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TCM - October 20

Hi all. Haven't written for a while 'cos work has been a little crazy. Finally got my maternity contract discussed and soon to be finalised. We have final settlement on our new house on Monday and hopefully will move the first week in December. I cant wait to get my nursery ready - we have absolutely nothing (well, I bought some glow-in-the-dark stars but I dont think that counts for much). Anything we buy now we would have to move so I have not been too keen to get anything yet. All well otherwise - at my last appointment (Monday) the dr said baby was lying transverse (across my belly instead of up or down) which would explain some of the strange places he manages to kick or punch me recently. Plenty of time for him to turn. Bree, you are sounding more positive which is great. I think if you can avoid the medication to try to, but also know that it would not have been prescribed if it would harm baby. I have seen friends on Prozac who are SO much better (in different situations to yours, though) and if you do need to - take it and dont feel bad, from what I have seen, it can really help. Erin, didn't realise you couldn't have an epidural - that is a bummer. At least other pain medication is open to you though. Traditionally we also will not have a baby shower, not a problem for me 'cos I have been bought up to be superst_tious (sp?) about buying gifts for babies before they are born (silly I know, but most superst_tions are) - I always buy gifts for the mom when I go to showers. Cheers all.


Mel - October 21

Hello again, I know I don't write much. just finshed a 5 week course for people with anxiety and depression. It was good, even though it meant I could only be home on weekends. I feel very empowered and am beginning to try to change the way I think. I wanted to join the yahoo group, but haven't recieved an email back yet. I can't believe we're all just a couple of months (or less) away from meeting our babies! I hope everyone is well and you all have a good weekend.


Trish - October 21

TGIF! Hi everyone, went to breakfast with my best friend this morning. Her and hubby are trying to conceive and having a little trouble, she is taking clomid (sp???) has to go today to get the dose upped, I hope it works because she would be a great mother. Mel I don't remember getting an email from you, I am sorry...can you send one to me and I will send ya the invite :-) [email protected] Well have a good day everyone, I am excited for this weekend, busy busy busy but all good things. Date with hubby tonight, Dinner with the both parents tomorrow and the 2nd shower on Sunday :-) I'll be do tired Monday but that's ok. Take care everyone.


Ca__sie - October 21

Hey girls. Yes, it's nice that it is Friday. This is the weekend we will put the crib and diaper table together. FINALLY! I also went and got the bedding today. I got a pattern that is actually discontinued, so it was on sale. Woo-hoo! Can't take it back or buy more stuff for it, but I wouldn't do that anyway. I had my mom with me, so at least I got a second opinion on it. We both like it a lot... could work for either a boy or a girl, so hope to use it again with the second baby. I'm excited about finally getting this baby room up and running. Some sad news though... hubby's cousin and her husband have been ttc for about 6 months. Only I and two others knew this because she didn't want the pressure from family/friends. Well, she called last week to tell me she was pregnant... but today I found out that she miscarried. I'm so sad for them because they were SOO excited, as was her family. I really feel so blessed to have made it safely thus far with this baby. I'm really glad we're all doing so well with our babies. Well, we're having company tonight, so I gotta put together a ca__serole. Creamy chicken ca__serole... Mmmmm. :-)


Kayla - October 21

Hi everyone! It's almost 5pm on Friday (my weekend officially begin now!) I get so excited for the time off from work for planning and doing stuff around the house, but more so because I complete ONE more week in this pregnancy (now 33wks) I wish she would come by Thanksgiving! lol, I know, I know, very selfish of me! ***Ca__sie, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's cousin. I can so relate to that! Not personally, but my sister. She had 3 miscarriages in between her 2 girls, and one more a few months back, they gave both my sister and I the same due date!! We were sooooooo happy to be pregnant together! But at 11 weeks she miscarried! She was crushed, but not as much as me. I would cry unconsolably! I felt so bad (I'm sure hormones played a role in my breakdowns!) But now she's happier than ever for me, and she decided to stop trying... It's hard and I'm so happy and feel privaleged to be carrying this baby knowing how many people out there try, and pay obsene (sp?) amounts of money to be in our shoes. Well on a lighter note... Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy your showers for those that are having them this weekend!!!


Linds - October 22

Hey all! its friday night and here i am exausted as always. i hate not having energy...i dont know how u working ones do it! Is it just me or is getting up and taking a shower the biggest task ever? i swear when i take the towel off of my head and realize i have to do my hair its like i could take a nap already. i don't go back to the doctor until monday but in the meantime my little guy is making me well aware that he is thrilled about life while bouncing off of my ribs. He can make things very uncomfortable but i wouldnt trade him for the world :) On a great note i got my glucose results today and everything is fine! i would have cried if i had to do the 3 hr test! well ladies i am off to my recliner to watch some tv and then catch some sleep. have a great weekend!


Ca__sie - October 22

Linds, I'm with ya... I don't know how I'd do it if I had to work. Well, with all the baby stuff we are buying I feel like I NEED to work to help pay for it. Anyway, I'm crazy tired too. I took a nap this afternoon and could have slept forever. I did NOT want to get up. Then I went over to my mom's house only to hear that my face looked puffy.... and she got me all worried about precclampsia. I told her I was just getting fat, not puffy... which I am. My mom always worries about us kids. It's nice to know she cares, but then she gets me worried. anyway, hope you had fun sleeping and watching tv on Friday. :-) Hope everyone's weekend is going well. Quiet here on the forum and the yahoo group. Hope to hear from ya'll soon.


Linds - October 22

Wow that shows how tired and out of it i really am...i said it was friday night but its sat! lol...i think that means its time for bed...nite!


Gina - October 24

Hey everyone, Hope the weekend was good to all. I went out with my freinds on Friday. Not so fun. I was sick and sat thru it. Not fun to watch all three of my best friends drink and smoke and party on, while I sat nausated and in pain. The joys of pregnancy. Went to Chicago where my honey works and drives two hours to everyday from Milwaukee, WI. I am always amazed at his work. He builds cabinets from the ground up. We went shopping at Gurenee Mills. I have only been there once. The place is huge. My back was toast after that! BUT I found and bought the bedding set for the baby. As I sahred I wanted something plain. I bought a white eyelet 5 piece set. It was marked down from $140 to $99.99 and then I got it for $85. I was happy. SOOO, I broke down and bought a crib yesterday. I know I said I was going to wait but I couldnt. Lets see how long it takes before it is put together......I am looking forward to my trip in a couple of days to Des Moines, IA. I hope I can enjoy myself even though I can not dance with my dance group. I will still watch my two kids dance and that is important. Okay off to work. I did not realize what time it was! Have a good day all! Cant check for typos!


Kayla - October 24

Good morning ladies and happy monday! Hope everyone's weekends went well ***Trish how was your second shower? And your date with hubby? My weekend went well, no news, today i have a doc's appt too. I did laundry on sat, and by 5pm my back was out of wack! I always thought i wouldn't be one of those pregnant women that waddle, but that seemed like the appropriate walk so that everything stays in place, ya know? My pelvic bones are also hurting a bit, but worse in the evenings, maybe because I'm not sleeping right, I don't know. *** Linds, my energy levels are gone too, I still have to work though until DD (12/9), I don't plan on coming back, so every penny counts. But my job is pretty slow, i sit all day and do nothing! And after doing nothing, I'm stilll tired, I wonder how it'll be when our little ones will be here, if we're like this now, we'll be begging for rest later!!! ***Gina, you still go out with your firends? wow, that's good! If my friends want to see me or hang out with me, they know to come over, while i'm home, i'm in comfy clothes and spread out on the couch! hehe. Watching movies is all i can do! Well, let me go pretend I have things to do... :P


YC - October 24

Hello Everyone. Wow, what a weekend? My younger sister and her boyfriend came in on Friday and she got to go to the NST with me. The nurses were very sweet and spent a long time on the ultrasound showing her hands, feet, face, etc. They even printed out pictures for her to take home. She had never seen an ultrasound before so she was really excited. The two of us ran around town doing girly stuff like pedicures and getting our eyebrows waxed. On Saturday a ton of family and friends came in to town and we had our co-ed shower. It was amazing. We had a great turnout, about 50 people. My future MIL rented a hall at a local community center. It was decorated so beautifully and they used the theme to the nursery for all of the center pieces and favors. It was all a surprise to me since they haven’t let me be in on any of the planning. We got so much stuff. We got all of the big things that we need and gift certificates to take care of the little things. People really went all out. We are so blessed! Sunday the guys all hung out and watched football while the girls helped me sort things and put them in the future nursery. My boyfriend was so excited. This is the first time he has got to watch football uninterrupted all season ha!ha! Everyone left Sunday evening. I am still tired but here at work this morning. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


patty - October 24

hi everyone!! I had a good a lot of things done. Ca__sie I know what you are talking group of the closest friends are married with no children and we were all like that untill I got they go out and have margaritas and party together and I usually only get invited (since I don't party anymore) when it is a special occasion ( someones birthday or a cookout) when I do go to these things it is like I don't have as much to say and I kinda sit there and watch them all have fun drinking and partying. They tell me they love me and are so excited about my baby ( I have been married the longest in my group 9 years) and they fight over who is going to get to watch him.....but I know it is not the same as it used to be. I used to be the life of the party and me and my husband almost never stayed home on the fact I used to have to plan alone time without everyone so we could get quality time together .....but hey things do change and I was really ready to have this baby and am so excited and to be honest I just do not have all the boundless energy I used to have to run around everywhere anymore anyway :-) I also figure after I have a baby it won't be long before my friends get into the groove and get pregnant too. I ordered the border for the babies room a whopping 65.00 (just for border!!!) but I had to have it and am looking forward to it coming is of a pond scene and it is for the bottom and stands over 2 foot tall!!!! The rainbow will rise out of the border.... I so can't wait!!! Noone will let me paint and do stuff so I cook and cook for everyone who comes and helps with the room,. I spend alot of time in the kitchen anymore and it seems like there is someone at my house all the time ....but I guess I am being prepared for when I have this baby cause I am sure I will have visitors gallore :-) I must admit though as things go on I get a little more private and kinda get tired of entertaining people...yall know what I mean???? It seems people all ask the very same questions about your pregnancy and even in the same way like........How's momma???? You having twins?? ( with a big grin on their faces) When are you due?? Or even the people at the grocery store COMPLETE STRANGERS oh how sweet...your pregnant (duh) oh now when I was pregnant blah blah blah....Ok I could go on and on with this mood...thanks for letting me vent on ya....have a good one!!!!


jackie - October 24

Let me tell you ladies...I am glad I found this website cuz i could not survive without reading these posts! I feel ya husband and i were always out on the weekends going to diiferent clubs and lounges in Chicago but now we dont do any of that and we feel detached from most our friends. I didnt realize how much our social life revolved around drinking and going out. But we were ready for this and most of my girlfriends have been really supposrtive, scheduling dinner dates, movie nights and now a sleepover (Yes we are 25-27 but still do sleepovers:) I havent even started setting up the nursery...all our baby shower gifts are scattered all over the loft and second floor hallway...literally a maze! But we finally bought the paint so my husband will do that next weekend and set up the crib...after that I can start arranging and putting things far all I have done is hand up all his clothes in the closet and stack all the blankets up in a cornor.


TCM - October 24

Hi all. We got our house yesterday!!! Today we have the people arriving to put in wooden floorboards and paint it. In the next few weeks we have to complete the floors and paint, pack everything in our unit, move to our new place, unpack, host my brother- and sister-in-law for a weekend and have a house-warming/ 30th Birthday party for my Husband. I am exhausted just thinking about it. But after that I can get down to gettting things ready for baby. I have been having really vivid dreams about him coming early. 8 weeks to go and he really has to hang on for at LEAST 4 of those. I am lucky to have friends here with young babies or who are pregnant so we see them but last night my husband pointed out that we haven't seen a movie since I got pregnant (would never last through an evening show) so on Saturday I slept all afternoon so we could go out to mavie that night - quite pathetic!! I am missing out at work though - a lot happens at after work drinks and parties and it is not the same when you aren't drinking.


Erin - October 25

Hi everybody, I am glad to hear that you guys had nice weekends. Mine was uneventful and not even all that productive, even though there is so much to do around our apartment at the moment! Kayla, how was your doctor's appointment? I am also not sleeping well at all, I got a body pillow on Friday and it helped a bit this weekend, we will see if I can start getting a bit more sleep. YC, your shower sounds so nice, I am happy for you that your family went to such trouble to make it so special. Ca__sie, I can only repeat what others have said--I can totally relate on being at a different stage in life than your friends. My girlfriends are all in the States (and rather spread out anyways), and although I have a few here in Germany, I haven't known them for long yet so we end up hanging out with my husbands group of friends. They are really nice guys (about 6) and usually 1-2 of them have girlfriends I can talk to, but even though they are all about 30-31 years old already, they have not even started to think about their futures or meeting a partner, and babies are probably the furthest thing from their minds. When my husband and I got married 2 years ago we were the first of the group to do so and nobody else has followed. We will be the only married ones and the only ones with a baby for a long time. It is kinda sad actually. I am hoping to make some new friends at my pregnancy cla__ses and that type of place so that we can finally meet some people that we have something in common with! Patty, your nursery sounds like it will look really nice, I like the rainbow idea. Jackie, don't feel bad that you still have so much to do, I am in the same boat. Since our extra room is upstairs, the baby will sleep in our room for the first 6mo. -1yr otherwise we will be too far away, so we aren't in that big of a hurry to turn the office upstairs into a childs bedroom. However, I still have to make room for all of the baby stuff and get the apartment ready. Wow, TCM, that is awesome about your house, sounds stressful but I am sure you will enjoy it so much and it will all be worth it! Hope everything goes well. Have a great day ladies!


Christine - October 25

Hi Ladies - hope all is well with you. Had a Dr's appointment this am. Everything ok but still measuring big - will get another u/s in 2 weeks to see exactly how big the little bambino is. Dr. said I was measuring at 37 weeks and I am almost 34 (on Thursday). So, I get to see the little guy again. I think this is like the 5th u/s so far - I don't mind though. Sounds like everyone had a pretty good weekend. There was a question asked on this forum "what do you miss the most" - this is a great question. I have been thinking about it and the answers that I've read. TCM - I can realte on the whole movie thing - I haven't been to a movie in soooo long it's probably been well over a year. I can't sit that long or else my sciatic nerve starts to act up then I have to stand up for a while, then I get tired so I have to sit down. It would be so much better to be able to go to a movie and be able to layt down. ***It is so unfortunate when you are at a different stage in life than what your friends are. My husband and I have expreienced very similar situations as you all as well. Prior to our 1st child we went out every weekend and partied till the break of down but children change that. Even though a lot of our friends have started having children they still go out every single weekend, I just can't do that. I like to spend time as a family and since I work full time during the week and take cla__ses at UC I like to save my weekends for my family. I probably go a little overboard with not going out and that could be why I get stressed out because I don't go out that often, but since turning a certain age I like to be a homebody and enjoy spending the time with my son. As I said we have friends that have children and go out both nights on the weekend and leave the baby at home with grandma. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I will go out to dinner but we usually take our son with us. My husband works a crazy schedule so he doesn't get regular time with the family as I do so he likes it as well. Well, talk to you all later and hope you have a good day!


Ca__sie - October 25

Hi ladies. Thanks everyone for making me feel normal... about falling out of the loop with my friends. I know it can't be helped and things change, but it always nice to get rea__surance and to hear that others go through the same thing. So thanks for hearing me out.*** TCM- congrats on getting your house! You've got lots of stuff to do for sure. You sure do have a lot of motivation and I'm sure you'll do an excellent job with everything. Jackie- our nursery is out of sorts too. We've begun the set up, but it really doesn't look like a nursery yet. The one thing that is finished is the closet (organized with hanging space, shelves and drawers, but the actual room is still a mess. It'll all come together though. Yours will too! :-) Patty- you've been married 9 years? How old were you when you got married? Christine and TCM- going to movies can be difficult for me too, only because I fall asleep half way through them! lol. I don't have trouble sitting through them... am comfortable enough... but staying awake is another story. Erin- doesn't it seem like europeans aren't into the whole family thing as much? That is the impression I get anyway. Doesn't seem to be as much of a trend there to settle down and have children. Is that the impression you get too? *** That's it for me. Have a good one all!



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