Eviction Notice

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baby.ksh49.com - August 18

Dear Unborn Child ... Due to recent behavioral problems, we find it necessary to ask you to vacate the premises. You have one (1) week to remove all items of necessity from your home. While it was a privlege to have you as a tenant for these past few months we believe that it would be best if these living arrangements come to an end. I understand that your lease isn't up for nine (9) more days, but we feel that immediate action must be taken. Had earlier problems been solved such as feet in my ribs and elbows in my bladder, perhaps it would not have come to this. However, since you feel the need to ignore all requests, I feel the need to KICK YOU OUT !!!! Signed: Mommy and Daddy *laughs* Oh i'm so sick of being pregnant. Been having MAJOR contractions for 3 days non stop. Wish they'd progress into something. Don't know how many more days I can take it. Today's my sons 5th birthday. His wish is to have his sister born today. If only wishes came true !!!!!!!!!


wolfette1961 - August 18

omg girl your just to funny i told you not till after tuesday....you best be listening to me ..lol love ya


Ashley - August 18

That is so funny. I'm going to show my husband when he gets home. Thanks for the laugh!!


Amanda - August 18

That is so cute!! How far along are you?


S. - August 18

ROTFL! hubby and I were JUST 10 min ago talking about my wanting to evict the baby pretty soon! He said I had to give him 2 weeks notice, lol!!


rae - August 18

lol....that was funny


baby.ksh49.com - August 18

LOL I'm glad that made ya'll smile. And for Amanda -- I'm 38 weeks 5 days. LOL @ S -- 2 weeks notice. I was thinking that legally they're allowed 30 days after being served but --- she can't afford a good attorney so she'd best vacate the premises. :)


Amie - August 18

LOL that was really cute! Thanks so much I needed a laugh. :)


Shannon - August 19

Haha! That was so funny. Its hard vacating those little ones. Especially the smart ones that know they are getting a free ride, all paid utilities and when they move out they will have to work for their food, deal with obnoxious noises, and bright lights unregulated temperatures. I feel your discomfort My little guy doesn't have much choice his lease has been up for 2 weeks. He is moving out tomorrow.


susie - August 19

haha tht was a good one, real funny


jess - August 19

lol...tooo funny...i was thinking this the other day...i have a scheduled C, so i have been gtelling everyone if he doesn't leave on his own he will be evicted on that date!!


miranda - August 19

My husband and I enjoyed your post. : )


baby.ksh49.com - August 20

LOL @ shannon --- I didn't think about the utilities --- I should ammend the eviction notice since she still hasn't moved her little b___t out yet. You poor thing, 2 weeks overdue. Man oh man !! I still have a week til my due date and I'm absolutely miserable. I feel bad for you.



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