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Anathi - October 30

With my last pregnancy I never felt that dropping of fetal head infact I was blank no research what so ever , this pregnancy is like my first pregnancy hence some of the things I'm noticing them with this one. I would like to know how does it feels when ur baby has dropped or do you wait for the Dr to tell u coz I have a wierd feeling as if there is added presure on my pubic bone I dont know wether its becoz of the wait or what plis some one help coz sometimes I would also feel some cramps especially after standing or for a long time actually these days I feel it in 5 to 10min I stand up HELP!!! CONFUSED!


emfine99 - October 30

I've had the feeling for a couple of weeks because I feel pressure on my pelvis, especially when I sit up or try to walk (or waddle for that matter). La__st week at my 36 week appt, the dr said that the baby seems to be dropping down, so that's what those feelings were. I feel cramps also. If they are too strong, I tend to turn to 1 extra strength tylenol every 4 hours. Doesn't help completely, but it takes some of the pain away. The dr also told me to rest as much as I can and lay down when cramps like that come on.


Ashley86 - October 30

Yea, I felt an increase in pressure down in the pelvis area and also if I turn the wrong way, I very suddenly have to pee. The cramps could possibly be contractions. I have them but not regularly just yet and my stomach contracts when I get those cramps and I have to take deep breaths. It's not painful...just one of those ***whhhhhheeeeeeww deeeeeeeppp breath* type of feeling for me. I'm 36 wks right now and the dr said that since the baby has dropped it could be only a week or 2 more! :)


Tory1980 - October 30

If the babies head is fully engaged the only way I can describe it is like a basket ball between your legs. Very uncomfortable to walk or sit. Usually once that happens you have about 3 weeks before baby makes an appearance but that isn't always the case. The cramps can be two things - BH's made worse for standing - if you sit or lie down and they go away then this is most likely what they are. True contractions won't disappear or ease with lack of activity. Subsequent pregnancies often find the baby becomes engaged far later in the pregnancy and sometimes (as was the case for pregnancy 2&3 for me) not until you are in labour or delivering.


emfine99 - October 30

The dr told me those cramps were BH's..... real ones are much worse from what I hear!!!


Anathi - October 31

Now that there is this space between the top of my belly and the b___bs which has helped me to survive free from heartburns and breathless does it mean that I maybe dialating which is close to labour?


emfine99 - October 31

I don't think that when your baby drops it automatically means you are dialating. My baby has been dropping for a week or two and I haven't dialated any yet. You might just need to have your cervix checked if you want to know if you've dialated or not. I will find out on Tuesday the progress that I have made so far! Hopefully dialated to something!!


EMMA2 - October 31

mine was engaged for weeks before i went into labour. It was really awful the feeling..it is exactly like having a basketball in between ur legs ..lol



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