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Autumn - May 10

Hi, I just found out about my pregnancy. I am now 5 months pregnant. i had periods the whole time. Just wondering if any one else had the same thing happen. Do you have healthy babies/kids now? I really would like to know. Thanks


Rachel - May 10

so why are you posting in the 3rd trimester forum?


Unknown - May 10



EM - May 11

Rachel - lots of people come to this forum early on because they want advice from women who have already been through what they are going through...cut her some slack! Autumn, what does your doc say?


Autumn - May 11

The doctor says everything looks fine. The reason why I post here is b/c I wanted to talk to other women who already been through this. Thank you Rachel and unknown.


nm - May 11



Lyn - May 11

I couldn't even imagine waking up one day to find out I was 5 months already! I found out 4 weeks to the day that I was prego! Thank goodness! I have heard that some women have their periods while they are pregnant and have prefectly healthly babies! If your doctor isnt worried you are probably ok. Just think in 20 more weeks you'll have a baby. Congrats!


Amber K - May 13

WOW! What a shock.. I am now 36 weeks pregnant.. when my husband and I found out I was already 2months along.. I had irregular periods so it was not uncommon for me to skip a month. When I missed two months I was like OHMIGOSH! Do you look back now and maybe see some signs that you missed? Its weird huh.. but everything is healthy with us. Hopefully everything will be fine for you.. just truthfully inform the doctor of all activities that went on for you in the last 5 months.. IT IS IMPORTANT! Good luck.


amethyst_dragonfly - August 17

I tell this story all the time... My Aunt (my mother's twin sister) was 23 weeks pregnant with her first child before she found out. She was very fit and slim, young too (about 17 or 18). AND, she had regular periods every month. And she actually got another period after she found out she was pregnant. But, get this: it was April Fool's Day when she found out. And the very next day, her stomach was HUGE. It happens. Just think, now, you only have to "wait" half the time!!!


MuzikGurl - August 17

Autumn you should come over to the 2nd trimester forum...there are some women there that can totally understand and can answer any questions....but, not to be rude but like rachel why did you pick the 3rd trimester and not the 2nd or first. well, i know it's pointless on the first cause that ends after about 3 months so, now you are 5 months along so you should be in the 2nd but, it's up to you just want you to come and connect with others that are in the same month as you...the women in this forum are at least 7 months along or more and about to pop....but it's up to you....oh, and congrats...I myself am finishing my 6th month due about the first week of dec. but, looks like it might be sooner....and having a baby girl. well, congrats and take care!


MM - August 17

I didn't find out until I was just over 2 months pregnant - I've always had irregular periods & have gone as long as 6 months without one. The only reason I found out is because I was feeling nauseous & I was getting enough rest so I took a test.


EMBERBABY - August 17

Congratulations Autumn, start taking your prenatals. I found out right away the minute I missed my period. I have always been on time so I knew when AF didn't show that I was pregnant =)


HannahBaby - August 17

autumn isnt around....this post was from May 2005


venus_in_scorpio - August 17

ahh i was just going to say she would probably be like 8 months by now anyways... LOL


MuzikGurl - August 18

oh, haha....oh well....at least you got answers...lol....I feel silly now...but, thanks for telling us hannah...lol.



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