It S Baby Time

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Month of October - October 5

Yippee!!!! While "Re-Affirming Our Priorities" ... we're now having our babies left and right!!!! It's time for a new thread, girls. Let's hear the birth stories while us others wait for our little ones to come into this world.


Congratulations!!! - October 5

Love and happiness to D, Cinshon, amanda.d and Misty ... it's domino-effect time!!!!


jess - October 5

Yay!! Good call on the new thread!! Good luck to Steph tomorrow too.....and can't wait to hear from Misty!! and Congrats to Tara- she was a while back though!!! I'm down to 6 days!!


Cora - October 5

ugggghhhh...still 15 more days to go for me. Getting tired of this all thats for sure...congratulations to everyone who has been lucky enough to have had theirs already ! Misty...hope to hear from you soon ! I was trying to send good vibes to you all day yesterday ! lol Take care everyone !


lisa - October 6

cora whats your due date, mine is 22nd! cant wait


<Amy> (UK) - October 6

Congratulations to everyone that's had their baby so far! Tell us your stories if you can, those of us that are left need to hear them for support! Terrified! Looks like im due last (25th oct). Steph will be thinking of you! Even though our EDD's were different i remember we concieved on the same day! Went to the doc yday have a bit of swelling and bp is up a bit so i just need to rest. And the babies engaged now! he's on his way!!


Cora - October 6

Lisa...I am due on the 21st but hoping it comes early....the fiance's bday is on the 16th !


amanda.d - October 6

k guys, when I last left off I was awaiting a doc's appt on monday.Well I did go to my appt but before I even had a chance to see my doctor I had ended up going to the bathroom and thats when my water broke. The way I figure it that was the best place for it to break,lol. Anyways I informed the receptionist that my water was now broke and leaking, it didn't gush out but had a steady leak. She told the doctor and he immediately wanted me at the hospital (even offered to drive me). He was more in a fizzle than me and I had to calm him down,lol. It was quite funny. At this point I had absolutely not a contraction. So I called hubby who was at home with the kids and told him I was on my way home but that we are going to the hospital. So we waited at home for my MIL to come and then left for the hospital. Still not a contraction ( my water broke at noon right on the nose). We got to the hospital and on the monitors I went. I had the odd small contraction but only knew I was having them by looking at my sheet. Needless to say it was quite boring. Well at about 7 pm my doctor said I could go home for a couple of hours but I had to be back by 10 pm that night because I was definately sleeping at the hospital. So we came home and tied up any loose ends we needed to get done and pretty much just relaxed. (still not a contraction). Well at 10 we went back to the hospital and relaxed there (thank god for the nice maternity living room, very comfy leather furniture, t.v , the works). Well hubby was dozing on the couch and I decided to head to my room (next door) to nap. This was at 11:30 pm. The burse said she wanted to check me. So I got on the bed and BOOM the contractions started. My poor hubby at this point is sleeping and has absolutely no clue labour started. Anyways she checked and I was four cms. So after about 8 contractions that immediately started 1 1/2 miins apart I made it to my DH. He was like already?!? And I was telling him yep. I started crying because I was tired, scared, and didn't wanna wimp out so soon but man they were hurting. At about 12:00 I decided to have DH call my mom and have a bath. The hot water helped. Well my mom got there and started timing my contractions. They were at this point (12:10 ish) 30 secs apart and lasting 50 secs. Man the pressure is what was getting me. Anyways my mom told the nurse she better call the doctor. I got out of the tub and the nurse checked me (12:15ish) I was at 7 cms roughly. So I hung on DH and tried to be tough. I asked for drugs but then decided nope it'll be over soon ( a woman knows her body). Anyways I felt tons more pressure and then the urge to push. I got on the bed and started to push, the nurse was running around trying to get ready and she was trying to get me not to push. I basically said F*ck that, and continued on. The head came out and the doctor showed up just in a nick of time. My beautiful son was born at 12:34 am on Oct. 4th weighing in at 6lbs. 6.5oz and 20.5 inches long. It was a quick labour and he was our smallest baby. He is absolutely perfect and I have pics up on my site. Take a peek. Anyways I gotta go, but I'll check in later, TTYS. P.S. just when you think it can't get any worse in labour that just means it'll be over before you know it so for all those who still have to deliver you'll do just fine. Good Luck Ladies. Amanda.d


jess - October 6

WOW!!!! AMANDA!!! That was so fast!!! exciting!!! and u r home already!! whats your website again??


amanda.d - October 6

Ya jes it was fast but that was good for me. I kinda conned the doctor into releasing me yesterday because I was not getting sleep at the hospital, some older lady who was/is losing her mind was yelling all night. So we got to come home, much better for us. my site is TTYS.


jess - October 6

aww Amanda he is just PERFECT!!! what a doll!!! i am the same...who can sleep in hospitals anyways?


Cora - October 6

awwww! Congrats Amanda, I am so Brought a tear to my eye seeing his pics, makes me want my baby to come even sooner ! I cant wait. Still 14 more days for me :( Thanks for sharing your birth story with us, and the pics.


<Amy> (UK) - October 7

Hi everyone just going to update you. I'm 37 weeks (EDD 25th oct), the baby is engaged now so hopefully not too long to go! Had a lot of swelling in face, hands feet and ankles. Blood pressure is up a little bit but doc said not too much to be concerned about just rest and they'll keep checking it. I'm a bit hormonal today so i just wanted to say thankyou so much to everyone for all your support we all seem to be dropping like flies now lol. I couldn't have done this without you all, what with me being so young and about to be a single parent. I really will miss coming on here for our little chats and venting to eachother about the pregnancy it's really helped. Congratulations to those of you who have had your babies and I wish evryone else the best of luck. We've all come a long way, it started from us all being scared of misscarrying to being scared of labour! Sorry I'm being so soppy just having a hormonal day! lol


Barb - October 7

congrats amanda!!! may God bless you both...and I hope we ALL have such fast labors and deliveries :)


lisa - October 7

no worries amy we can just start a new thread "living with our babies" your due 3 days after me and your baby is engaged, im feeling useless as my head isnt fully engaged yet, although she says i have a very low pubic bone, im seeing midwife sgain in 6 days but feeling now like this pregnancy might go on forever, the thought of waiting 4 weeks from now for an induction almost brings me to tears :-(


Cinshon - October 7

Thanks!!! So far my little girl is doing Good, Conrats to Steph. on Oct.5, my original due date, this really get's exciting everyone's delivering, Congratulations you guys.!!!


Cinshon - October 7

my litle girls first picture, if you would like to see. the ID is mrh and pa__s is mom and the number is 145711



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