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Natalie - November 13

Hey all! Well I had my little boy, Skyler Kaden on November 10 at 11:20 pm. He is beautiful and healthy! He weighed 6lbs.3oz. My water started leaking at 6:00am that morning and I went in to my doctors office to be checked, the doctor told me to leave there and go to labor and deliver because I was going to have a baby that day! So I went to the hospital and I was 2 cm. My mid-wife came in and told me she wanted me to get up and walk around, so I did this most of the day. Finally around 6:30pm when I was still only 2 cm. they put me on pitocin and it really made the contractions come! By 9:30 I was in so much pain, I really wanted my epidural but I was afraid it was too soon and might slow down labor so I held off until 10:30! My contractions were so close together and painful by this time I didn't think I was going to even be able to get the epidural because I was starting to feel like I had to push! But thankfully I did manage to make it through the pain of getting the damn thing! ( No one tells you how bad it actually hurts to have an epidural, but it hurts! ) But it was so worth the pain of them putting it in because I was nuumb from my stomach down! It was smooth sailing after that. My midwife delivered my son and the only people in the room were her and my boyfriend and then the nurse came in right before I pushed my little boy out! The lights were dim and it was a very nice experience! My little boy came out crying and sucking his thumb! It was so cute! His daddy cut the cord and they cleaned him up and then left the three of us alone for an hour, it was very nice. The experience all together was great and I am so happy now! Take care everyone and good luck to you!


Natalie - November 13

Oops, I posted this twice because my computer was messing up!


Sam - November 13

Congrats! How bad did the epidural hurt? I have to have one for a c-section, and you just made me so nervous and scared about it!


Lory - November 14

Congratulations! I love the name Skyler! You scared me a liitle too about the epidural. Can you ellaborate (sp)??


Meghan - November 14

Ladies, don't worry about the epidural, I'm about to have my third baby and had epidurals for the first too - didn't hurt at all. There was a pinch, and I knew what was going on, but it's totally nothing to be worried about.



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