Go In Labour Faster

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Nesha - June 14

im 39 weeks and im diealated at 1cm maybe two now and i been trying differnt ways to go in labour faster...everything that everyone is telling me too do id just not working. im I stuck waiting for him to come out on his own, or is there something i can do?


starr - June 14

Nesha, if you're already 39 wks then that means that u probably don't have to wait too much longer.I will be 40 wks in 3 days and I am not even dilated the least bit so at least u do have some progress.I say just be patient and let baby come on his own.I am getting impatient also but I've only been brave enough to try walking and s_x and still nothing so far,but I'm too afraid to try anything else.Good Luck


San_dee - June 15

dont worry it will happen before you know it. with DS i went into labout at 40wk 5 days, i wasnt dialated or effaced at all due to the fact that the baby hadnt dropped or 'engaged' is what i think they call it.


Jenn2 - June 15

Nesha- Dont worry.....I have tried walking (allot), s_x, spicy foods, herbal tea, etc. The only thing I have not tried is castor oil...which i have heard some negative things about it, so I am too scared to try it. I am now 41 weeks, and have not had my little girl yet. I have been doing all this stuff since my 38 week mark. I really dont think doing any of it works!! If it seems to work for some women.....I think those people were probably ready to go into labor anyway, and just attributed it to these things. I have learned.....the baby comes when the baby wants to come.


Nesha - June 15

Thank you all... i iddnt think i was going to get a answer from people this fast...i heard about the castrol oil too but i im like you im too scared. I Guess youz are all right the baby will come when hes ready to come...Thank you...And good luck with all your babies:):)


Athom - June 15

I've been trying stuff for two weeks.. nothing was working. I was 1cm and 50% eff for 4 weeks.. last thurs had to go to hospital.. still same. I have been trying s_x, & walking everyday for almost a week (Sorry if tmi) So Thurs 1cm 50% eff...then Tues I went in I was 2 1/2 almost 3cm and still 50% eff... then today Thurs I lost my plug so I don't think it works until you get close. SO don't give up cause when your body gets ready I think it will help things along. Good luck


GraphxGirl - June 15

I don't understand why I see so many people wanting to induce their labor when they don't have much time left at all... you have made it this many months, I am sure you can wait the little bit of time that is left. Why you wanna try and force labor is beyond me. Let your body finish preparing itself and when your body is ready labor will come. You can't stay pregnant forever. Not trying to come off as a witch or anything but I just do not agree with trying to force yourself into labor at all. Just my opinion, I still wish you the best of luck. I am 36 weeks now and am very impatient as well but I know very soon my baby will be here. It could happen anytime, just like it could with you too !! Hang in there ok :)


miraclebaby - June 15

graphxgirl, sometimes there are situations of being enuced, I am being enduced next week because my husband works from state to state we are relocating after the baby is here and we want to make sure he is here with me and I am not alone. I have no family in this state, and the thought of my husband missing the birth of his daughter is awful, so my doc,. said pick a date and we will enduce and make sure he is here. I also have another son that needs to be taken care of while I am in the hospital. So sometimes circ_mstances just are not selfish , but a need.


GraphxGirl - June 15

I am not talking about being induced by your doctor... read Nesha's post again... she is trying to make herself go into labor... this is what I am referring to !!


Nesha - June 15

Graphxgirl.. I do not take your comment in the wrong point of view tihs is why i placed my question to see what others had to say and my doctor pretty much told me the same thing today as your tellin me.. The only reason why i want my labour to come fast is because im soo small and im having lots of pain. i know when in labour ill be in lots more then i am now, but to help it go all aways faster would be nice


GraphxGirl - June 15

Nesha - I am glad you didn't take me the wrong way. I totally understand how uncomfortable you are and are really just wanting to get things overwith... I don't even know if I believe in all the methods out there to bring on labor. I just think it happens when your body is ready and I would hate to see someone try to bring on labor and something not so good happen. For example castor oil is one thing I hear alot of people talk about but I heard alot of bad things about taking it... I just think I would be too scared to do anything besides letting it happen naturally... I really hope you have your baby soon and all goes well for you :) Keep us posted and take care !!


miraclebaby - June 16

Graphxgirl, Sorry if I took it the wrong way, I thought with that opinon you meant any form of self induced labor, wether doc or yourself. Again my apologies to you. I guess I am just defensive, because so many people are against it and I need it. Again sorry


Mommy_Erin23 - June 16

Castor Oil is not that bad, it just makes you go poop lol sorry :P and it'll make you throw up if you take too much. Ive done it a few times and it sure didn't put me in labor as I now it 42wks. Some woman swear by it. I Think Jenn2 is right though, the baby just comes when it wants to, cause Ive tried everything and sadly induction is looking likely. Good Luck


Nesha - June 17

that castrol oil.. yeah now i know what everyone is talking bout... yeah when i was at my cla__ses for b___stfeeding,mommy_Erin23 they told me that it made you go poop. And i asked my doctor and he said its okie but yeah if you take to much make you sick and it could make the baby go poop and he could become very sick if that happends.. there was more neg things i heard about it then positive...So even tho sum ppl had good things with it i rather wait.. its not soo bad i guess...its going to be worth the wait when i do see him..thanks ladies i have a week left 23rd is not far away.. so maybe my time will come soon:)



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