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synesthesia1821 - October 14

Think I might be having labor pains... haven't been timing them but I've been having severe pains in my lower stomach area for a couple hours now, haven't felt this kind of pain before. Then i felt something wierd and checked "down there" and it looked like more of my mucous plug had come out. But it wasn't tinged with blood or anything... and I hate to admit this fact but I couldn't find any underwear this morning, so I just went commando and am wearing a skirt [a long one, im not a tramp lol] so I don't know if I might have leaked a bit of anything tinged pink... anyone know? Anyone that's already been through labor that can describe what the pains feel like to me? Don't want to wait till the last minute and rush to the hospital and freak out...I'm only 35 weeks 4 days, so I'm pretty scared right now.


Cevvin - October 14

Start timing them if they are painful. Make sure you time how long they last. The longer, the more its gonna sound like labor. Feel your belly when you get the pains. Is it rock hard? Sometimes us women get so worried about having babies that we forget that we have digestive problems too. I know from experience on that one lol. If your concerned call the doc. The doc will ask you how long apart your pain/contractions are.


chickiepoo9 - October 14

are the pains constant or coming and going? i promise if it is labor you will know they will get stronger and closer together i had pains in my lower stomach in early labor just before losing my mucus plug but then they turned into cant be mistaken contractions, i think if they pains are sticking to the lower tummy area and not changing much you are ok.


Buffi R. - October 15

You can also drink lots of water and lie down to see if the pains go away. They could be painful braxton-hicks contractions, and if so they should go away after you hydrate yourself and put your feet up.



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