December 2007 Moms New Thread

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Jilloh - December 17

Mama's I thought we needed a new thread as our other one was getting long! Now that it is December 17 we have had some babies and we still have babies to come! Labor Dust!


Jilloh - December 17

So I hit that magic mark on Saturday...37 weeks! My doctor expects me to go sometime this month even though my due date isn't until a few days into the new year. So I sit here mildly uncomfortable this morning wishing my hubby didn't have to commute over an hour for work. No I don't think I am in labor I am just tired, uncomfortable, and thinking my body wants to go back to bed. When this baby comes out I will be so excited to be sleep deprived but to be able to move!!!


tish212 - December 17

well I am being induced as we speak..I am using my phone to type this...I got my cervidil at 3pm it is now 530 and the cramping is least I will have my lo b4 xmas....they r doin an induction b/c my blood pressure is too high and my blood work came back showing I am preeclamptic.... I will share my story when we r done good luck ladies


socurbaby7 - December 17

Hey everyone... went to the docs today for my 31 week and 3 day appointment... I am 4 cm and 80% effaced.... so the midwife asked if i wanted my membranes strpped... I went for it... becayse im very ready for this baby to be outta me... anyways.... she said 80% of women she does this to go into labor within 12 hours... and if i dont she will see me friday at 9am to be induced.... hopefully things get going... ive been very crampy since and i lost my mucus plug... so hoping things keep going in this direction


Erins Mom - December 17

Good luck Tish & Socurbaby! Can't wait to read your stories! We'll be thinking of you two! Jilloh, hang in there, not much longer...


Jilloh - December 17

I think sometimes DAYS and PREGNANCY do not mix. So I am going through this pregnancy with health insurance but without the maternity option so I am paying for it completely out of pocket. I received a bill recently for some services and I called and asked for an itemized bill so they could explain a few things for me. I started bawling earlier because I knew that bill was RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE....and that I wished I had some place to put things like that. DH and I filed and put things away and after we finished for the evening I said OMG I know where that bill is......and DH went and got it for me. I am so ready to rid myself of pregnancy fog!


jennifer_33106 - December 17

OH TISH!! Sorry ladies to b___t in on your thread here but TISH!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I am so happy for you!! Cant wait to hear the good news!!! xoxo


socurbaby7 - December 18

Well... still no baby :-\ kinda upset right now.... why do i always fall into that percentile that something that isn't what you want to happen... soo sick and tired of this .... looks like im waiting til friday to try and get this baby out :-\


Jilloh - December 18

it's been a frustrating yet emotional morning and I don't think it's gonna stop anytime soon. stupid hospitals and their billing things....they are dumb!


Jilloh - December 18

Things got better today. I hope all mama's and mama's to be are doing just fine this evening. I will catch up tomorrow morning.


socurbaby7 - December 19

got some good news today... the midwifes nurse called up and said they would induce me thursday morning at 6:30 yey.... a little sooner so i am happy... jus finished my last day at work... and my leave of absence finally went through :-) ... anyway hows everyone else


tish212 - December 19

well after 36hrs of painful back labor...and no dilations whatsoever (with cervidil) I had a csection performed tonite at 6:30 and at 6:58pm on dec 18...ALEXA BREEANN joined us on the outside weighing in at 6lbs and 9.9oz and 19 inches long.... she is perfect absoultely everything I dreamed of.... that's guys for always being there for me whenever I needed and I hope evryone still waiting goes soon! I will write a big birth story as well


whatisgoingon - December 19

Congrats Tish, so glad you have your lo in time to celebrate xmas!! Socur, hold in there, your so close, your time is nearing also!! I am 39wks, and saw the midwife at hospital today..positive for group b strep so need IV antibiotics in labour - bummer but its for the best. My lo is down as low as he can be without falling out (practically) hehe, midwife said she quite possibly expects to see me end of this week or weekend.. couple days time, ah! But I am so ready to meet my baby and hopefully have him in my arms before xmas. I am due this time (wed) next week, so 6days away now..I will be shocked if he hangs on in there that long..but we will see. Fingers crossed I have a birth story for you within the next week. xo - Goodluck to all you other December Mums on here, hope you have amazing experiences during birth and a very merry xmas!!


Jilloh - December 19

yay Tish! And socur sooo glad they are helping you out and moving up and not back again! Good Luck to Whatis hopefully that baby just slides right out in the next couple days. Have a lovely day.


jennifer_33106 - December 19

Congrats Tish!!! IT WAS A GIRL!!! (obviously you know that!) haha The last time we were talking, we were talking about women not dialating during pregnancy. Did you have an epid? Wow 36 hours! You did great! Congrats girl and I wish you a life time of happiness for you and your new addition!!


Teddyfinch - December 19

yay! i can't wait to read the birth story! congratulations tish. i love the name!!


Erins Mom - December 19

Congrats Tish. Good luck on your induction socurbaby! We'll be thinking of you. Can't wait to read your birth stories ladies!



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