OnLy 50 DaYs To Go Anyone Else Around This

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andy - February 10

hi !! I´m andrea , 24 y old and pg with baby number one !!! ...I´m 33 weeks and I´M ONLY 50 MORE DAYS TO GO !!! Just thought that maybe if you are kind of along with me we could chat about how life is treating you right now ... Ok , hope you could join me ...


Kristin11 - February 10

Hello andrea i am 30 1/2 weeks with number two. i am due on april 16th. I am 23 yrs old :)


Jadejewels - February 10

I'm 32 weeks. 27 baby number 3. I'm so excited and just can't wait to see my handsome little man already :0)


andy - February 11

49 more days!!! I´m supposed to be due april1st , but I hope to get a march baby ... I had my 3d ultrasound done on thurs and got really cute pics , totally confirmed its a girl and she is getting really tight ( she has her foot near her face :) ... have you gotten an u/s latelly?


andy - February 12

: ) 48 days to go !!! anyone else??


babyonboard16 - February 12

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, with baby 1, and I'm due april 30th


MAT - February 12

I am expecting my first child on April 8th - only 55 days to go! I have regular ultrasounds because I have a high risk pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes). Last week they told me that my daughter is on the smaller side...currently 3 lbs 2 oz. She is head down, but keeps her feet and hands right next to her head! I have also started the non-stress tests (they use external monitors to check the baby's heartbeat, uterine activity and movement). So far so good!


chriss - February 12

I am almost 36 wks, with baby No. 1. and have 30 days to go! I am getting very tired and uncomfortable at this point!


andy - February 13

only 47 days to go !!! ... Hi everyone , good to read that everyone is doing ok ... MAT , I failed my first blood test for GD but got good results the second time ... My u s was at 32w4d and my baby weight 4.18 pounds , I think thats good I hope she gets at least to 6 pounds ... ohhh Í´m due april 1st but really want a march baby ... : )


andy - February 14

46 days !!!! yeah...


amyjo - February 15 sound like me with the countdown. 19 days left for me and i'm 35. My OB does an u/s every time I go in and when I see his little face 'filling out' I just turn to mush...I can't wait. This one is due early March. My oldest was born on March 3rd and my youngest was born in Jan, so I'm kind of hoping for a February I am so ready to get this pregnancy over with.


andy - February 15

45 days !!!!! ... amyjo 19 dyas , thats great , I know 45 is not that long but still Içm getting soooo impatient , I won´t have another u s till the 27 , I hope by then she is all fat : ) , Today I´ve been having little menstrual cramps that even woke me up , but they are so weird cause I think that maybe it it my stomach too cause it kind of feels like I want to go to the bathroom but still don´t know ... Hope its nothing , the thing is I´M a little worried cause my obg is out of town...


PrincessesMom - February 15

I have 40 days to go! I've been on bed rest for the last 7 1/2 weeks, so it is really dragging. I have 12 more days of bed rest, I think it will help once I'm able to get up and get out and do things. I'm 29 yrs old and am having baby #4, this will be our 1st boy.......I still can't imagine what a boy of mine would look like! I've been watching his little face chub up in weekly u/s too, but even having 3 3D u/s, I still don't have a clue.


andy - February 16

44 days !!!!!! hi princessmom , I was at bed rest at week 6 till week 14 do to a subch hematoma , I´m all good now , thank God , but I remember those days and how they were loooong ... why ae you at bedrest now?


andy - February 17

43 days!!!!


andy - February 19

41 days ¡!¡!¡ ... maybe no one else is around this time ... JUST ME !!!


PrincessesMom - February 19

41 days to go! This is my 4th baby and have had a history of preterm labor so I have been considered extremely high risk from the beginning. During this pregnancy we have had to deal with a short cervix, contractions, an dialation. On top of that I have had a lot of issues to make me miserable, but don't affect the baby. I am really ready to be past the pregnancy. I go back to my OB thursday and I'm going to beg to set an induction date set at 38 weeks, if I can just have a date that I know I won't have to go past, it will help a lot!



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