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jilly bean - February 1

ok so here it is...had a big u/s and dr appt today to check postion and size...baby is 5.2 and great happy healty and even has a full head of hair....lol i'm 35 weeks and well the head is engaged and my cervix is only 1.9cm long so the baby is ready but no contractions and its still closed tight....they seem to think she is coming sooner then later and told me you to take it slow so she will stay at least two more weeks......anyone else have this and did it come early or what just looking for other womens experinces


andrea - February 1

Did not happen with me. My suggestion to you would be to start walking and have lots of s_x! From things I've heard you could be like that for an unknown amount of time. Could be 2 days, could be two weeks. It sounds like it will be soon, though!


Ashley N - February 2

Hey, I've been having lots of contractions since the baby dropped Saturday, my midwife says the baby is 5.5-6 lbs and advised me to take it really easy until Monday. She wants the baby to have another week - I'm just starting my 37th week right now, 37 full weeks is term. She said if I was any more dialated she would have put me on bedrest. After Monday, I can walk, do whatever. But she told me, you are having this baby early, you will never make it to March 1st!!! :) If I were you I guess I would take the doc's advice and try for two weeks if you can.


jilly bean - February 2

yeah i was just wondering cause you know they can tell you this stuff and then the baby still comes on your due date.....and i would hate to get everyone excited and then have to wait over a month.....lol....


cat - February 2

at my 21 week appt I mentioned to my dr that I was feeling alot of pressure. He ordered a transv____al u/s and it showed my cervix to be 1.86 cm and funneling. I was kept in the hospital for 2 days and ordered modified bed rest. I have 3 children already so bedrest was hardly in the cards for me. I took it easy for a few weeks, but then resumed normal activity. So far I have made it to 34 weeks with a shortened cervix. I have also been dilated for the past 5 weeks(still resuming normal activity). I am convinced that babies come when it is their time to come. Being dilated or having a short cervix doesn't alway mean you will go into labor soon. Hang in there!


StephanieT - February 2

I'm pretty much in the same place. I'm 36 weeks, and my baby is dropped. The Dr. didn't check to see if I was dilated or anything. But my baby is about 5 1/2 lbs, so anytime she's ready, we're good to go. They won't try to stop labor at this point. They just said they would see me every week until I go into labor. I haven't had any contractions, just BH.



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