For Anyone Who Has Had Gestational Diabetes

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JenniferRose - January 20

So i have full blown GB, and ive been put straight on insulin shots, And the doc's say they'll prob take the baby early, close to 38wks depending on an amnio done to make sure the babys lungs r developed. Im 35weeks now, i guess more or less im just looking for women who have gone through the same thing, and what they went through, a lil support i guess cause im freaking out about all this. Did everyone else get induced early, and was it by c-section?


JenniferRose - January 20

Woops I meant GD....Sheesh where's my head LoL


yaas - January 20

rose_ i am almost 33 weeks, and i have GD.but I am not on medicin i ahve really strick diet and so far my doc did't see the need to put me on any medicin. why does your doc want to take the baby out early? cause my doc hasn't mention anything , i am hoping to go natural. is it because of the insulin? cause I don't think having GD means youhave to get c section!!!


lovelylady24 - January 20

I have GD and my doc is inducing me on the 30th. My due date is 2/4 but because GD women tend to carry large babies she does not want me to go pa__s my due date.


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

I am a borderline GD right now and I am on a strict diet and I was like this with my 2nd son as well. My MIL and another lady i meet in the hospital had full b__wn GD and needed the shots, the insulin causes the baby to get bigger than usual and they usually take the baby around 36-38 weeks, it all depends on the babies lung development. My MIL and the lady both had csections because of the large babies, I had a csection with my 2nd son due to the fact I started bleeding and it was an emergency. good luck and take care


MAT - January 21

Jennifer - I would be curious to know your numbers. I was diagnosed with GD at 15 weeks...the drs. were convinced I would need insulin. I am now 29 weeks and they can't believe how good my numbers are. I have given up ALL processed foods and make sure I get regular exercise. As long as I don't go on insulin, I am treated the same as any other pregnant women (except I get more ultrasounds!). The dr. will even let me go over the due date if nothing is wrong...If I end up on insulin, then I would have to get regular stress tests and they would induce if I didn't go into labor by 40 weeks. Of course, my baby has stayed on the small side throughout my pregnancy. If you have a baby that is already showing signs of being impacted by your diabetes, then the decisions will be different. The drs. determine that by the size and proportions of the baby. A larger upper body (as opposed to overall size) is indicative of uncontrolled diabetes. I would definitely push your doctor for explanations and do some research if your birth plan and his birth plan don't match! There are 2 issues - one is baby size, the other is that the baby may have trouble regulating blood sugar after it is born. Make sure you know what they plan to do in both cases. Good Luck!


yaas - January 21

matt_ i became GD in third trimester, and my doc put me on a stict die and exercise, my nubers so far are really good, in mornings der 95 most of the times and during the day 2hours after meals, under 125, thts what my doc told me is border i have to stay in, and so far i oly had couple of higer numbers i am33 w right now. my last u/s was on 20w, which the baby was normal size, not too small not too big, and so far my doc keeps telling me i am growing just right. but we haven't talked about the birth plan yet, and i really want to do a v____al birth not a c-section. but after i read these posts i kinda got worried, my doc never said i had to do a c-section because of GD. she said as long as i keep my numbers lower than border line, everything would be normal. so i hope everythings turns ot the way i want them too. wish me luck.



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