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staci - October 30

HERE IT IS GIRLS! Let this be the thread that we have our first baby announcement on!! We don't have much longer ladies, can you believe it?!!!!


staci - October 30

So girls, I'm thinking I may have some cervical action going on? Getting sharp pains up in there. Hmmmmmmm???? A girl can dream right?


Ashley86 - October 30

You could be, but after what my doctor told me today, don't be disappointed if not. I get that too and dr said even though I'm not dilating my body is deff getting ready for labor from my signs. As he said Phoenix is in position but not quite ready for take off (cuz no dilation) but that he probably will in the next couple of weeks (as I mentioned before) I'm no longer disappointed at not being dilated after he told me that. Some women dilate early and some don't.


staci - October 30

yeah, I figure it's prob. nothing. She's prob. just dropping some more. Everyone keeps telling me my bump is getting lower and lower. I really need to take a belly shot! Last one was at 29wks, yikes! Yep, don't be dissapointed about not dialating yet because that can start to happen anytime and very quickly. I just saw that you had a another thread going on water breaking, gonna go check it out.


blakenabbeighsmom - October 30

well i am with you guys. i haven't dlated any lately either. ugh. no matter how bad the pain. i have those pains staci.. that is what i went to er for on thurs and they did three exams and they said nothing. maybe an infection.. ugh. i hate this!!! so glad i am not doing it again lol. does it make any of you feel bad tha tyou don't like being prego? i sorta feel liek a bad mom cuz i am so miserable and i should be happy that he is a miricle. Still doing homework:( don't really wanna lol i wish i knew how to post videos or power point on my page so everyone could see my pretty career portfolio... otherwise everyone can send me thier email addies and i can send it to them.. it should be done in a few days...


blakenabbeighsmom - October 30

oh ya ash/syn will probably let you all know when blake is here cuz i am not sure if i will have signal..


staci - October 30

I figured you were still doing homework! That sucks you had those pains that much to take you to the ER because they def don't feel good! I can't wait to hear about Blakes' entrance! Why do you have to be there so dang early? And it is totally understandable why you don't like being pg, heck you've been sick the whole time. And not just regular sickness, like really sick! I need to go, ds wants the computer ;)


Ashley86 - October 30

Jo, lol, hell I WAS SO THRILLED to be pregnant too but now I just can't wait to have it. Lol. I have a feeling you may change your mind after you meet Blake though. Lol. I can't WAIT FOR US TO HAVE OUR BABIES!!


Tan - October 30

Just dropping by to say hi and yay for a new thread!! lets hope we get at least 5 birth stories on here!!! Have a good night pregnant mamas! so cool that some of you know your lo's fair. im only gonna be 37 weeks on nov 7. You go Ash/Syn.. good luck! cant wait til my appt tom! hopefully things are progressing.. hehe... where in the world is inuk???????????? and angie, glad to hear from you... take it easy woman! ok im out. peace. :D


emfine99 - October 30

So ummm... my grandma thinks I'll end up going to the hospital tonight because I was up from 3am until about 6pm cleaning and going to the store and just running myself to death. She thinks it's the nesting phase. I sure hope not! Just gotta keep her in there until after the weekend! Gotta go get that carseat and a few things! I'm pretty swollen tonight and just worn out. Just thought I'd stop in and say hi! Good luck everyone! Hopefully we will all go early! I can't believe I'm almost 37 weeks!!! I can't believe it's almost November!!!


Judy H - October 30

Finally! I have been anticapating the end of October so we can get to Novemeber. I want this baby out! I am sooooo tired of being miserable and in pain. Tired of the false labor and tired of the sleepless nights. This is my last pregnancy and I should be relishing the moment, but I am so at the end of my rope with being pregnant. Now I just want my son here in my arms. He still has no name, but he has clothes and everything he could need. I have been thriving off 3 hours worth of sleep over two days. Ladies, don't get me wrong and I hope you all can understand my moodiness. I am JUST READY! My doc said perhaps by this weekend cause after monitoring the contractions this morning, and the fact that I am dialating from 1cm to 1 1/2 cm in a day. I went in to have an amnio to see how mature the babies lungs were to move up my c-section. Well, he says 1 more week atleast. But if the baby comes on his own, they will give me the shot to help his lungs develop before delivery. I am so going to sleep in the hospital while on drugs. Cause I know when I bring home the baby, once again there will be no rest and I'll be on the baby care section b___hin' about lack of sleep again. But I do know all in all, we have all come this far and it will be worth it! Good luck to you all and I will post again when he does arrive.


jenna32 - October 30

when are you due judy?have you had trouble sleeping because of the uncomfortable stuff? i haven't been getting to sleep early enough either, but recently i think it's more due to being excited/worrying about taking care of the baby. But i am so glad it's finally going to be over soon ( i hope).


Judy H - October 31

My due date is 11/22. C-section scheduled for 11/15. But I never carry my babies past 37 weeks. I am 37 weeks and 3 days. I can not sleep b/c the baby is head down and moves alot. I have been having pre labor pains and a combination of anxiety. I have sciatic pain as well since turning 28 weeks. So turning to get into a comfy position is not an option.


jenna32 - October 31

oh lucky you, you know when you're having him/her! i have a feeling i could go past november and have a december baby,due the 26th!But i want a november baby! i suppose you will be going crazy counting the days anxiously the next couple weeks. can you take anything for the pain?


Judy H - October 31

Nothing medication wise works for me. I have a physical therapist that works with me once a week. That helps alot. Unable to see her now cause I can't drive myself and hubby is working strict military (Marine Corps) hours.


blakenabbeighsmom - October 31

ash i bet we go a day apart... anyone else wanna join us lol.


nicole12 - October 31

Good morning ladies and Happy Halloween. I got to work this morning to find out that my boss had her baby last night... I am so jealous, but happy for her. She thought for sure that I would go before her because with her first two she went four days over and the two of us were due four days apart so she actually went a little early. I can't wait until it's my turn, but I know that it will be here soon. I have a lot of pain and pressure today, but I don't think that today will be the day, I have a feeling that it will be Saturday. I'm hoping any ways.



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