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Barb - October 13

ok...I didn't want to take up too much room on the other thread..ha :) I'm home now, and here's my story....First I wanted to say, Monday we had s_x..then Tuesday my water broke. Coincidence?? hmmm....not sure, but it happened that way for me so GO FOR IT ladies =) ok...when I got up Tuesday morning around 8:00AM I noticed my pants to be a bit wet...not alot, just wetter than normal....didn't think too much of it until around 11-11:30 when there was a TON more, like I wet myself...went through my panty liner and my pants...well at least I was home...haha...nothing "popped" or "gushed" it just dribbled, so I wasn't for sure what it was, my water leaking? or a sudden case of total incontinence? LOL.....but when it continued to come out everytime I stood up, that's when I thought it was my water breaking. My water never broke before with either pregnancies, they had to break it in labor. so I wasn't expecting that at all...just goes to show, the rule of pregnancy is THERE ARE NO RULES! I finally called my doc. at 1:00...they told me to get to the ER because infection could set in. Now I have to tell you, I did NOT want to go in yet...I wasn't contracting regularly and I didn't want to be "tied-down" to that hospital longer than finally went in at 5:00pm. We waited for the kids to come home, they went in too, then I took a shower..hubby took a shower...ect..After we got there they checked me and I was still only 1cm and 50% effaced...HOW YUKY!! I was hoping for improvement...and the doc. on call that checked me was NOT very nice. He had a BAD att_tude...he said "it's gonna be a long night" I swear I wanted to kick him right there....then he asked if this was my first baby, when I said's the 3rd..he said "well, maybe not THAT long then" ...but his att_tude was it will certainly be a while. Well, let me tell you..things moved along! =) They hooked me up to fluids and started petocin (with OUT me knowing it!!) and when the contractions started coming FAST and WAY HARD...she checked me again at 7:00 and I was 3-4cm....I couldn't believe they started the petocin without telling me!! I wanted the epidural FIRST... I KNEW that petocin makes your labor MUCH,MUCH HARDER and I was not wanting that pain...well, no wonder it hurt so much!! hahaha... by this time the contractions were 3 min's apart and extremely painful..and that's when I said to her "no need for petocin, these are fast enough!" then she said " honey you've been on pitocin for a half hour now" hahaha...geezz...tricky I tell you! anyhow.. they had to cut the pitocin bc I was moving too 10:00pm I was 8-9 cm and by 11:00 they had to round up the doc. to deliver...well...I did get my epidural around 9:00pm (which actually hurt this time :( not sure why) but when it kicked -in it was MUCH better :) by 12:30 or so I was completely efaced and dialated...ready to push!! I only had to push for 15 min's or so...went VERY fast, and she came right out at 12:49AM ... however........the umbilical cord was very tight around her neck. They didn't want me to know, my hubby tells me now, so they were VERY happy that I pushed her out so hubby quickly cut the cord that was around her neck (they couldn't get it off) and went to work on her right away....PRAISE GOD she is ok! weighing 7#'s 5oz. 20"long and a full head of hair...JUST BEAUTIFUL! Our daughter was in the room with us...what a joy to see her sister born :) I have to say ladies, I didn't know what to expect after 10 years...but this was probably the easiest labor and delivery of the 3. The only thing that hurt was the epidural and it kind of sucked to go in without contractions and need petocin....but over all the process was fast. In at 5:00 and she was here by 12:49 so...not too bad! I'm sending over to you all TONS of LABOR WILL have your babies soon =) ask me any questions....I'm here for you all..STILL feeling your pain and sending TONS of love and prayers to all of you to have healthy babies SOON :) xxxoooo


Tara - October 13

Awww Congrats!! I'm 36 weeks i'll be 37 on Monday..I can't wait to have my first son.


Noams - October 13

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF YOUR BABY GIRL. I have been following your progress on the message board so it is great to hear that it all went well for you. Lovely that you daughter was there to see the birth.


Shannon - October 13

yay!!! congrats, i'm sure she's beautiful. i will be sure to try this s_x thing you speak of. ;-) ten days and counting.


Dawn - October 13

CONGRATS!! I go in tom night at midnight. Say a prayer for me. GLad things went well.


Tigerphoenix - October 13

Oh Barb I am so happy for you! You have waited so patiently through all that pain and she finally arrived for you!!!


Tonia - October 13

CONGRATULATIONS BARB!!!! I've got 3 more days and nothing has happened yet my Dr. even stripped my membranes and still nothing. Oh God I'm about to go crazy and she said that if I needed to be induce it will be on the 25th at 8:00am. I'm almost in tears cause I'm ready to go I can't go on anymore.


Dee - October 14

Congrats girl...


Valerie - October 14

Congrats Barb everything sounds like it went so well. I can't wait till I can share my story!!! Only 15 more days for me lets hope something happens soon. Congrats again I would love to see a pic of your beautiful baby girl!!! :)


Ranya - October 14

Congratulations Barb, welcome back, and we definitely missed you too...I'm glad everything went relatively smoothly for you, thanks for sharing and giving us hope :) Would love to see pictures of Trinity when you can, YAY BARB xx!!


Jl - October 14

Congrats Barb! That is a great story. Hopefully I'll be posting my story soon!


Ca__sie - October 14

Congratulations! This might be a dumb question, but what would you compare the pain to?


Barb - October 15

thanks everyone :) we're doing well...I'll try to get some pic's up this weekend some far as comparing the pain...there's really nothing to compare it to..maybe the WORST menstral cramps X 100??? haha...but DEFINITLY worth it!!



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