Big Baby Anyone Else

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Blla - May 21

Hi at my 27th week and 4 days ultrasound I was told that baby weights 1200 gr. Doctor said baby weights more than it should be, but didn't mentioned any problem, he sad everything was O.K. Please, can you tell em how much meassures your baby approx at this stage?!


Jbear - May 22

The estimates the doctor gives during ultrasound aren't always accurate. I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks, they said my daughter weighed 9.5 lbs, and so they induced my labor. She really weighed 6 lbs, and then lost a pound from fluid in her lungs.


angie - May 24

i am 37 weeks and my baby weighs 8 lbs... they wont let him go past 8 1/2 so they will induce me at that point if i dont already go


Maddie - May 24

WOW! Jbear, that is a HUGE weight mistake on their part! How did they mess up so badly? I mean, 6lbs is healthier than 9.5lbs, but that makes me second guess my reading they gave me today. I went in for my 37 week appointment, they said it shows my baby weighs around 6lbs. 5oz. they did say it could go either way 17oz. more or less, but she's leaning more towards 7lbs.


Jennifer - May 25

At 30 weeks my baby weighed 3lbs 15 oz, the doctor said that was a bit big, I was also measuring 2 weeks more then I should have been. They said that the extra weight is why I was measuring big.


ES - May 25

Ok now I am scared. My baby like Jennifers is measuring 2 weeks ahead as far as cm. The doctor did an ultrasound at 30 weeks and said my baby was 4 lbs. 4oz. We now refer to our unnamed daughter as chunker. But you guys have me really worried because big babies run in my family.


Jennifer - May 25

The average weight of a baby is 7lbs 7 ounces. I would much rather have a larger baby than one weighing 5/6 pounds. My mother had three of us, 9lbs, 10lbs 6ozs, 11lbs 2ozs. They didn't kill her.


E - May 26

Doctors are only guessing really when they say how much your babies going to be. I just had a baby like two weeks ago and the doctor told me the whole time your going to have a big baby around ten pounds if not more.. and when she cut me below she cut lots becuase predicting i was going to have a ten pounder.. and it turns out my girl was only 8lbs on the dot..


a - May 26

I just had my 38 weeks check up and the ultra-sound showed that my baby is 7lbs. 8oz.


hbmw - June 3

um, ultrasound weight estimates can be off by 1-2 lbs either way. being induced because your baby is "too big" is a realllllllllllly bad idea. it is extremely rare to grow a baby too big to be delivered v____ally. i have seen 9 and 10 lb babies come out no problem. induction just sets the stage for a million other interventions.


babs - June 3

what about that 17 lb baby. was that too large


Cari - June 3

With my first child, the day before she was born the doc guesstimated that she was going to be no more then 7 lbs, the next day she arrived and weighed 8 lbs, 4 ounces, thats a big baby considering i was 5ft2 and weighed 100 pounds before I got pregnant. Now I'm pregnant with my 2nd child, I am measuring 2 weeks ahead and at 29 weeks they said he weighed 3 1/2 pounds all ready, here comes another big one!



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