JB Had Her Baby

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JB - October 27

Okay, here's the bit. I went in for induction on Monday morning at 5:45am. They started the pitocin promptly. To my saving grace, the L&D nurse that I had was also a midwife with 27 years of experience. (Yea!!!) I told her that I was going to forgo the epidural since I do not take to them (another long story). She said she would help anyway she could. My doc strolled in at 9am to break my water. She broke my water and said that she'd be upstairs in her office if she was needed. The contractions started HARD. I was still at -2 station but according to the monitors he was pushing down as hard as he could during the contractions (what do you know, I learned something new). At 6 cm, my nurse was trying to help me keep "breathing" while rubbing my lower back thru the contractions. I told her something was wrong and I wanted to push. My body was telling me to push. She checked me and I was only at 7 cm, and said she had to leave to inform the doc. Well, she didn't get far, because as soon as she walked out the door, I was screaming like a wild woman. Apparently, at only 7 cm, and not at a "positive" station, he decided, like it or not, he was coming out. My nurse ran back in, told my dh to grab a leg while she grabbed my other one, and said next contraction for me to push. She hit the intercom button (and you gotta love this) told the nurses station to get my doc immediately or she was going to deliver my son. The doc showed up and told me to stop pushing (like that was ever an option). I was extremely nauseated and a nurse put phenergan (an anti-nausea med) in my IV to stop me from throwing up during this. In 3 pushes, he came "ripping" out at 7 lbs. 15 ozs, and 21 and 1/4 inches long. Since I wasn't fully dilated, he did a number on me good from the inside out. I have a st_tch on my cervix, a couple of st_tches on the interior and exterior. If he would've been any bigger, I would've definitely had a c-section ( his head was a inch larger than large). My little bundle of joy was born 12:11pm on 10/24. He's been a complete angel, with bright light blue eyes and curly blonde hair. I can tell you for sure, he was worth every minute of pain. If ya'll have any questions, just holler. I wish you all best of luck and to be blest with a baby as good as mine.


Ca__sie - October 27

Congratulations! I'm glad you had a safe delivery, even though you had some tears. (Tears as in rips, not salty tears). Thanks for sharing your story with us!


Shannon - October 27

hi, congrats!!!! my little girl was born at 12:49 the day after your little boy! i posted my little story on the oct mom thread. :-)


Mary - October 27

JB! What a story! Congratulations. Are you going to post pictures anywhere? How painful was it to deliver without being 100% dilated? I fear that may happen to me. Oh, I have just lost my mucus plug so I am praying labor will start naturally and I can avoid the whole picotin thing. :)


Tonia - October 27

Awww congratulations JB!!!! Girl as I read your story I began to tense up b/c you were only 7cm and you had to push. oooh weeee! But I'm glad it's all over for you on the waiting. I hope that your recovery goes well. as for me I had to have a C-section and I'm in a pretty bad position. I can't wait until this recovery is over with. I'm glad to here that you and baby are okay.


lisa - October 27

well done JB, cant wait to see piccys of your boy, glad to read your induction story, as i think im going to be induced in the next few days, hope today after 41 wk app. eeeeauch with the cervix st_tches, wont even ask how they got up there to st_tch up, but who cares you got your beautifull little boy and your both well, oh its so exciting, i want to give birth


Dawn - October 28

Congrats. I know all the pain is worth it in the end!!!!!!!!!!


JB - November 12

I'm so sorry it's taken forever, if you want to see pics of my boy, just copy and paste this link. I'll be looking for all of ya'll in the Infant care forum. http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/babypage_view.asp?URLID=3L6W6N3O9J



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