It S Baby Time

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amanda.d - October 20

Hey guys, congrats to those who've had their babies since I was on. Ya our little "peanut" was a bit jaundice too. He's all better now though. I will be posting new pics of him soon, I'll let ya know when I do. Anyways just thought I'd check in, TTYS.


Misty - October 22

So how is everybody? I figure you must all be pretty close to having your little ones by now. Mike calls ours his jitterbugs. :-) Hehe, I thought that was so cute. Anyhow, I'm here doing laundry, will be here for a bit, hope you are all doing really well. And I have the pictures of my litttle Summer Rose up on piczo, for those who don't remember it my addy there is I am still going to put a few more decorative pictures with it to make the page look pretty, but the pictures of my little girl are there anyways. Maybe I will get to talk to one of you while I am here doing my laundry, I have 5 loads to I will be here for a while. Anyways, talk to you later, and I hope you are all doing really great.


amanda.d - October 22

Oh Misty, she is beautiful. Absolutely adorable. I just wanna grab her little fat cheeks, lol. Good Job mommy!! TTYS.


Cora - October 22

Hey everyone. Well I am still here and still pregnant. One day past due. I go again on Monday to the hospital for another non stress test. And I see my dr that day to find out when he'll induce. I am going tobeg and plead for him to induce asap. I am sure he will as he figures the baby is getting too big. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings, hopefully I go into labor on my own. I am so ready for this to be over. Glad to hear everyone else is doing well.


Misty - October 23

Hey again everybody. Sorry I skipped out on you yesterday. Mike ended up getting the day off from work and he came by and took me to dinner. It was nice. Good luck today Cora, I'll be hoping for you that the doctor is willing to induce. And hoping that your labor and delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Same to you rb as you are waiting still also. I really wonder about Robyn, whenever you pop in here girl let us know that you are o.k. I figure that you are just incredibly busy with having twins and all, but I haven't heard anything from you or about you in quite a while and I just want to make sure that everything is o.k. with both you and your little jitterbugs. And how goes things with Penny and D? Man, I wonder so much about all of you, and it is so tough to get a chance to get on here anymore for all of us. Anyways, hoping that you are all healthy and well...perhaps a bit sleep deprived...but well. :-)


rb - October 24

hey girls - still hanging in there - a day past my due date today but i have to go in for a csection tomorrow as the baby is apparently breech... i had two different dr's tell me he was head down for the longest time but on friday, we had a u/s and he is apparently wrong way - anyhow... i have a consultation tomorrow morning and he is trying to schedule me in for a c section tomorrow late afternoon - i am super nervous but am glad i don't have to wait too much longer... my nerves are rattled tho... hope you guys are all doing well and settling in okay... misty - i haven't heard from robyn at all and just a__sumed she was busy but hope she's okay... cora - i hope you get to have your baby soon too - i know the waiting totally sucks when everyone else has had theirs :) well - i feel like i have a million things to do now that i won't be home for a few days and i stocked up on groceries for hubby and dog food for the dogs :) my other babies... i am so nervous about this surgery and although i've had surgery before, i knew i would be knocked out... i'm also scared of the scar i might get.... anybody got any rea__suring things to say about c-section healing and scars? well, i'll try to check in later or tomorrow but tomorrow's apparently the big day... hope you guys are happy and healthy... ttys


Cora - October 25

Hey rb, and girls ! Well things have finally started on my end. I was told yesterday that I would probably be induced today, or tomorrow...but last night I started with the intense cramping, and contractions. I am holding out for as long as I can b4 going to the hospital. Will let you all know within the next couple of days whats going on. Hopefully I will finally get to hold my baby !


Cora - October 31

Hello everyone, well I finally had my baby. Only a week past due, and I ended up going into the hospital on my own, as my water broke the night of Oct 26. I was in labor for 36 hrs, hard labor, b4 my dr finally decided it was time to do a c section on Friday morning Oct 28th. Our baby girl Gabriella Miriam was born at 6:27 am, weighing in at 9 lbs 4 oz and 21.5 inches long. I will update piczo with pics as soon as I get the chance. Hope everyone else is doing well, and adjusting to all things new and wonderful !


D - October 31

Congratulations Cora! You make the hard labor sound so casual... but you're not fooling us! I'm glad everything worked out ok. Misty - I've emailed you a couple times... I don't get on here much anymore.... maybe once every week, or two, or three... in any case... hope to hear from you! One of these days, yahoo and msn IMs are supposed to be able to communicate with each other, so I'll be able to IM you too!


amanda.d - October 31

Congrats Cora, I love the name. Wow what a big baby, hope she's good for you. And hi all the rest of you guys I have been extremely busy. My little Camdyn desn't like to be fussy when I am awake instead he likes to be fussy at about 1am for about 2-3 hours. Yep it sucks bad, but I just keep thinking not much longer and he'll be all grown up (sniff, sniff)lol. They grow up way to fast. Anyways gotta go have a quick nap, TTYS.


Misty - November 1

CONGRATULATIONS CORA!!!! I'm still waiting to hear from that rb too, I know you had your baby woman. This is so exciting. I love the growing up part with my little ones though. To be able to take them to the park and watch them laugh while they go down the slide, to take them to a circus or the zoo and do all those things with them that you just can't do when they are little. I just absolutely love it. Then to go camping and hiking and out fishing. Going swiming. Yeah, I definately like them better whne they are older....the fact that they sleep through the night when they are older helps also. :-) Hey D, finally got on here and got your message, I only got one though, :-( but I wrote you back. You will probably see that before you see this. But just in case. :-) I am having so much fun with my daughter though I must say. it is probably wrong, but she is kind of like a real live baby doll that I get to dress up in cute clothes and do her hair (well not yet because she doesn't really have much hair) and paint her nails (not yet with that one either :-)) She finally fits into more then premie clothes, so I am starting to get to go through all of the stuff that I have and put her into cute outfits, it is so much fun. Yours will already fit into regular newborn clothes Cora, that would have been nice with mine. You know, I was big like that when I was born, 9lbs 8oz, or 10oz, something like that. I'll have to get back on here and write more later. Right now I need to go through this mammoth stack of mail that I have at my moms house and try to get some more sleep before this little girl akes up for another feeding. Talk to you all soon.


lisa - November 1

where did this thread spring back from,? i was due oct 22nd but still here! going in for induction today, mary and leslie are overdue and still waiting too, im sure they would love a word on the officisal oct countdown, theres only three of us left :-(


rb - November 1

hey girls - doing a little one- handed typing - finally had baby nolan on oct 25 via csection - he's an absolute angel but am havinh some problems with b___stfeeding - me, not him... who knew it wouldd be this hard?will see a lactation consultant on thurs for more help - but for now am pumping like a cow :) he was 7lbs 13 - and 22 inches long - will be tall like daddy - pretty d__n big for me - any how - things are going well and i will post / send pics as soon as i get some good ones... most are from his delivery night - hope everyone is doing well - cora - am so glad you had your baby too - how's the healing? i was up and about the next day but am still retaining water since i haven't been resting enough... oh well - will have to try harder.... anyhow - i think we've all become mommies now (and for some again)... even the nights aren't so bad with the little angel... well, will check in later - was finally okay to venture downstairs to the office to get on the net... take care everyone! btw - can't wait to get back into my normal clothes...


Cora - November 2

I finally got the time to upload some pics to piczo. I'll upload some more later.


Cora - November 2

Hey rb, glad to hear all is well with you, my healing has been good, I was out of the hospital within 2 days. I tried to send you some pics to your email addy but it came back undeliverable.


Robyn - November 3

Hey ladies! I don really have a whole lot of free time. Just wanted to drop a line and say congrats to everyone!!!! Sounds like we all made it! I was on bdrest for an entire month, then October 12th, @ 37 1/2 weeks Breanna Morgan and Brennan Joseph were born via c-section! I swear I was as big as a house! Breanna was 17 inches 5lbs 14 ozs and Brennan was 6lbs 4ozs at 19 inches. I couldnt be happier despite the lack of sleep! I hope you all are doing well and adjusting well to your new bundles! CONGRATS! And when I have a sec I will be posting pics on piczo!



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