It S Baby Time

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Robyn - November 3

Hey ladies! I don really have a whole lot of free time. Just wanted to drop a line and say congrats to everyone!!!! Sounds like we all made it! I was on bdrest for an entire month, then October 12th, @ 37 1/2 weeks Breanna Morgan and Brennan Joseph were born via c-section! I swear I was as big as a house! Breanna was 17 inches 5lbs 14 ozs and Brennan was 6lbs 4ozs at 19 inches. I couldnt be happier despite the lack of sleep! I hope you all are doing well and adjusting well to your new bundles! CONGRATS! And when I have a sec I will be posting pics on piczo!


Cora - November 4

Congrats Robyn ! It's great to finally hear from you, and make sure you and the babies are all doing well ! I cant imagine how busy you are though, one is a handful for I sure hope you have help on hand. My mother in law has been here for the past 3 weeks but of course our little girl held out until her grandma had already been here for 11 days. She has been such a help, I am not quite sure what I'll do once she leaves next Wednesday ! Anyhow, I am glad to hear you are doing well, make sure you let us know when u get pics up on piczo.


Cinshon - November 6

Congrat's Robyn, I'm sure your hands are full, I'm still trying to adjust


penny - November 10

Just checking to see if anyone is still around, i'm back to work as of today, but will try to get some pictures out today (I did email a few of you those that I had email address for) thanks to Misty!!! We need to keep in touch!!!


penny - November 11

Hi Girls the pictures are up now~ Miss you all!


Penny - November 11

Oh I forgot, you need to click on "Madisons here"~


Stephanie - November 11

I am so happy everyone is still here! Sorry I have been away its been very busy! Chase Maximus was born Oct. 05,2005 at 12:32 PM. We were in labor for 4 1/2 Hrs. Not bad at all. We also had the epideral this time. He weighed 7 Lbs 10 Ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. He is now over 10 pounds and 22 inches long at only 5 weeks. I am lost all the weight however my skin is stretched out now. I will be doing tons of cardio soon when the Dr gives his okay! If you would like to view his pics. please go to the info you will need is San Dimas Hospital in the city of san dimas, Ca. USA. The first 3 letters of my last name are FAZ. Then you click on Chase. There you will find 5 pictures of him after he was born. In the next 2 weeks I will scanning pics and putting them on piczo. So by Thanksgiving you may go to and view some updated pictures of our little Chasers! :o) Congradulations to everyone and I will be back soon!


amanda.d - November 15

Congrats RB Robyn and Stephanie.I haven't had time to write lately. Our little paenut is lactose intolerant so I had to give up b___stfeeding and give him lactose free formula, he's much happier now. Anyways I am gone for now TTYS.


Stephanie - November 24

Is anyone still out there??? Let me tell you!!! :o) I have been busy busy busy.....Our lil guy is 7 weeks today and this was my 2nd week back to work! I bring him with me and its okay! Hes on a waiting list for daycare and the earliest he can get in is probably January.....thats when they are dividing the infants from the toddlers. Its $224 a week! YIKES...EXPENSIVE here in Cali. ......At least he will be 3 months before he has to go in anyways! Well Id like to know how everyone is managing and for those who decided to keep working hows it going? If you decided to stay home how is that going too? Are you bored? I am honestly glad that I am back to work I find myself more cheeerful but I don't know if it would be the same without my lil guy! TTYL Steph



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