Re Affirming Priorities

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Month of September - August 31

We are all getting closer, and it is evident by our activity (or lack thereof) that we are all also reaffirming our priorities regarding family/friends/employment/households/etc. May the month of September bring us all closer to what is truly important while we TRY to maintain contact with our cherished friends. Wishing love and support for everyone during our final countdowns!


Cora - August 31

I'll second that :) Take care everyone, hopefully talk to you ALL soon !


Misty - August 31

Hehe, I'll third the motion, everyone in favor say I. :-)


Misty - August 31

Well there is some good news, not. My mom just told me that my dad was planning on volunteering to go into New Orleans to help if they ask for volunteers. He is a cop, and has been for a while, so he puts himslef into things like that. But I can't say New Orleans is a place I want him to be right now. For a long time New Orleans was the place with the highest national murder rate. And now for the most part those types of people are the main ones still there. They have been attacking hospitals for medicines and so the hospitals have barricaded themselves off, yeah, not where I want him to be. But whatever. He was always the kind to jump in and try to help.


Brooke "Mama" Crow - August 31

Well I just read Robyn's thread "Hard Times" and Misty's post about her dad going to New Orleans, and the name of this new thread is so appropriate ... "Reaffirming Priorities ... my heart and thoughts go out to Robyn and her little ones AND to Misty's dad. I hope all of us good ole gals gather to send prayers their way as they reaffirm their personal priorities.


<Amy> - September 1

Hi girls! Sorry i haven't been around, had a lot going on recently what with preparing to be a single mum! I have to double up the speed of the process now though! This is beacause I lost of mucous plug on wednesday night! arghh! And I'm only 32 weeks, really nervous don't want him to be premature. My midwife says that I'll probably go into labour in the next few weeks but not to disregard any pain and go straight to the hospital so they can stop the labour. Hopefully this can prolong it until its safe enough for him to come out. I have another appt in 2 weeks and am going to the hospital today to book an appt for a 34 week growth scan (not always necessary but because I've had mumps they thought it would be best). I'm so scared at the moment! I'll keep you girls updated ;)


D - September 1

I'll be thinking of you, <Amy>, that is scary! Thank goodness we're this far along... good luck!


jess - September 1

hi all!! long time no chat!! whats up with robyn?? is she ok? where's her thread??misty good luck and our thoughts r with your dad, hows the house coming?? all is ok here- still not is getting big- lots of movement and backache lol.....oh well..only 6 weeks left!! and ggoodbye to the heat of summer too!! oh and Ayla- what a sweetie!!!!!!


Misty - September 2

I also want to know what is going on with Robyn. I don't see her thread. Hope you are o.k. Robyn. Sorry about you losing your mucus plug already Amy, how scarey. I'll be hoping right along with you that your little one makes it until he is ready. You know I was looking through my book the other day that has people due dates in it. Looks like Cinshon should have had her baby by now, or if not the very very soon. :-) Hope things are well for her. Steph, I haven't seen you around for a bit, but if you see this please give her my good wishes. The move is going good. I really don't have time to get into all of it now though. Still lots of work, but yeah, I need to iron my work shirt and get out of here. Hope you ladies all have a wonderfull day. And I will talk to you all on Monday probably.


jess - September 2

hi misty- i found Robyns thread- its called HARD TIMES on this board.....she sounds pretty worried, my thoughts r with her and the babes- sounds like she's got some good dr's though...i wonder how Cinshon is doing - and if she is a mom yet! haven't head from her in forever!!! i am with ya with moving - i am in the middle of it too----ick!!!!!


penny - September 2

Hey everyone- I just emailed cinshon we'll see if she replies. I'm pretty sure here due date is not until October (she was right around the same date as me 10.4) Hope everyone is doing okay, I'll have to go read Robyns post ;(..........


Robyn - September 2

Hey ladies, I wasnt posting separatly to ignore you, I just had to vent and wanted some feed back from people that may have gone through it before. Im really worried but trying not to stress. If it is fetal transerence then my doctor caught it in time and they can take the babies. Also a scary thought though because I feel like I dont have everything done! Im just extremely overwhelmed. At least its a three day weekend and my appointment with the specialist is on Tuesday next week that was the soonest they could get me in. I am taking advantage of this weekend and going shopping for the rest of the baby stuff I need and some stuff for me when I go to the hospital, ex nightgowns, robe, slippers etc....anyways, I am trying to get things squared away at work because it looks like the threat of having to stop working sooner than expected is lingering in the air so I am tying up any loose ends and all that. So I will check back before I leave today.


Robyn - September 2

My thoughts are with you and your dad Misty as with you Amy...hope all is well and things work out for the best. Its hard to know what is comforting to say in situations such as these. But knowing you have people supporting you and pulling for you make it easier....hopefully. lol. Hope moving goes well for you Jess and dont over do it! Take a breather! And Penny thank you for your post on the other thread. I will keep you guys posted.


JESS - September 2

HEY ROBYN!!! Have to wait til tuesday eh?? must be so stressed, good thing you are so strong!!! keep us posted, you know u 3 r in our thoughts......i know the kids will be fine, and work and all that will sort itself out- YOU take a breather and take some time for yourself....and enjoy the shopping!! get that fiance to buy you a little pretty!


Misty - September 6

Well....I am much much too tired to do any sort of typing today. Only had 5 hours of sleep last night. I just wanted to pop in and say good luck today Robyn. Hopefully it will be nothing, whatever it was that they thought they saw that other day. I'm hoping for you though anyways. And thinking of you today. Good luck.


D - September 6

Hi Misty.... you sound like you may be gone already... sorry about the sleep, I understand about losing sleep, though! (probably all of us do these days!) I'm awfully exhausted too. Got lots to do today, so I'll check in later!


penny - September 6

Hey everyone- Hope everyone's doing okay- Robyn you better check back after your doctors appt if you can!!



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