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synesthesia1821 - October 11

Thought we could use a new thread. =]


KiyanisMummy - October 11

ok ladies i just did the whole lot of replying to everyone and all that but my computer went all stupid and i lost it...but now i just dont have the energy to reply to everyone again! thanks for startin a new thread though! other one was gettin kinda long!!! My doc has said she doesnt think i need GD test but if i was unsure to ask my ob on monday so we'll see....i have gained another 2.2 pounds this week which totally sucks! man 6 weeks feels like forever away! anyways..i bettr get going, my doc wants my iron levels tested today and then i am off to work. Hope all u ladies r doing well!!


staci - October 11

OK HERE'S MY POST FROM EARLIER, THIS HAPPENS TO ME EVERYTIME...Good luck inuk! January glad that they are keeping you on meds no matter what. That really sucks that it takes so long to get those results back! How are you feeling now? How's your little man? Hi Angie! I'm sorry you had a bad s_x experience! Well it's all kinda bad at this point, but sorry you felt so bad about not letting him finish. I know how you feel, I get disappointed in myself too if I think I didn't make him happy. Glad Damien is doing better. Has he has his appt for his poo problem? I so forgot to take a belly pic over the weekend, so I'll get one up this weekend. It will be 5 wks from my last one. Should we do a page for 35week bellies? Since we are getting so close? So who is getting sharp pains up their v____a? Sorry if tmi, but when Graci burrows her head it hurts and I get really sharp pains up in there. I guess they'll be able to tell me Tuesday at my appt if I'm dialated or not since they will have me spread open for the group B test. I think I also get to see her pretty little head that day too! Tan glad your appt went well! Ashely/Syn, congrats auntie! good to hear everyone is doing well!


HeavenisMine - October 11

We all saw how well Amanda got through her birth. I think it is wonderful how it all worked out in the end, and that she did not have to have a c section or take the dreaded cytotec.:) Her daughter is a little gem, cute cute pictures! When do you usually get the Group B test done? I wanted to know that.


emfine99 - October 11

Ok so I thought I posted this in the november mommies 5, but I guess I posted it in Amanda's birth story thread.... so you don't think I'm on something... here is what I said earlier " I'm up for a new thread... .we are awefull chatty and this thread is long lol! I think a 35 week page will be cool for new pics! I won't be 35 weeks until next friday. I did take some pics today.... anyone else feel like a fat cow? My face looks soooo fat! I've got a double chin or something! UGH! It's annoying! Will that go away? I don't wanna post my new pics lol!!! "


KiyanisMummy - October 12

Hey ladies ... Staci - i know wat u mean about Gracie burrowing her head! my darling LO has been doing that for weeks and i swear getting out of bed in the morning or sitting wrongly is just pure agony! HeavenisMine - i was pretty sure they did the group B test around 37 weeks, either your ob or your obs a__sistant takes a v____al swab to ensure their isnt an infection and if they're is you need to be giving anti-biotics for it while in labor. (correct me if i'm wrong anyone lol) emfine - i'm sure we all feel like fat cows now...well i do anyway!! but i dunno wat u girls mean about a 35 week page...i wont be 35 weeks til next saturday anyway but not sure wat ur talking about! Hello to Ashley, January, Angie, Tan and anyone else that i have missed !!! I just bought myself this inflatable head rest to put in the bath so my neck doesnt get so dam uncomfortable anymore!! Oh and Inuk - GL hope all is going well...keep us informed or we will stress!! we're pregnant and emotional ok so we'll be twice as bad!! Take care ladies!


synesthesia1821 - October 12

wow, great nice way for me to start out the thread huh? im nice and depressing. sorry ladies. and I'm 35 weeks as of wed. I get my group B strep test next appt. which should be coming up soon. a couple days from now. 4 or 5?


January - October 12

I have my NST this morning, then my appt.. I'll ask my OB when they do the GBS test at my hospital.. for some reason, I thought it was 35wks or maybe that's when they are doing mine because of my history of early delivery. Who knows. Ashley, don't worry about being depressing, we've all been there lol. Fat Cow? I second that!


synesthesia1821 - October 12

and I can't see my therapist again for another 5 days. D= And I'm not going to inst_tutionalize myself.


inuk-mama - October 12

Aww, Ashley don't worry. We've all been down that road! Things will get better and you are not crazy! Just pregnant :) When's your next Dr. appt. so you can talk to them about it? Kiyanismummy, sounds like a busy day! and 6 weeks does feel like forever but it will be here before we know it! Staci, great idea about the pictures! I've still got my 30 week ones on our camera that I will have to post! And yes, I get that pain too. Emfine, I feel like a cow! I told that to dh the other day and he told me to not be ridiculous. It didn't help. January good luck with the NST let us know how it goes! Well I went up to the hospital yesterday and they hooked me up to their machines, everything is fine. Contractions were brought on by the "tail end of the flu" so I'm good to go! :) I did hear a new born baby cry for the first time, and it made me want to meet Regan even more. Then when I was waiting for DH to pick me up, a couple was coming in and she was in labor. It was so cute how he dropped her at the front door went and parked and ran back to be with her. And he was in such a hurry to get upstairs but she didn't want to go so he was hugging and kissing her so much! :) Aww!


HeavenisMine - October 12

Ashley I have panic attacks too, they've gotten better but it is hard not to get depressed when you're pregnant :( Oh yes, fat cow I third or fourth that! I heard during the GBS test they have to swab your rectal area too, please tell me I am mistaken because I get gas :( La la la la la.


inuk-mama - October 12

alright guys I am outta here!! leaving on our mini holiday in about an hour so I better get in gear! I just realized though that we do have do kids coming with us and I'll probably be expected to play nanny since I can't drink. I swear if that happens I'll hitchhike my fat a__s back home and never speak to any of them again! I am going to tell DH today that I am not playing babysitter to anyone and I plan on enjoying my time away from kids. So have a great weekend everyone and on the suject of the GBS test. Yes, they do swap around your a__s but nothing goes up or in! ;) Don't worry Syn, it'll be ok! :) LOL although It makes a pretty funny mental pic to see a dr. being kicked in the face! LOL talk to you all monday!


synesthesia1821 - October 12

LMAO. that's what i thought too, inuk! I just pictured a scene out of me myself and irene where renee zelweger kicks jim carrey in the fact. that's exactly what i picture it being like if he tries any funny business with my a__s. hell be glad hes in a hospital, that's all i can say for him!!! =D


January - October 12

My NST was good today and they did do my GBS test today since I have a history of early delivery, they didn't wanna be left not knowing like last time and give me unnecessary antibiotics. It was simple.. just a Qtip on the outside of the v____a and then a quick swoop downward.. quick and painless. I should have the results by my appt on Tues. Also, they looked up my old chart from the pregnancy with my son to see exactly when I delivered him because I couldn't remember.. I was 35wks 3ds.. wow, that seems so surreal.. that's about a wk an a half from where I am now.. YIKES!! I still don't have the ba__sinet set up.. my rooms a disaster.. and just like last time, I haven't bought a carseat yet! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


staci - October 13

January go buy a car seat NOW!!! lol! Good to hear your appt went well and that went ahead and did the gbs test. Are you feeling ok? Still itching really bad? YOu all are cracking me up with all this a__s talk!! I so don't remember them swabbing my b___thole with ds! Yuck! Inuk have a great time on your holiday and you go girl! Don't let them take advantage of you! Ashley/Syn how is it being an aunt? Wonder how much your two kids will look alike since you are twins? I know they are opposite s_x but they still may look like brother and sister, to neat! Oh that is a__suming you all are identical? Well I have to go get ready to go to the pumpkin patch! Yayyy! Ds will have a lot of fun! So You know that we could possible start having babies on here in the next 2 weeks? So weird!


HeavenisMine - October 13

Well as long as it's a quick swab...I already hate getting q tips up there anyway :( Staci, you better not be lying about the two weeks, I wouldn't mind having a baby in two weeks!!:) That would feel wonderful, maybe then I can start sleeping better...oh I won't...double edged sword. I'll be 36w5d in two weeks anyway, still some time to go. How far will everyone be in two weeks....maybe we can start making bets on whose baby will come before November.


emfine99 - October 13

In 2 weeks, I'll be 36 weeks..... I don't think mine will come before November. I have a feeling she will be maybe a week early or so, but no earlier than that. I'd say that either January or Inuk will be the early ones! :-)



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