December Moms Not 2 Much Longer

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tish212 - November 16

Alright here it is the new thread....and we will start it off like this....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRSSOLO I know I already said that but u can never hear it enough. hope ur pancakes were yummy.... (im so jealous!) I could go for some strawberry waffles with whipped cream...of course I'd get like 2 bites and be full. I will be working on the email soon... want to make it as professional sounding as possible if that makes sense. well ladies not much time left huh? of course I have another month to go lol but some of u are due early in dec and I'm so excited to read the birth stories! (and I wanna see pictures!) (pictures of the baby lol not the birth thought I'd clear that up lol) alright ladies...have a good day.... hugs 2 u and ur lo's!


mrssolo - November 16

Thank you again for the birthday wishes. Tish I posted something to you on the other thread so go read it. LOL that sounded like am order, lol. if you want go read it please, lol. cheaped out of my pancakes, he said tomorrow and he went to the bagle place and got my an egg sandwich. Oh well I guess I can wait till tomorrow for pancakes. Today is my puppy dog (shady)'s first birthday to. So we are spending the day together, lol. Just like every other day. I need to go get her a birthday present. Billy thinks we should have a dog biscuit cake. I said no we can have a non-chocolate cake4 and Shady can have some. I'm not eating dog biscuiots for my birthday, yuck. Little boys are so sweet. Anyway I'll be around today not feeling as depressed as I was yesterday. I just really wanted like a final point but I suppose I can say no later than Dec. 24 I will have my babies, lol. ttyl : )


AntsWife - November 16

Happy Birthday MrsSolo!!! Egg sandwich on your birthday is better than no breakfast. I remember on my b-day I had a cup of coffee and had to run for the train. Then I called to send my husband to the store to get cake mix for the kids because they wanted to surprise me when I got home from work. I told him exactly what to get so that he wouldn't be confused (he's one of those). I come home and they're stil working on the cake so I pretended I didn't notice and start working on the computer from the living room like I'm really busy. I'm paying attention to what they're dong though and the the directions call for 2 eggs, a cup of hot water, a tbs of b___ter and the frosting mix (could be off on my measurements) so, dh gets all the ingredients out, takes the hot water from the kettle with his little oven mit and pours them all into the measuring cup- together. Then, after he's mixed it all together, he pours it into a bowl. It was comical and the taste was to die for- literally. ick! Anyway, I just thought that was a funny story. Happy b-day again and happy b-day to Shady!!!


tish212 - November 16

thank u mrssolo....I remember u telling us about u nephew...and I'm glad u understand. he has a cel phone but since he's grounded b/c of his grades she took that away. I am truly worried that it is something else wrong. either he's to the point he can't take her any more, or my worst nightmare he's gotten into drugs. I did the same at his age...I was drinking and smoking well as doing acid and coke.... it was my escape from reality. when I met my dh (when I was 17) he helped me..and got me clean (hes never touched a drug in his life) and now I'm scared my lil brother may be going down the same path... I know its a reason for an instant downfall in life lik his grades ect. I want to talk to him about it cuz I am willing to help him no matter what it is. I've tried to have her move him in here but she refuses...just like ur nephew he is her baby and she hates being alone....I am going to send that email to his teacher (the one I know) b/c I remember how much he always cared...we had to write journals for his cla__s about our lives and he always he might be of some help... I am also trying to figure out when I can get a chance to talk to him...maybe she wil let me take him out to lunch tomorrow and I can talk to him.... sorry u didn't get pancakes today... and yeah the dog biscuit cake doesn't sound too yummy lol.... but speaking of food hubby has been spoiled this I've hadall this energy to cook him tons of food...he's so happy I've packed him lunch for work everyday (except today) and made him dinner and a bed time snack...he had bbq cheeseburgers last night (one of his favorites) he ate 2 big ones lol.... I will make him one tonite for a after work snack...(i marinate ground beef in cattlemans bbq sauce for 24 hours then grill hamburger add pepperjack cheese and more bbq sauce lettuce and onions) I usually don't cook that often cuz its just us...but recently I just have to cook lol...I'm making apple pies or something for thanksgiving...wish me luck on that I've never made one... so we shall see huh? well this is long enough hahaha! I'm such a chatty person...oh and mrssolo I know the last thing u want to hear is they need to grow... but that's how I think we all are coping now...tellin ourselves they need to grow... I am ready to be done.... lol but I'm only either 33 weeks or 35 ... so we got a way to go... but at least I will be induced by dec 27th...(which seems like eons away!) but I'm sure ur los will soon come... especially since uve grounded them if they don't lol...I tell mine they are grounded when ever s/he kicks too hard or puts his/her toes in my ribs/lungs .... thanks for answering the feeling question I was super curious as to how that felt.... some days I swear I have 20 in there... there are movements all over....ah well the movements are good signs so...I enjoy em... :)


Mzwest83 - November 16

Hey girls. I really don't have to much time to write but wanted to drop a line. i am in a rush to get things done around the house (laundry, new couch put together, Bedrooms clean yadda yadda) Went to the doctors yesterday and they said I was having contraction every 10 mintues. Mild but I sure felt them. Doctor said i could have them for two days or two weeks! before the really hard labor kicks in. Also I am 3 cm and they can feel her head. So I am feeling kinda rushed to have everything ready for my MIL + family to come stay with us. Hope all is good with ya'll


Jilloh - November 16

yeah for the new thread!! This morning I woke up and looked at the clock and my husband was oversleeping. He normally gets up at 6 and is out of the house by 6:45 or so. It was 6:37 when I woke up this morning and peered at the clock. So this morning to get him out the door and not late I got his coffee stuff ready, I packed up some breakfast, some lunch, laid out some clothes for him (totally out of nature for me but he was late), packed up his laptop, and walked him to the door. It was 6:50 not too bad. But now I am tired, lol! My DS slept until 9 this morning. I met my mother in law at the gym for our Friday swim work out. I get home and I am still exhausted but I feel I have so much to do and so little time........but at last it will get done when it gets done I am in no rush. Have a good afternoon ladies!


mrssolo - November 16

So I went shopping. That always makes me feel better. I refuse to be on bedrest anymore. I'm protesting. I feel if I get up and around maybe these babies will come on their own. I got Shady some birthday toys. I got my nurses gifts and started to buy some stuff for Billy's Big brother bag. I feel like I did something at least. My girlfriend is comming over to hang out with me, so that will be fun. Tish I started going down the wrong path too when I was a kid. My father is a heavy drinker and was always falling down drunk after work. I started doing drugs and drinking but thankfully Billy saved my life. If it wasn't for me falling pregnant with him I don't know where I would be at this point. I will keep you and your brother in prayers. I know how hard it can be. I'm sure we will go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Knowing my kluck I'll go into labor as soon as the food gets on the table, lol. Antswife isn't it funny when men try to do stuff? My dh is cluelessI always ask him how he made it without me. I could just imagine him trying to bake a cake. He refuses to read directions so it ould probably ba a big mess. Thankfully he knows not to atempt things like that.He is a really good cook just he won't read directions so if it has to be made a certain way forget it. Mzwest83 I'm jealous. I wish I had some progress. Oh well Dec is not that much further away. I'm off to rest and I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


Buffi R. - November 16

Hi ladies! Haven't written in a few days....been busy with work and getting the baby's room ready at home. Just wanted to say hi. I can't keep up with all the conversations on this thread anymore!! :-)


Allyson922 - November 16

Hey everyone, Happy birthday mrssolo. AntsWife that's funny about your husband and kids attempting to make the I feel very blessed to have a husband that can cook and bake etc. Heck, he cooks more than I do, lol. Well, I just wanted to post on this new thread. Keep your heads up ladies it'll all be worth it very soon. (I gotta tell myself that alot lol) Just think about how far we've made it and remember when you were saying "Oh just a couple more months." And now we can say, "Oh just a couple more weeks." :-D Take care ladies and have a good evening!


DaBonkElsMe - November 17

MZwest - that's crazy - you will go any time now i bet! That's so exciting! As for the rest of us, think about how fast the holidays normally speed by from Thanksgiving until New Years! I mean i am normally waking up on New Year's Day thinking, how are the holidays over already??? This year's no exception and although Christmas and our babies seem like they'll never come, it'll go by so fast, in the end we'll be wondering where the time went!!


wantanotheraftertr - November 17

Good morning ladies! Well i started to go to work yesterday but was dizzy so I called the DR. who wanted me off my feet till my appt on Tuesday! I just can't miss work anymore. I have so many bills. So I am off again to work this morning after spending the day in bed. Was kind of nice for a day but I sure feel for those of you have been doing that for awhile! I do feel better today so will just take it easy ( easier said than done) but I will try! Good luck MZwest Mrssolo I hope it's not much longer for you! have a greaty weekend all!


tish212 - November 17

I swear....I wouldn't think things could just keep going downhill. but apparently they do. here goes last nite I got a call from my mother...I ignored it b/c I just didn't want to deal with the stress. then about 5 mins later she txt me that my lil brother was in a car wreck and his arm was messed I txt her back was she serious and what hospital they were going to.... she called to say he avoided a deer and ended up in a ditch. luckily for him somehow about 10 mins after the wreck his friends dad just happens to ride a tow truck no less.... he towed the out took all the kids home (my brothers pa__sengers who didn't get hurt thankfully!) then he took my brother to his house to look him over and see how bad he was hurt...(i thank god for this man!) he then drove my brother home (and towed his car) I met my lil brother at his here comes that part that will make u sick! he gets home and my mother doesn't even take a look at him...she doesn't check his injuries....she just starts b___hing that he wrecked his car (the car I bought for him what's she b___hing about?) I couldn't care less about the car I can buy him anothr..I can't buy another brother. (apparently she got way drunk and he convienced her to lethim go to his girlfriends house...but instead he went and picked up his frinds and went riding around...what teenager hasn't?) well once we get into her house (i had already taken him inside and looked him all over he had a sling on his arm) instead of asking if he was ok or checking him se begins to scream that he shouldn't have avoided the deer...and that he was in big trouble for lying and having his friends in the car....ARE U SERIOUS? he was just in a wreck and could have been killed and she can't get past his lie? I was so disgusted last nite...that all I could do was scream at her didn't she realize she could have lost him...he was in shock last nite...he was shaking and scared and all she could do was yell at him. she made me so mad last night that I couldn't even breathe. I pulled him aside and told him no matter what I was there for him...and asked him what was up wth his grades...(and finally got my answer) he doesn't feel like doing the work...he sees no reason to....he's suffering depression. so me and hubby talked last nite and agreed the day he turns 18 he can move in here (he will just be going into the 12th grade) but until then I'm working on having her move him in here...after last nite I just can't see leaving him there... he's failing all his high school a__sesment tests..and w/o those u don't I want him here where the stress isn't and we can deal with his depression...and then begin working on making sure he graduates...she b___hes about his grades but won't get him help to pa__s the either way he won't graduate...he needs a good role model at home...someone who can help him... somewhere he feels safe...sorry this is so long...I'm just so stressed today...she really upset me last night....thanks for letting me vent and sorry for the poor language...I'm just irritated....


Erins Mom - November 17

Afternoon ladies. It's been crazy here. Yesterday Erin drank a bottle of children's motrin (aparently childproof means nothing) and I had to rush her to the ER. She's fine thank goodness. She drank the charcoal and that made her throw up and poo everything out. Scared the c___p out of me though. Today I'm getting ready for work. Still contracting regularly, but nothings ever come of it. I'll get checked on Tues. to see if I'm dialating at all. I'd better be. LOL. I'm so tired today, still sleeping like c___p. Maybe tonight will be the night I sleep?? I hope so. Hang in there mrs solo, you can't have that much longer. Try drinking some raspberry leaf tea and try some evening primrose oil if you desperate. Might help get things moving along. I can only imagine how you feel. I'm done now with one, let alone two in there. I hope I never experience that, sorry, but you must be stronger than me! Alright, off to get ready. Bye!


Buffi R. - November 17

Erins Mom....that's really scary about your daughter. I remember when my son was 3 months old I accidentally overdosed him on some medication (my fault, not his!). He was taking liquid Zantac for reflux and I read the lable wrong and gave him too much. Sleep deprivation can really screw with your abilities! I called Poison Control but they said he should be fine and he was thank God. Then when he was about two, he opened his bottle of children's vitamines and ate the whole bottle. (Like you said, childproof caps don't mean anything sometimes.) Again, I called Poison Control and they said he might have some hard poops from all the iron he got, but basically if I didn't give him anymore vitamines for about two months, he'd be fine. I guess he ate that many months worth!


Erins Mom - November 17

Yeah it's funny. Every since I told some people about this suddenly they're telling me their stories on what their kids overdosed themselves on. Makes me feel slightly better, but when I think what could have happened if I hadn't gotten her in quick enough, ugh., I just can't think about it. As for those vitamins Buffi, Erin LOVES hers so I can just imagine if she got a hold of them! They apparently taste way too good! I'm exhausted, I hope you ladies are having a good weekend. I'm off to bed. G'Night.


tish212 - November 18

hope everyone has a great day tomorrow...(well today since its already 2am) I can't sleep lol.... I'm really glad erin is ok I can imagine that was scary as could be....and buffi I'm glad ur lo is ok too!


tish212 - November 18

ok it posted b4 I was done.... I am going shopping tomorrow to complete my hospital bag..shampoo hairbrush...pillow...pads ect...what are good nurses gifts? and do u buy ur dr a gift? well I better get to bed soon if I'm gonna drag my big pregnant self around stores tomorrow...oh irritating mil she told me her and her best friend (who I can't stand b/c shes a gossip and a liar who a__sumes everyone owes her for no reason) were arguing about who was gonna hold my baby the most between the 2 of them...and that they were gonna be here everyday for the first I said..uh no thanks I want the first week to be just me and dh bonding with our baby...and I will be the one holding my baby...then they were apparently discussing all the places they were gonna take my baby and I was like no ur not...and I will be there no matter where my baby goes...they want to take the baby out and show him/her off like a trophy or something and I don't agree with that....also so soon after having my baby why would I just pa__s it off to be taken care of by someone else when I will be here everyday?! sorry that conversation annoyed me...they talk about my baby like I'm having it as a toy for them to play with...that disgusts me! ah well will keep putting my foot down and hopefuly they will get the point..if not I'm gonna lock all my doors and turn my phone off for the first week.... lol



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