21

hi YC yeah you should be able to feel the contractions else you'll have the easiest labor of all of us.....The braxton hicks feel like ......tighten up your fist hold it and then let it your hand relax....this is how your belly feels it does'nt really hurt just is a little unconfitable......I have gotten a little worried so today I am going to he doctor and have them ck me out....I had my family thanksgiving sunday and I made a honey baked ham in the crock pot ..I am not sure if it is from lifting the crock pot or not but I have been having (since yesterday) sharp stabbing pains just under and to the side of my belly b___ton. It seems to happen if any pressure is put on my belly (sneezing,coughing) or getting up and moving around. I called the nurse and she said to come in and let them look at me just in is moving around like usual though and that does make me feel a little better ..yall keep your fingers crossed that I just pulled a muscle or something simple like that ......CASSIE does your doctor just do internals for you or is there a reason he does those? Maybe they will do one today???? anyway yall have a good day and keep smilin...


Brooke - November 21

Ca__sie, I'm glad someone else was feeling like their baby was about to fall out. I had my first internal today and he told me that the baby is at -1 station, which is really low and about ready to go!! He said he guesses I'll go into labor this weekend!! Wouldn't that be nice. He begged me to let him have a nice Thanksgiving day!! haha I was also 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, but he seemed to think the station was the most important right now.



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