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tish212 - November 30

I know there are a few more hours until it is actually Dec first but I just can't here is our new thread...I can't wait to read everyones birthstories...I know I was late to join the december moms but I've grown to care about all of you and I am so excited for each of you...and I am looking forward to reading each one of your birth stories!


tish212 - November 30

uh oh sounds like erins mom is nesting...I've been so miserable lately I haven't been up to cleaning....uggg I could use a burst of energy... hubby is working again tonite (went to work from 7am to 1pm and working tonite from 11pm to 7am) so I might try to clean the bedroom while he is gone...I'm a night having a baby should be fun since I stay up most of the night anyway...right now the baby is kicking really bad and I have this horrible cramping feeling with back I'm on my period...and poof right when I wrote that it went stomach tightening with it like my usual bh... fingers crossed...I scheduled my induction today (with a different dr from the one I normally see) and he was more then happen to schedule it but said he doesn't think I'm going to make it anywhere near that day...(he too thinks my due date is dec 17) but won't change it due to ultrasound info...ugggg... theres the pain again it starts in my back works its way up and down then around to the front and it also feels like bathroom pains...(ya know when u have diarehha that pain) and its gone again...what's weirder is I'm sitting...fingers crossed...but I won't get to excited...ohhh my stomach just tightened with it...that hurts.... my luck though its just bh getting worse...I have had a headache all nite too... and I didn't sleep well last night my hip pain kept waking me up.... and then I woke up this morning in a panic..I thought my stomach was flat and that I had delievered the baby on one of my trips to the bathroom and had just not noticed...(i know it sounds crazy... but it scared the c___p out of me) but my big belly is still here...and baby is moving so all is well...the hr today was 152 and I was reading in an old book that a hr above 140 in the last month of pregnancy is a girl (the book is from 1914) and that's how they predicted gender...and my great aunt who is a nurse and has been for 45 years said the same thing (i hadn't even said anything to her about the book...) so maybe its a I'm so excited I can't wait to find out! I have decided to get the santa outfit...I'm sure I already said that...but I think it would be so cute! I gotta get to working on the baby book.... maybe I will do that tomorrow while dh sleeps.... well I better go..night ladies and babies!


Tan - November 30

Hi! my name is tanya... i was "supposed" to be a november mom, my due date was nov 28... but he didnt come yet.. so he'll be a dec baby.. this is my first... im getting induced on monday, the 3rd, unless he comes before.. so tish when is your due date?


AmberNicole - December 1

YAY, it is our month, girls:) I'm so nervous and excited. At least I'm lucky enough to have a scheduled c-section date of the 26th if I don't go into labor early;) I can't imagine having to wait and wonder when and if she would come this month like I did with my ds. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, and I had my ds at 36 weeks, and my dr. said she didn't expect me to make it too much longer! Ah, the stress of trying to get my Christmas shopping done, early so my ds doesn't miss out:) My dh just might have to actually shop this year:)


tish212 - December 1

welcome tan....u only have 2 days! I am due the 31st or the 17th....dr isn't sure...? but my induction is scheduled for the 28th... :) though yesterday when I talked the the dr he said he thinks I'm going to go much sooner...I had contractions last nite from around 9pm until 4am regular 3 minutes apart with severe back pain...but at 4am they just needlessto say I'm disappointed today...I got so excited and when they stopped all I could do was cry... here's hoping its a sign that I'm getting close....happy december everyone...


whatisgoingon - December 1

Hello ladies! Hope you don't mind me joining! I am a december Mum to be! This is our first child, we are expecting a baby boy. I am 36wks 5days pregnant and due on Dec 26th. I am not sure if I will make it to that due date though. Baby is fully engaged in pelvis and I have been having a lot of groin/thigh cramps and v____al lighting bolt type pains and my cervix is dilated at 2-3 and effaced (not sure the %). Guess its all a waiting game though hey?! We are so excited to meet him!! :) xo


DaBonkElsMe - December 1

YAY! December's finally here! I actually thought for sure I was going to go into labor this morning. I had contractions at 4:15am then I fell back to sleep, but woke up with strong - but irregular - contractions all day. But now I have felt nothing since about 1pm :( I got all excited. I lost part of my mucus plug yesterday and another part tonight. I also had diarrhea - sorry for tmi - just about an hour ago, but still nothing! UGH!! I think DH and i will definitely have s_x tonight and see if that helps, I was willing to wait until my due date the 10th but, i am so anxious now. Hope you all are doing well, and soon we will all be holding our lo's in our arms!!


DaBonkElsMe - December 1

BTW - tish, hope you are feeling better!


tish212 - December 1

thanks da bonks....I am not as depressed as I was most of the day...I just got so excited...I went to the dr yesterday (not my usual dr) b/c she was called to a birth...and I talked to him about my due date...he says he's with me on it being dec 17th since my lmp shows that...but since the u/s shows different he can't change it...he did tell me he was happy to schedule the induction (even though its a friday and they don't normally do them on fridays) he said he felt I wouldn't make it that long at all. so last night when I noticed that the contractions were regular I timed them...started at 5 minutes then 4 then to 3 I was so excited...I walked around did laundry did the dishes...cleaned the house anything I could do to stay back ached th whole time I had to keep stopping to bend over...each contraction would take my breath away....I also had loose bowels yesterday (which I've heard is a sign of ur body preparing) but by 4 am they stopped suddenly... and I waited for 30 minutes before I layed down and was out in like 5 minutes...I woke up about 30 mins later and sorry tmi but I was covered all over my chest and stomach with colostrum half dried half sticky...I sat up turned on the light and my left b___st was just leaking I cleaned up and went back to sleep...needless to say each time I woke up to use the potty I had to clean up...and it was only the left b___st...crazy....I've had irregular contractions all day...and my back is super I got nothing done today... I'm glad I didn't have dh stay home last night cuz I would have felt like such a jerk if he had..... I would try the s_x thing but my back hurts so much I just can't imagine trying right now.... we'll here's hoping that we all soon go.... and welcome whatisgoing case u can't tell I always write a novel lol...I talk to much... night da bonk...I hope u go soon.... :) I can't wait to meet my lo and find out is it alexa or alec?


wantanotheraftertr - December 1

I am so excited for all of you getting close. I am just having pain when he streches his head gets real tight on my pelvic bones but no contractions. I only have 10 days left till my induction but I am soooo tired I don't sleep well at all. Nesting whats that? I don't have time for it yet. My last day of work is Friday so my plan is to clean clean clean on Sat and Sun. Then Monday I will have acupuncure and a ma__sage to see if it will help get hings going on there own before my induction the next day! Well 2 Dec mommys became Nov mommys and we gained a nov mommy Glad you joined us but sorry you are over due. I am sure everything will go well Monday! Can't wait to read your story go easy on use though since we have a few scheduled for induction as well! lol Good luck ladies can't wait for stories!


treshala - December 2

Good Luck Ladies :) I hope all your deliveries go smoothly :) My bday is Dec. 18th so i will check to see did anyones lo come on my bday :)


Erins Mom - December 2

So a fun day I've had already. I started vomiting and contracting regularly at 4 mins. apart at about 1 am and lasted until 5 so we called our baby sitter, dropped Erin off, and went to the hospital. I'm not kidding we weren't even there an hour and everything stopped. So disgusted. The only reason I agreed to go in to the hospital in the first place was because I couldn't stop throwing up, but now I'm fine. So who the heck knows what that was about. So I'm back at home with Erin and Sean and disappointed. I got my hopes up. You'd think after doing this before I'd know if I was in labor or not. I felt like an idiot. Tish, I hate to burst your bubble to, but the whole heartrate thing theory has never held true for me. Erin's heart rate was always in the 120's and this one's a boy and he's always in the 140's to upper 150's, so I don't buy it, but who knows, maybe I'm the exception to the rule. Oh, and welcome to all the new ladies as well. Well, I'm off, I'll talk to you ladies later.


wantanotheraftertr - December 2

Erins mom so sorry things didn't happen for you . I know how hard it is this is #4 for me and so far nothing I still have 2 weeks to Due date but will be induced next Tuesday. I had a false alarm with #2 as well. I think its very common. Hope everyone is well.


AmberNicole - December 2

Tish, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with a leaky left b___st. Mine has been doing it for a couple of weeks off and on. I can't stand it! Hopefully, it's a sign of labor, soon!


tish212 - December 2

amber- yeah its the most annoying I tried to sleep in a different position.....but still it leaked all nite.... erinsmom- yeah I wasn't holding out too much on the hr thing but it would be funny to see if it holds out true for me. My dreams have gotten really crazy lately... I dreamt I gave birth and was asleep for 3 days after...I didn't remember giving birth and I ddnt even know the was crazy (in my dream it turned out to be a boy) every night has been full of crazy dreams...dh says its my minds way of releasing my fears of the upcoming birth....he's been so panic stricken lately...he won't let me do anything...I can't pick up anything..bend over to get lo has been pretty quiet today...a few kicks here and there but s/he's not up at the regular times and not at all this ok?


DaBonkElsMe - December 2

Erin's mom, that's so frustrating! Sorry you got your hopes all up inly to be let down. But next Tuesday is closer than it seems and maybe you'll go before that. We have a new moon coming on the 9th so i hope that'll affect some of us who are very close! I definitely lost all of my mucus plug now - nasty! No mistaking that it all came out today! We had s_x yesterday - nothing! We'll try that again tonight though! hehehe!! Tish, i have been having crazy dreams too, i think it's a normal part of pregnancy!


DaBonkElsMe - December 2

Tish - I mixed up your response with wantanother's response - sorry - you are not being induced next Tuesaday, so disregard that part of my post! Still hope you go soon!



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