Before Or After DUE DATE

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andy - January 24

I´m due April 1st with my first , but I was wondering if it is usually normal to have it before or after my due date ... I really want my baby to be a march baby ... but ok , late march , don´t want her coming before she is fully done ... On your experience is it normal to have the baby aftr the du date?? thanks


PrincessesMom - January 24

I have 3 girls. The 1st was 4 days early. The 2nd, I had preterm labor and was put on so many meds that I went 1 1/2 weeks over. The 3rd was born at 35w 4d.


BriannasMummy - January 24

Ive been told that first babies are usually a little bit late. My sister went 10 days over due with her son.. I went 2 weeks overdue with my first little girl.. My mom went 10 days overdue with ME (her first), My sister who is now pregnant.. is 41 weeks 4 days pregnant, our friend was 9 days overdue with her first, thats the statistics I know of.. however.. i also know ladies that went a couple days before.. or even right on their due date. Good luck.. and Congratulations!! ~Kristin~


Tira - January 24

This is my first baby and I am currently 40 weeks and 1 day. I was convinced the baby was going to arrive early as I've had pre-labour signs for 3 weeks. Oh well, guess I'll just have to be patient :)


sahmof3 - January 24

I went to 41 weeks, 6 days with my 1st.


ShaunaLeigh - January 24

Depends on the peron... & the baby.. i was 3 weeks earlii for my first boy & right on my due date for my 2nd boy... & now im pregnant again & have less than 6 weeks to go.


vanja10 - January 24

my friend just gave birth to her first on monday and she was 8 days early.. she had a boy. i'm planning to work till 39 weeks, so hopefully he'll hold on till then! :) I'm 34.5 weeks now.. my mom said i was 10 days overdue (first baby)


SaraH - January 25

It just depends sometime babies are early, sometimes they are late. There are studies indicating that if your mother had a history of early labor that you're a lot more likely to have an earlier labor too. This is my first so, and I am hoping I'll be a couple weeks early (as long as baby is good and healthy to come) as my dh was over 10 lb's when he was born. My mother, grandmother, and aunt (on my mothers side) all had their kids around 36-37w too (4 out of 6 of my mothers kids were at 36w -all healthy- and the other 2 kids were 37-38w, my mom and her 3 sisters were all about 36w and my aunts 5 boys were all 36-38 weeks), so we will see if I go early. Also my sil had their first baby last April and she was 36w 4ds and was completely healthy. Anyways, I think it just depends on you and the specific pregnancy. Good luck.



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