Any Febuary Moms Due Date

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Renay - November 21

What's your due date how much pregnancy pounds did you put on?


shelly | - November 21

: : Date: October 26, 2005, 17:16 Answer: My due date is Feb. 12th and I've gained 20 lbs.


jb - November 21

My due date is Feb 15th. I have just graduated to the third trimester board and I am so excited!!! At my last doctors appt, which was last week I had gained 18 pounds, Yikes!! I just went for my glucose test today, has anyone else done it. My doctor said that I could eat before I went. So this morning i had cottage cheese and water. I hope that doesnt alter my test results.


Louisa - November 21

Hi Ladies, I finally made it to the third trimester. We are expecting a boy February 20th and can't wait to welcome him to our family. So far I have lost three pounds in total due to gallstones making it difficult to eat just about everything. This past weekend I had my glucose test, I was told not to eat anything for 12 hours before the test. The results should be in by my next appointment which is Monday the 28th.


denise - November 22

Hi ladies. I just made it to the third trimester. I'm so excited because it's my first!!! I'm due 2/22/2006. I had my shower already and I just can't wait for this baby to get here. I don't look at the scale when i go to the doctor's office so I really don't know how much weight I've gained and the dr hasn't said anything either. I'm happy with not knowing!!!


Rebecca - November 22

my due date is Feb 19th I gained a total of 15 pounds alltogather


Karen - November 22

Hi Ladies! I am due Feb 19th, have gained 22.5 lbs and am having a girl. Had 1st glucose and failed, just did 3 hrs. I will find out beginning of next week. How's everyone doing with showers? I am worried because I live in the northeast and my family wants to do it in Jan. and I am sure we will have snow. Plus, they want to do it in my home state of Connecticut and I live in NY. I also feel bad because we want a couples shower, but we have so many people to invite it is ridiculous. Any suggestions on not inviting people and how not to feel badly about it? Should we be considerate of the hosts (my 3 aunts) and do only females?


Sue - November 23

My due date is February 14th and I've gained 20 pounds so far. I'm okay with the weight gain. I'm having a girl so naturally my b___t, hips, and thighs have spread but my face still looks the same as it did before I got pregnant. Anybody else tired of the either lack of weight gain or weight gain comments yet? I had a girl tell me on a crowded elevator the other day that I'll "gain it in the end." Of course everyone turned around to look at me. It wasn't a bad comment but why say anything at all? Best of luck to all of you. No matter how much weight you've gained or didn't gain this far you all look beautiful!


E - November 23

I'm due Jan.28-Feb2 and I gained 20lbs last time we went to Dr have an appointment thurs so we shall see...most of my gain is in my b___t and hips...stomach looks like a 5'9 so i guess i can hide my weight a little better..


To Karen from Emy - November 24

I failed my 1 hr and then pa__sed my 3 hr. I guess it is not that uncommon since they don't tell us to fast before the 1hr. Hope you pa__s! Good luck!


erinsoul - November 24

My due date is Feb 10th, and as of my 28 week appt. last week, I had gained 9 lbs.


al - November 25

i'm due February 22nd and gained 18 pounds!! i'm trying to cut back on snacking as much as possible but i am hungry every 2-3 hours!!! i think i'm going to try to cut out a snack after dinner. i'm having my shower on December 10th so i'm very excited!!! we don't know what we are instinct is that it is a boy!


Jeanan - November 25

hello everyone...well I just made it to the third tri board and am excited as due date is feb. 23rd and we are having a little far i have gained 8 pounds but I go bak to doctor on dec. 7th to take my glucose test just hoping that everything turns out ok...


Amber - November 25

2-14-06 And ive got 30 pounds on at the moment.... but im TRYING to slow down...


Pam - November 25

Hi all..we are due with a baby girl on 2/20 and have gained 18 pounds. As long as everything is okay, we are scheduled to induce on 2/14.


Melissa - November 26

hi, due on feb 8th. Gained 17 pounds (I had lost weight in first trimester, so I caught up). Take care.


Debi - November 26

Hi, I'm due with my 3rd girl on Feb. 20th but I will have a scheduled c-section the first week of Feb. I lost 10lbs. in first trimester and now have gained 2 lbs. total. I had gestational diabetes with the last 2 pregnancies so I expect to have it again. I am going for the 1 hour GTT on Monday and if I fail will just go back on my diabetic diet. Good luck to all of you:)



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