December Mommies 12th

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Gina - October 11

Hi, that last thread was very long again. I was thinking one of you would start a new one BUT NOOOOOOO!!!!!! How is everyone? I hope well. I am so happy we are all feeling our little rugrats move now! Mine had me up at 4:30 am with hiccups and flipping around. I go to the doc on Friday. Once again, I will continue to beg to be induced early. I had went to a tummy doc yesterday and she wants me to take meds everyday. I have yet to fill the prescription. Okay, I can't talk. I am off to Dance that I can't do anymore. Don't worry be happy now!


TCM - October 11

Hi all. YC - what a wonderful birthday present from your little girl - I am so happy for you!!! It is so wonderful feeling them move around - I love it!! All well here. My Bells Palsy is almost gone - I look OK except when I smile widely and I can eat and speak perfectly now ... very glad it is going. No other news except that I am eating far too much ... cheers all


Kayla - October 12

Hello gals... I think I'm finally going to get my telephone line at home this week (meaning, i can join the yahoo group) Even though some of you are still posting here, it's getting kinda quiet... Well, I'm 31 weeks and my doctor measured me at 33cms... that was pretty cool, my little girl was always on the 2 cms below, so hopefully this means something! I also start going every 2 wks to the ob now, that was pretty exciting news (not that I like going, it's usually very uneventful) but it means it's the beginning of the end!!! Haven't heard from Alaina, I hope she's alright with her blood sugar.... ***Ca__sie, I just wanted to mention something about the dream you had of your hubby being with someone else. That same dream was haunting me, every other night or so, different scenarios though. I would wake up either crying my eyes out, or really p__sed at hubby. But poor guy had no fault at anything. So I decided to investigate a bit and 3 people (including my doctor) told me that I was not really feeling secure about myself, maybe the weight I've put on, or just plain ol' unattractive. At first I denied it, but after second thought it's kinda true. Pregnancy dreams are crazy and they make you crazy with how vivid they can be...


patty - October 12

hi!!!!Things are going great with me....I am so excited about my first baby shower on saturday....going to have it at ryans (all you can eat buffet) we will have a room all to ourselves in the back and it is going to be a blast. I will be having a total of 3 baby showers just because this one is my family ( which there ain't many of us) and my professional work friends.....Next shower will be my husbands family ( which is huge!!!!) and one more for my personal friends (so they can party and drink and really celebrate!!) I registered at babies r us and walmart and I can't wait to start getting baby stuff.!!! I am just happy happy happy....I am finding it is getting harder to bend down or over for that matter.....I just might need one of those go go gadget manual arms to pick stuff up off the floor ha...TCM I am happy for you that the bells palsy is heading out the door you tell it don't come back no more.....Yall have a good day girls and keep the chin up its the only way you can see any distance in front of you :-)


YC - October 12

Hello everyone. ***Gina I was waiting for someone to start a new thread too ha!ha! I have a question for you, have you been induced before? If so, is it as bad as everyone says. My mom had four of us and the last one was induced. She said it was so much worse than the other three. I am asking because my doctor has metioned a planned induction more than once. I think it would be great to know the day because my family lives about 3 hours away but I am scared!***Alaina I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing so well. That is really awesome and just in time for the baby's arrival. My mom has some serious issues to, not with substance abuse but with very poor choices with men, etc. I was hoping that this baby would spark her desire to change but so far nothing. It's her 5th grandchild so I guess if she didnt stop with the first 4 why this one? I am debating things like whether to invite her to the baby shower, delivery, etc. I know that sounds horrible but she often brings so much drama with her and I want things to be peaceful. You must be so excited getting the nursery together. My boyfriend and I finally cleared everything out of the baby's room but for now it is empty. We are waiting for the shower. ***TCM I am glad to hear the Bells Palsy is getting better. You're smile will be back in no time! ***Patty, three! How fun. I can't wait til mine on the 22nd!!! Thank you to all of you for your kind words about the baby's movement. I am so glad that I found this group and have become rather dependent on it so I hope nobody leaves ha!ha! My NST went well yesterday and my baby almost broke a record. She had the hiccups for 17 minutes straight, poor thing (the record is 21 min.). They ended up having to do the test all over because the machine can't differentiate between hiccups and the heartbeat so it just stops recording both. I also had my Level II Ultrasound. According to the tech. everything looks good but the scan will still have to be reviewd by my doctor. She weighs a little over 4 lbs. I was hoping for a 6 or 7 pounder but seeing as I am only 30 weeks they think she is going to be bigger. They are considering moving my due date up from the 17th to the 8th because she is measuring bigger. It was so neat to see her now in such detail. She really looks like a baby now. At the 20 week scan all I could see were bones and organs and now I could see that she had a little meat under her skin. I can't wait for the 3D/4D we are getting on 10/17. Well I hope everyone has a great day! p.s. Trish I am still thinking about Mexican food, I think I am gonna have to go!


Erin - October 12

Hi all, hope you all are having a great day! Gina, what kind of meds did the doctor give you? I am curious because I am also having a horrible time with heartburn...but I am already taking so much other stuff so I will probably just have to suffer. I hope it works for you. TCM, that is great that the Bells Palsy is clearing up, you had such a great att_tude about it the whole time. Kayla, I am glad that your baby is growing well. Patty, I also think that is cool that you are having a whopping three showers, I am sure you will get a lot of neat stuff! I don't get to have any showers, they don't have them in Germany, a bit dissappointing...oh well. YC, I am in the same boat as you with the induced labor, my doctor will induce my labor somewhere between the 8-12th of Dec. because of the illness I have. I am so scared because I have read too that induced labors are difficult and much more intense. Unfortunately I don't have a choice but I hope it works out for the best for and for Gina, too. Alaina, I am really glad you are doing well and that your mom is such a trooper. Take care all and I will talk to you guys again soon!


Ca__sie - October 12

Hi Gals! I just had mexican food the other day and now I want it AGAIN! Well, I'll have to settle for meat loaf tonight. I'm making it for the first time (is that bad?) and I'm hoping it turns out. I put in stuff like bacon and cheese, so it can't be all bad, can it? Oh, I'm so hungry. It is baking right now. Anyway, Kayla... I know I don't feel as "s_xy" as I used to for sure. I feel like I've gained just so much weight. I see it around my face and in my thighs. Hubby always rea__sures me, but I guess I'm not buying it. He says my belly is so cute and I'm as s_xy as ever, but I guess I'm too vain to believe him. lol! Who was talking about twinkies? I haven't had a twinky in years.... but I'd like one now! YC- I'm with ya... I really appreciate this group too. It is great to be able to talk all we want our pregnancies and not feel like we're boring each other. I'm really excited about seeing pictures of everyone's baby. I'll be sure to post pictures of our little one as soon as I get the chance. *** I bought a book on the what to expect the first year. I'm sure you all know that one. I have been borrowing a book from someone, but I wanted this one. I think it's a lot better anyway... but it has me even more nervous now because there are so many things I have not thought about! Well, at least I'm trying to get prepared now instead of after she arrives. And I know hubby and I will learn as we go along. I don't know if any of you watch the tv show Lost, but it is on tonight. Didn't really watch it last season, but we thought we'd try it out this season. Anyway, I think it's going to be on soon, so I gotta go. :-)


Alaina - October 12

hey all, thanks everyone! My blood sugar is fine tho I still have to test it once a day. I've been so busy, I guess Its starting to get crunch time. I'm taking my mom shopping tommarow then going with my hubbys mom shopping later in the afternoon.I'm glad everyone is doing good. I'm trying to post at least one a day on the yahoo group but with all this husle and busle latley I find myself a little worn out at the end of the day.The only thing I want to do is eat an icecream ha ha, YC sorry to hear about your mom my mom use to make bad guy choices but she finally found a good one 7months ago he's the only guy shes been with I like lol, and he dosn't drink. But you never know your mom may come around.The doctor gave me heartburn meds too, I never had heartburn till I got preggo go figure? Well I gotta go take care!


Ca__sie - October 13

Hello all. Hope everyone is having a good day. Baby has been having lots of hiccups today and has been real active. Lots of "waves" and stretches. I feel like I don't have many clothes left that actually fit. I feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over. Oh well, I guess I'm not trying to impress anyone. I've got to go back to my stores and add to the registries. My worst fear though is that people won't get the stuff off my registeries, but just get the baby clothes and toys of their own choice. If we have to buy everything ourselves, it is going to be sooo much money. We've already spent a lot. I think I'm just worrying way too much lately. Everything worries me. I think because I'm not working, I have way too much time to think about all the things that could go wrong. Am I alone in this? I think I'm also getting antsy for baby to arrive. I think once she is here, I won't be so anxious.


YV - October 13

Ca__sie, no you are not alone, I worry about EVERYTHING under the sun! I feel the same way about the registries. I dont mean to sound selfish but I really want people to get what we registered for because those are things we really need. We can get the cute little clothes and stuff on our own but like you said if we have to buy all of the "necessary" items it will get really expensive. Plus we put a lot of work into registering. Oh well, I guess it will all work out right?


patty - October 13

hi girls.....Oh ca__sie girl I am right with you.....My first baby shower is this saturday and (though everyone says this is cheating) I can get onto the registery and see what has been bought. I think oh no only 4 things have actually been bought off the registry that I can tell so far...I know about sounding selfish but this stuff is NOT for me it is for my baby and if I took the time to look for and mark the things I knew I was going to need then I just don't understand why people cannot just pick something off of it and buy it cause there are all kinds of things and with different prices depending how how much they want to spend...I already have loads of *cutsy* clothes and have purchased a couple of things myself like the bouncy chair which I should be allowed to do but I just know I am going to get a bunch of stuff that is needless and have to go spend ookoos of money and have ookoos of money spent on useless stuff......I am sorry for ranting but I too am getting worried and will be aggravated if this is what happens....If useless stuff is bought hopefully it will have a reciept with it :-) I was always a clothes horse I mean I had clothes out to here so now being so limited on maturnity clothes I too feel I am wearing the same thing but hey I am big and I don't want to many clothes that are big to encourage me or allow me to stay big for to long. My little boy moves around almost all the time now but darn if I can figure out what the little bugger is doing in there. I don't think I have felt hiccups but maybe I have and didnt know it. I am a big fan of lost, survivor, and the amazing race........I would love to be on the amazing race with my husband we would have such a blast....I think my husband aught to be on survivor cause of his hunting and fishing skills plus physically he would hold up well but dealing with people and talking to them with patience might be his downfall.........anyway yall have a good one and will talk to you don't everyone go yahoo cause I can't get there and I would miss talking to you I will however be able to tell yall which website to visit to see the baby after it is born excited!!!!!!!


YC - October 13

Hey Patty, I thought I was the only one who checked my registry on-line. I feel guilty but I am just so darn curious. So far only one thing has been purchased. I think we will have a lot of shopping to do. My future in-laws told us that they will not be buying us anything until after the shower because they want to see what we get and then be able to go out and get things that we really need but did not get at the shower. That makes me feel a little better.


Kayla - October 13

oh let's not talk about registries! I'm in the same boat, i took time to get a list together, go to these places and add stuff on there. These are the things we REALLY need. But NO ONE seems to follow the list. And when you finally have a handful that go by it, guess what... they forget to take the item/s off the list and 2 other people end up buying the same thing!! I've seen this through my sisters' and friends' shower, and i had no idea how frustrating it was until now. Anyway, on lighter terms, I am preparing a website full of pics of my belly/sonos/pregnancy updates, and of course once my little princess arrives (hopefully sooner than later) She will be on there too! I'm just waiting for it to upload, I need my phone line at home to work for that to happen. So hopefully by this weekend I'll share those with ya'll. Hope you guys are all doing well, and hang in there!!!


Kayla - October 13

Oh yeah, just one more comment, I had some tea last night. My hubby was so cute and bought it for me, since it's caffeine free, etc... It's the Celestial Seasonings - Maternity Partner. Okay but that's not the comment. I woke up 3 times with really strong contractions. Nothing that I couldn't bear, but it's stronger that the usual. So I went to read the label and it said it contained some rasberry LEAF... which is good for toning your uterus. Do you guys think that had something to do with it? If it's just toning, I'm all for it, I just don't want to take it if it's bad now at 31 1/2 wks... I don't want to try to self induce or anything, you know? (Maybe later - he he)


Ca__sie - October 13

Kayla, I've read (only on this forum, never looked into it) that raspberry leaf tea is used sometimes by pregnant women to induce labor. I think I'll look it up after this. I might want some at around 39 weeks. lol! Oh man, I just had subway. Mmmm.... I always get the exact same thing. Roast chicken on italian herb and cheese bread, with baked doritos and double chocolate chip cookie. I drink water with it because I'm trying to stay away from soda. Thanks all for your comments on registeries. I feel a lot better knowing I'm not alone. I've cheated and looked at my registeries too. Some small stuff has been bought, but none of the bigger stuff. We didn't put any really expensive stuff on the list (crib, mattress, diaper table, car seat, etc) because we didn't think anyone would spend that much anyway... but stuff like the bouncy chair, crib sheets, swinging gate, etc.... there is so much we need. I guess I started to panic earlier, but I guess everyone goes through this and it always works out. My in laws have offered to buy us a dresser for the baby, but we'd actually prefer a stroller or high chair instead. We have the closet all set up for clothes and we'll just buy those plastic storage drawers to put in the closet until she's old enough to get my old dresser. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to know all this. I'm sure everything will work out ok. Patty, you can't get on the yahoo list? Those of us who are on there, also post on here... so you won't be left alone. :-) I'll be sure to visit your website once you get it up and running. Can't wait to meet our baby and see all of the december mom babies. :-)


Gina - October 13

Hey Erin, I cant remember what she gave me. I still have not filled it. I am so stressed ladies and I am so stuck. My job is horrid. Today I was called a fat a__s whtie b___h, old white hag, etc. by a student. I have never been so insulted by a kid before. He is not one of my students. I did not grow up racist and am very offended. There is serious cross discrimination at my school. So much other stuff has happened this week. Kids caught with guns and knives yesterday during a scanning. I FEEL REAL SAFE THANKS! They dont tell teachers this stuff. Kids told us. But anyhoo, I feel like the baby dropped. It is wierd. I go to doc tomorrow. I want to make sure I am not dialating. I am so stressed. Sorry all I do is complain. Things are so nuts.


patty - October 14

hi all...Gina this is the place to vent so get it out....your in Germany right??? sorry if I am wrong but it is hard to believe kids are acting that way around the world....I know I sound nieve but I did not know there was the problem with racism and stuff overseas....Kids can be cruel sometimes please don't let what that kid said get you down you sound a lot like me. Some people have negative things said about them and they get p__sed and want to woop up on someone .....I get my feelings hurt and become a little I understand some but I don't have to put up with kids running off at the mouth either. When a kid talks to you like that can you still send them to the office? Don't they get demarits or after school suspension anymore??? There is no excuse for knives or guns being brought into school!!!! Ohhhh is so p__ses me off!!! Those kids should be permantly suspended and sent to juvenile(or military) school for the remainder of the year.....ok I am off my soap box.....KAYLA I too have heard about rasberry leaf tea on this site only and havent looked into it but I must admit of the natural induction methods discussed on this site the rasberry leaf tablet are the ones I might be willing to try...well of course I'll try s_x (that goes without saying) but castor oil?????/.....not in a million trillion years....Its friday little niece is in a little ballet on sunday and I am looking forward to seeing that (darn it just sounds so cute!!!!!) she is 5 years old and cute as a b___ton. My sister-in-law tells me that every night when she says her bedtime prayers she thanks god for her aunt patty to have a little baby and asks him to make my baby healthy. Now how sweet is that???? Anyway yall have a wonderful weekend and monday I will let yall know how the baby shower went......



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