It S Baby Time

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Cinshon - October 7

my litle girls first picture, if you would like to see. the ID is mrh and pa__s is mom and the number is 145711


JB - October 7

Cinshon, she is BEAUTIFUL. Congrats!!


Barb - October 7

Cinshon....she IS beautiful! Isn't it amazing to think she came out of you?? it totally amazes me....God bless you both =)


jess - October 7

aww Cinshon, your daughter is she doing well?? any word from steph or misty?


Cinshon - October 7

Thanks, JB, Barb and Jess, Barb it is quite amazing, I think about it all the time. Jess I actually have talked to Steph we talk all the time, I talked to her the day she had her son while in the hospital, and they are doing great.


amanda.d - October 7

Thank you ladies, ya he's precious definately a keeper, lol. Cinshon, she is too cute...sweet. I love the feeling its the absolute best in the world, now I am thinking maybe we aren't done with our family, lol.


jess - October 8

Cinshon- Steph is doing good? What did she name him?? She was soo ready!!


Cinshon - October 8

Amanda your little man was very handsome hiself. Jess you know what we talked so much and very brief I forgot which name she finally went with I know it started with a B


Cora - October 8

Just wanted to let u ladies know I spoke to Misty on the phone this evening. Her and baby got home from the hospital today. Her little girl weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz and was 18.5 inches long. Both of them are doing great. Figured I would pa__s that along to all of you, and I'll let Misty fill you all in when she gets the time to go to her mothers place.


rb - October 8

hey girls - congratulations to you amanda and misty and cinshon! i saw the pics and they are soooo cute! misty - i can't wait to hear from you! can't wait to see the pics and see how you're doing.. hope the rest of you are doing well and hanging in there... i know it's getting down to the wire and i so cannot wait until he arrives! wishing you guys the best and will keep you posted and look for updates... ttys


Stephanie - October 9

Chase Maximus was born 10-05-05 @12:32 PM. 7 Lbs 10 Ounces 20 1/2 inches long. Alot of long black hair ans greyish blue eyes (for now). He is gorgeous and beautiful! I will write more ASAP.


Cinshon - October 9

Sorry Steph, I know you guys were still undecided about the name that I forgot, but I know it now, Love ya, Take care of that little man, can't wait for pictures!!


jess - October 9

Congrats Steph!!! And Misty, cant wait to her from you!! how exciting!! Rb, just a few of us left now!! I go in on Tuesday!!


Bump - October 10

up we


rb - October 10

congrats steph! yeah jess - just a few of us left - but i will be thinking of you on tues... i don't know when my little guy will come but i am sooo ready!!! hope everyone is doing well and we'll talk soon :)


Misty - October 11

Don't have much time to write. I have to go to the doctors to have the st_tches taken out. But Jess, if you haven't gone in yet, it really isn't that bad. Just stay on top of that medicine that they give you for the pain. Don't try ot be superwoman about it, and you won't feel much pain at all in the first couple of days, then after that, with the medicine, you won't feel any pain at all. I recovered much quicker this time then last time though. I am already off the pain medication and feeling like normal. I even carry around my son, which p__ses my mom off no end since he is probably close to 30lbs. :-) I put my delivery story on the other thread, hadn't realized there was a new one yet. I'll go copy and paste it here. Then I have to go, talk to you all soon, would love to write more, just don't have time, so to everyone that had there babies already, congratulations, and to everyone waiting, the time will go by before you know it.



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