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YC - October 17

Good morning everyone, I thought I would start a new thread for the week. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I didnt really do anything at all, it was great. Tonight I have my 3D/4D ultrasound. I can't wait! I hope all goes well and the little one cooperates. **Trish I saw your pictures. Your nursery is adorable. I feel like such a loser, dont have a thing yet. Oh well, my shower is this Saturday so we will go from there. **Bree, not sure if you are checking this site but I want you to know that we are thinking of you. ***Alaina do you live in California? Well, I guess I should get some work done. Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Kayla - October 17

Good thinking YC, and happy monday to all.... Just checking in, nothing new happening, just lots of movement, shoving and pushing ones, sometimes i can feel her poking on my sides!!! I'm so sleepy lately, and i feel like i'm so heavy, i have to "roll" out of bed, i don't have the energy i used to. (I guess that's what 30 extra lbs can do for ya!) Hope all are doing well, and Bree you are also in my heart.


Jackie - October 17

Hello! I just had my baby shower this past saturday and it was beautiful! My mom did everything..I dont know how to thank her..any ideas? She got fresh flowers, all the food, tables, chairs, cake, balloons everywhere! She came over yesterday ad helped me organize all the gifts and put all clothes away...I got 4 strollers and 4 bouncing seats so gonna return some and get the crib and few other items i didnt get...I have no idea how to thank my mom. My Motherinlaw was supposed to help but just sat there....even my husband noticed and he was the one that mentioned giving my parents some money for the party which i know they will not accept. Any items what i can get them???


YC - October 17

Hi Kayla, I checked out your website. It is so neat. I love how you have kept all the stats your whole pregnany. I wish I was that organized. Your wedding pics are absolutely beautiful! Hey Jackie, sounds like your baby shower went well. Mine is on Satuday and I am still tyring to figure out hostess gifts. It's going to get a little expensive because we have 6 planners. For my future mother-in-law (the main organizer) we want to do something really special but we dont know what yet. For the other five I think we are going to do a gift basket with bath and body works lotions and a coupon for a pedicure.


Trish - October 17

Hi everyone, Happy to shower hostess gifts, I did bath and body works from me and picture frames from the baby...either said, I love my Grandma or I love my Aunt...they were only $4.50 each and came to me within a is the website incase anyone is interested... Thanks YC, I love the nursery too, everytime I woke up to pee, I stumbled in and tried to focus in the dark and look at everything again, it was funny. I think I am getting a cold and not to happy about it, I can't stop sneezing, my nose is running and stuffy...UGHHH I don't want to be sick for this coming up weekend as it is our next shower and we are going to dinner with both sets of parents...I have too much to do to be sick, oh well!


YC - October 17

Thanks for the website link Trish. It's to late to get that here before Saturday but I think I will order some for her arrival. My little one will have 6 aunts ages 31,23, 22, 20,13 & 9 when she gets here. They are all fighting over babysitting and everything already. I would like to get them personalized frames that say "I love my Auntie _____". Has anyone seen anything like that?


Trish - October 17

YC...check out this site too...not sure what your budget is, I ordered this throw/blanket for my sister-in-law (she is throwing 2 of my showers so I wanted something extra for her)... typed in "aunt picture frame" in google and a couple different sites came up. t


Alaina - October 17

hey all. I went to the doctor today everything is good. I love hearing the heartbeat. I can't wait for my shower, it had to be moved to november since my mom needed time to quite drinking, so it's worth it.The hubby and I went shopping this weekend and got some really nice stuff.I spent all day Sunday doing baby laundry, we also bought Dreft did you know that you can't use regular detergent on baby stuff? The Dreft smells just like a baby. I'm going to post pics on the yahoo thing this week, I need batteries for my camra, The baby's room is done all exept the furniture, which better arrive this week. Kyla I to am quite the roller latley lol. Jakie try taking them out to dinner or just sending them some flowers or a sing a gram would be a nice not to expensive way to say thanks. Trish I'm getting a sniffle but I think it's because I keep the house so cold at night. Well take care everyone :)


patty - October 18

hi everyone!!!! I had my first baby shower saturday and the person giving it (my sister in law) did not even come to the actual shower. I did though have a good shower and I did get the pack and play I had so been wanting!!!! I was so excited I just had to put it together and make sure everything worked and all. I had so friends over who helped with the baby room and now the ceiling is painted blue and the out line for the rainbow is on the wall. Still have a lot of work to go but I am thrilled that it is kinda coming together...gina I think I am measuring what I am supposed to be measuring cause when I go to the doctor she says I am textbook and everything is perfect...Anytime I see someone who hasnt seen me for a little while they go my goodness havent you gotten big!!!! I can't tell you how much I long to have people tell me how big I am all the time( I am being sarcastic)....people even tell my husband that boy am I getting huge.....he is a smart man and never agrees of course but darn people I would rather hear that I glow!!!! I think it is funny....I used to be pretty or looking good or whatever but not anymore...the most I can hope for in the way of a compliment is that I glow......hey the sun has nothing on me!!!!!:-) I went to cla__s last night and learned about epidurals and toured the delivery floor of the hospital boy that was fun!!! I learned a whole lot and it set my mind at ease a lot as well....When our cla__s was getting of the elevator this women said I have never seen so many pregnant women pile out of an elevator before in my life....I recon we looked like the clowns in the car in a circus you know they keep getting out and getting out...well we were piled in there and I told everyone to suck it in so we could all if lol. YC....please let us know how the 3d ultrasound went I am totally curious cause I did not have that option...Jackie I am happy for you that your baby shower went well maybe my second one will be a little better.....everyone have a wonderful day!!


YC - October 18

Hi Patty and Everyone. Well we had our 3D/4D Ultrasound last night. It went ok. My little one is camera shy. She had a hand or a foot in front of her face in almost every picture. After trying for a clear shot for about 30 minutes I got up and walked a couple laps around the building and drank some cold water. We tried again but she still had that little foot there. They are so flexible! We got one clear picture but all in all it was worth it. For $95 we got 15 black and white photos, 5 color photos and a DVD of the whole ultrasound. I was just writing on another thread that even though I will be 32 weeks on Friday it still doesnt seem real. I see that little face in those pictures (which by the way she looks just like her dad) but my brain cannot seem to make the connection that that little person is inside of me. I must sound crazy. Anyways it's Tuesday and I am already wishing it was Friday. I had a little breakdown last night thinking about the finances and how tight things are going to be when I am om maternity leave (I will only get half my salary). I cried myself to sleep. It didnt help that my boyfriend had an overnight shift so I was home alone. Now today my eyes are swollen and I just want to go home. Of course this is the day I have to meet with the state officials to go over my program when all I want to do is crawl under my desk and take a nap. Hope everyone else is having a great day!


Ca__sie - October 18

Hello everyone. Haven't made it to this forum in a while... just the yahoo group. Trish, you are so lucky that you are getting 3 showers. I will only have one. Family in Orlando wanted to throw me one, but we just couldn't make it down there. I have my family one beginning of november, but I've already heard of some relatives who will not be coming. It almost seems like no one is all that excited for me (locally that is). I must be imagining things. YC- you could get personalized engraved items at Things Remembered... do you have that store where you live? I was thinking of going there... but I will now try that website Trish gave us. I think I have enough time for them to get here in the mail. Alaina, your room is almost done too? YC, you and I can feel like losers together then. lol! All we have so far is the crib... and no bedding besides! And I'm with ya on the whole financial stuff too. I'm not working now and won't be working later, so that stuff won't change... but just buying all the baby stuff and keeping up with it all... diapers and the like... kinda freaks me out. I guess though that the diapers will take the place of going out to eat now and then since it won't be as easy to go out with a baby anyway. I can mangage that. I'm so bad... I have candy sitting in front of me and just want to keep eating it. Someone make me stop! hahaha.


Bree - October 18

Hi everyone! Glad to hear all is well. I went to the Dr yesterday. He was so sweet and caring. He did prescribe prozac and seems to think it's safe and better than continuing the state I'm in. I got it filled, but researched it online and have decided I am not taking it. I just can't. I am going to talk to a counselor tomorrow, so I hope that helps. I walked another 2 miles today. I know that helps me mentally, it's just hard to make myself do it. Today I chatted on the phone most of the time I was walking, so it wasn't that bad. I usually just listen to music. I love hearing the heartbeat, too. It's the sweetest sound. I'm so ready for my baby to get here. He's growing so much. His moves feel so much different now that his arms and legs are bigger. Have you guys noticed a change lately? The Dr said he will start checking my cervix at the visits now and confirmed he felt the head down. My nursery has not even been started since that jerk ruined my head last week. I'm doubting I'll even get it painted, now. The walls are white and I really want it to be cute, but I don't know... I still haven't even gotten a crib. I have the bedding, though, including the matching mobile and lamp. It's soooo cute. I've still got to paint the chest I'm putting in there and find a chair/rocker and bedding for the twin bed I'm leaving in there (it's a big room). I haven't bought the dreft just yet, but intend to soon. It just seems so far away to me, still. My belly has popped out so much more in the past few days. I'm feeling it. My belly b___ton is stretched all the way around. I'm putting the palmers cream on evey night. Okay, I've blabbed enough. I hope everyone is feeling good. Take care. I appreciate all your kindness thru my mess. Thanks again for listening.


Erin - October 19

Morning everyone! Bree, I was so glad to see your post, and I admire you so much for putting your baby and his needs first despite all you are going through. You are so strong and I am sure you will be such a wonderful mom to your new baby. I am thinking about you a lot. Jackie, your shower sounds so nice, you are lucky to have such a great mom! It sounds like she is really excited about her grandchild. I am sorry I don't have any good suggestions for a gift, I know my mom loves getting gift certificates for a nice meal at Applebee's or that sort of place, but that is just an idea. Kayla, I am so sleepy too, I feel like such a lazy bum all of the time. I sleep for at least 9 hrs, then after breakfast I feel like I could just lie right down again! I am so lucky I am not working and am just working on my degree online. YC, I hope your shower goes well and you get lots of nice (and needed) things. I think your idea for a gift basket from bath and body with a pedicure coupon sounds great, your hostesses will like that for sure. Your ultrasound sounds neat too, be sure and post some of your pictures! Patty, that is great that you got some things that you wanted at your first shower, I am curious as to how someone can throw a shower, though, and not come? A bit strange. Do you think you will have an epidural after learning about everything or are you just going to wait and see? I am so jealous that most of you are already almost ready for the baby (baby's room, etc), we have so much work left to do! We haven't bought much because my SIL has 2 girls and a boy and has saved lots of stuff for us, and we want to go through all of her stuff first before buying things we don't need...problem is that it all takes up so much time. Ca__sie, I hear you on the financial worries, I have also not worked for a while and won't be able to work the first few years, plus we are paying for my college cla__ses on top of all of the baby stuff. It is overwhelming sometimes. Well I guess I have rambled on long enough for now! I hope you guys are all doing great today and I will talk to you soon!


YC - October 19

Hello. Bree so glad to read your post. Sounds like you are really starting to feel better. You are so strong. Well I really need to get with the program and get some pictures up on the yahoo site. I wish I had a scanner. I think I will have to go over to the in-laws and upload some pics. I just cant seem to find any where I look the least bit attractive ha!ha! I will try to get a picture of the 3D ultrasound up soon. It was a neat experience. Well three days til the shower and I have a million things to do before family comes in from out of town to stay with us. Arghhh!!! Im a little bummed out because a friend of mine went to buy the stroller we had chosen but it has been recalled and pulled off all of the shelfs. What travel system (stroller/carseat) are you all planning to use?


PATTY - October 19

hi yall kayla I have gained exactly 30 pds myself now and boy does it make a difference (all out in the front)... My sister in law gave my shower in name only...see she decided she would give me a shower since my mom has pa__sed for my side of the family but.....I have really no family on my side left.....Grandmother and mother died in the same month and for some reason it seems they held the family together.....cause since their deaths the rest of the family doesnt seem to have much to do with our mom was adopted and so was my it is just dad and my brothers family......anyway my siser in law could really not do much I had to come up with name and address of all my professional friends...we had it at ryans so plenty of food and dessert and I decided no games cause my friends do not know each other I work in insurance and my friends in different offices mortgage comps and real estate was not much to do but entertain them and one of my friends is sooooo outgoing and has never met a stranger so between me and her my guests were laughing and having a good time. Next shower will be given by my husbands aunt ...she is the shower queen from what I understand so it will be more traditional with games and actual family cause my husband has a huge family our last name is smith so can you imagine the amount of smith's? Now no they are not all kin but darn if I could tell you how many of them there actually are ( no clue at all!!!) The lord blessed me see.......he gave me my husbands family and they are like a army just on my side and they are so sweet!!!!! I am more convinced than ever to have an epidural since having went to cla__s and learned all about it....I got to see diagrams and even the actual catheder they put into you and leave ( it looked like 20 lb test fishing line if you can picture that).....I will admit I am a bit of a wus when it comes to pain and my husband REALLY doesnt want to see me in too much pain (he says it would tear him up) and I feel comfy with the hospital and the experience of the doctors so.......I say give me the drugs!!!!! Where are the drugs?????? I want the drugs!!!! I guess I miss alot not being on the yahoo group but bree I hope you can rise above whatever has happened to you and I am proud of you about not taking the medicine if you think it would hurt the go girl!!!!! I have noticed a change in my baby's movement...he is a lot less violet inside of me ... I can feel what I think is his head poking out sometimes and it rolls...everything kinda rolls instead of the quick punching or kicking I used to have...I don't have that as much as before...anyway gotta go have a good one!!!


Kayla - October 19

patty- i wish you could join us on the yahoo thing, but be sure that we won't forget about you here, and the others that can't access the other site. Sorry to hear about the rough roads your family has gone through, and i am certain that with your husband and now the baby, you will be more fulfilled than ever!!! The movements have somewhat toned down a bit for me as well, but the rolling and the foot (or whatever it is) on my side are rather uncomfortable! I can't wait to meet my little girl!!! *** YC I'm looking forward to seeing your 3d scan!! I wanna see those chubby cheeks :) *** Erin, I'm also having a lot of stuff handed down to me, which I don't mind, you can even see on the nursery pics I put up, that the furniture is a little off, but who cares, I will have a shower but not a lot of guests so a lot is still up for us to buy. I don't have one thing bought from my registry yet :( That's okay, though... ***Alaina, I also bought Dreft today. (It smells so good) BUT I haven't done my own laundry for a while now (ewww!) So I can only imagine when I'm getting around to the baby's stuff! It's almost time to go home and I haven't done my work (I'm always preoccupied with my baby's stuff... hehe) Talk to you guys soon... xoxo


YC - October 19

Hi Patty, I read the part of your post about your family and I got all teary eyed. That's really no surprise as everything makes me cry these days. Anyways the part about "God blessed me with my husband's family" really hit home because that is exactly the same way I feel. My immediate family lives 3 hours away and my mom has been so wrapped up in her own stuff that she hasnt been a part of this pregnancy at all. My older sister is super selfish. I really only have my little sister and little brother that I raised. My boyfriends family is HUGE and they are so wonderful. They have really stepped up to the plate with any and everything for this pregnancy. His parents even went with us to the amniocentesis because we were so scared. I have never met two people more excited to be grandparents. I really dont know what I would have done without them. Just had to share.



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