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TCM - October 5

Hi all. Another new thread. Hope everyone is feeling better. I am at work for the first time this week - and its almost the weekend. Fantastic. We only get into our new house in November (hopefully the first week) and I will have 6 weeks to get everything ready for te nursery - it seemed like a long time at first but now it seems so incredibly short - and if he's early even less. Already packing up is hard, 2 boxes and I am exhausted. Luckily we have time to do it slowly. Cheers all...


Trish - October 6

Good morning...TCM hope everything goes smoothly with the move...hope you have movers too so you aren't lifting too much. I actually don't feel tired today, strange. But I will count my blessings! All else seems ok with me..hope everyone's Thursday is much better than the earlier part of the week. Take care, T


patty - October 6

hi everybody.....Amanda welcome to the december mommies club!!! I personally have'nt had this pain in the side but have heard other people speak about it sooo I guess its one of those pregnant things (growing pains I think) I am so happy it is thursday!!! Friday is only a day a way yeah......I think time is going slow sometimes cause I am so excited to see my babe but then on the flip side.....zoom goes the time and how am I going to get everything done ???? TCM I would absolutly hate to be moving from one house to another right now....I don't care if it is my absolute dream house NOT RIGHT NOW......girl I take my hat off to you and say GOOO GIRL!!! You're a better woman than I. I look at the baby room and it was starting to shape up untill we found the damage in the closet and now we have went backwards tearing out sheetrock and generally making a pretty good I just **sigh** and **sigh** somemore. Thank goodness My husband is gathering and understanding his priorities and knows this has to be worked on before the hunting, fishing, and golfing so he is going to work on it saturday and hopefully get something done :o) Well good talking to yall and friday is just around the corner


Bree - October 6

Hello everybody. I hope all is well! I'm ready for Friday like you Patty! I had a bad experience last night. I woke up choking on acid (reflux). I was out til late so I ate very late. I know that had to contribute to it happening. I upchucked and choked forever it seemed. Then I coughed over and over and the burning acid would not get out of my throat/esophogas. Drinking water did not help at all. Then I woke up again and did the same thing. It's awful to wake up choking and you can't breathe at all. Hubby just said "you okay?" I said no, not really. He was back out of it. No support when I needed it. Sorry I'm sounding grumpy, it's just like he's not being as loving and compa__sionate as I want him to be right now. I'm just hurt with him. Not over that -just other stuff. No intimacy! What is wrong w/that man? I just need him to be loving and to put me on a pedistal (sp?) right now for some reason. I'm an emotional basketcase I suppose. Do any of you guys feel that way. I mean ...I'm bearing his child, I'm 36 yrs old, this is a sacrafice for me, I got pregnant out of a real love and I just want to be cherished for that. Am I wrong to feel that he should feel that way and treat me special right now? I'm just frustrated w/him right now. Thanks for listening. ^^^^^^Alaina^^^^^^, please post and let us know that you are okay. It's been a while since we've heard from you.^^^^^ Take care everybody.


Gina - October 6

Bree, boy can I relate with the heartburn! I am seeing a specialist on Monday. It is dehibilating and then to come to school and deal with teenagers, help me, and no sleep.....I have so many things happening here, things I love to do and I get myself involved in. I am spending more time with my artist-in-residence and less time for prep for other cla__ses. I know it will be worth it. HEY, my friend is having her first gran-baby today. She is 39 and her son is 21 who will be a daddy today. I will be 39 and could be in the same place as her. My son turned 20 on Monday..... Thank God....he is smart and is in school. I am going to be a mommy again...and to imagine becoming a grandmother at the same time????? No way..... I am a__suming since the doc never called me that my diabetes test was normal, I hope. TCM, please take it easy. Trish, cute pix. patty, good luck on the baby's room. Bree, men can be so insenstive. I just let mine sleep then I cant be mad at him. I hope I can have another ultrsound!! I am going to beg for one.. Many students are coming up to me and saying, "It looks like your gonna drop that load". Hmmmm, the baby??? I was laughing. I wish it was time, my belly is big and heavy to me also. Has anyone else experienced the change in movement. The baby's movements are slower and bigger. I feel her turn completely around. Pinching everything in the process of course.. Okay, lunch is over, back to work. I hope everyone is well!


Amanda - October 6

Thanks Patty! Bree, I have been a basketcase too, really throughout the whole pregnancy. I think it scared my boyfriend in the begining, but he is used to it now. Hehe. He is always there for me and won't let me do anything myself, which I think and hope should happen for all of us right now! So he had better put you on a pedastal....I mean could he really handle doing what you are doing right now? :)


Ca__sie - October 6

Hello girls. I am so tired right now, so I won't type that much. Just wanted to say hi. Bree, that man of yours SHOULD be a little more compa__sionate. If someone wakes up choking and then throws up (especially a very pregnant woman) the man should definitely do something... even if it is just to get you a gla__s of water. If my hubby just went back to sleep, I think I would make him sleep on the couch the next night and give him the silent treatment. About husbands, I've had two dreams in a row now about my husband either being with another woman, or us not being together anymore. I don't know where that could come from... but I hate those kinds of dreams. I haven't had those dreams since the beginning of our marriage and now they are coming back. It is bad because I wake up mad at him. Well, I get mad at the dream hubby... I try not to be mad at the real one. Anyway, I need to lie down. I'm exhausted for no reason at all. Well, except there is a big ol' baby inside me! lol!!!


Christine - October 6

Hi all - Don't you hate that acid reflux?? It's rough stuff. I just got back from lunch and was reading everyone's posts and as I was reading Ca__sies my eyes are slowly closing because I am soooooo tired - then in your post I read "I am so tired for no reason..." I have to agree - I'm right there with you, I need a nap, even one for abot 1/2 hour would be great! I go to bed every night between 9:00 and 9:30 (when my son goes to sleep) and I am still tired - even though I toss and turn all night long, I still get sleep at night but I get so exhausted during the day. I don't know, our bodies are doing crazy c___p during pregnancy. Have a good one all!


YC - October 6

Hello everyone. I can't seem to figure out if we are posting here or at the Yahoo site ha!ha! I am dealing with the acid reflux thing but it isnt to bad, the tums work for me but they are so gross. I hate that chalky taste. I am back to the first trimester tiredness too. I take a nap every evening when I get home from work and literally can't stay up past about 9:30. I am the usual basket case due to worrying. We failed the NST two tests ago and the last one was borderline. I feel like they are not doing enough and I got a call from the nurse today yelling at me to go in to Labor and Delivery every day that there are "decreased fetal movements". I tried to explain to her that I dont ever feel movement. I said "am I supposed to go in everyday" and she says "if that's what it takes for them to figure out the problem". I know she was yelling because she cares and I know she means well but I just wanted to cry. So, after work I will be heading over to L&D for them to basically do nothing...again. II have to go by myself today because my boyfriend works nights and it is getting to hard for him to cover his shifts everytime we have to go in and I need the miney. He is all upset because he can't go with me. And to top it all off I strill dont have the big belly. I barely look pregnant and this freaks me out but I was heavy to start off with so I guess maybe that's why. I guess I should coun my blessings as it sounds like the big belly can be painful. I just want to LOOK and FEEL pregnant. I never thought it wouldbe like this...I am 30 weeks tomorrow. Ok, ok, enough b*ching. I just had to vent. Hope everyone is having a better day than me! p.s. cute pics on the Yahoo site!


bump - October 7



Bree - October 7

Hey Gina! Life's hectic sometimes, boy how I know. My daughter got married this year and would love nothing more than to be pregnant the same time as me. NO! I'm not ready for that! That makes me ooooold. She thinks it would be cool. Kids! She's a mess anyway. Most stubborn kid I know (besides myself -ha). I'm having a hard time w/my son right now. He's a teenager and has a smart mouth on him. He thinks he's grown and should be able to do whatever he wishes. Not under my roof! That's why he went back to live with his dad. He wants his cake and eat it too. I'm ready to pull my hair out. So at least your kids have it together, Gina. Amanda, I'm glad your man is treating you right. You're fortunate about that.***Ca__sie*** I know what you mean about being exhausted -I find myself that way almost daily again. Pregnancy dreams are messed up! I dream crazy, meaningless things and have no idea where they even come from. **Hi Christine** I toss and turn all thru the night like you. By morning I really think I could sleep til noon if I didn't have to get up for work! TGIF!!!!!! I overslept this morning -hit the snooze one too many times. It's been rainy here all week due to "Tammy" so it's gloomy and that much harder to get out of the bed. ******Hey YC, hugs to you girl***** It's frustrating, I can only imagine. I know how I felt when I was in the hospital and the Dr just said he couldn't tell me a real or probable reason for my ma__sive bleeding. I just wanted something concrete to go on. When they say they don't know it's that much more scarier. Your sweetie must just be chillin in there, relaxing. I don't feel like I look pregnant that much. Because I'm wide in the hips and am carrying low so I don't have the typical "basketball sitting on a slim frame. I'm chubby and though I don't have a waistline anymore it just looks like I'm bigger, I think. So you can imagine how attractive I'm feeling right now. But, on a better note ...hubby was extra nice last night. Boy I needed it. I guess he could tell. I'm just down in the dumps BAD! I'm working on feeling better. The weekend's here and I sure hope to have a nice one. I hope all of you guys have a great one, as well. Take care and be good!


Ca__sie - October 7

Hello gals. I've been posting both on here and the yahoo group. I think we can use both.. especially if we either want to write about something we don't want the public to see (not that that is why I've been using it) or if we want to post a picture. How many of you are on the yahoo group? I had a weird dream again last night. I had a dream our baby girl came early. She was 9 weeks premature, but I got to take her home right away. She was sooo small. She was real dark too, like she was from India. I was like, how did that happen? heh. In my dream, my hubby had no idea how to handle her. He even dropped her... but luckily caught her before she hit the ground. Man, it was a stressful dream. I know he won't be like that in real life. I think I'm just nervous about doing all the wrong things myself. My baby wasn't very cute in my dreams, but I still loved her and was excited to have her. I can't wait to see the real baby. :-)


Ca__sie - October 7

Oh, I forgot to add something about my dream. In my dream about having our baby girl, one of the first things I thought of was to get on here and let you all know she had been born! Isn't that funny?


YC - October 7

Patty you're right...29 is not old. I will be 29 on Sunday and I feel young. Of course like you my definition of old changes as I get older. I was upset about the nurse yelling at me but I know it's because she cares and was expressing her frustration with the staff who aren't doing what they are supposed to. I have another NST today and she got a hold of my doctor who is on vacation and had her request another Level 2 ultrasound on Tuesday which I am pretty excited about. Those machines are awesome. For now I am relaxing and trying not to worry. I am looking forward to this weekend as well. My boyfriend asked me what I want to do for my birthday and I told him I want to lay in bed all day, eat snacks and watch movies. No cell phones, email, visitors or interuptions. This probably sounds weird but we work opposite schedules so we hardly see eachother and when we do we usually have a million errands to run or some family function to attend. Plus I figure we wont get to this much once the little one is here. : ) Have a great weekend everyone!


Trish - October 7

YC Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!. We are doing exactly what you guys are doing...renting movies and eating this weekend, we are also getting a pumpkin. I have had a craving for beef stew and beer bread (Tastefully Simple...soooooo the alcohol is baked out of it...double bonus!) Well not much else going on, very happy it's friday and almost quitting time! I am meeting one of my best friends for dinner at Don Pablo's, I think I have been looking at the menu all day...hee hee. Well have a great weekend everyone. Trish


YC - October 7

Trish- I have been craving beef stew also. Just had it for lunch.


patty - October 7

I had beef stew yesterday myself how funny!!!!!!!! have a relaxing weekend and happy b day YC



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