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Evonna - April 29

Well i am 19 years old and 26 weeks pregnant and is due August 6th. I am having a baby girl. I cannot wait until she is born. Do you know what you are having? What day are you due? Are you going natural or with an epidural? Was this pregnancy an accident or planned? = ]


3babies - April 30

HI Evonna. I am almost 27 weeks pregnant with number 3 due 2 Aug but having a c/s before that. I have two boys and we dont know what this baby is ( I have suspisions of another boy!) This baby was planned after lots deciding whether to have 2 or 3, lucky enough to fall pregnant as soon as we tried!


Evonna - May 3

I want to have mines with epidural but i feel that having her natural is probably best. This pregnancy was an accident, but i am happy anyway. 3babies, hopefully you'll have a baby girl..i know having 3 boy's will drive you crazy, lol.


Ca__sie06 - May 6

hi!! I am 19 years old and due August 8th!! I am almost 27 weeks pregnant!! I am having a boy, and his name will be Connor Ethan. I would like to go natural but I will watch the video for the epidural just in case!!


LollyM - May 6

I'm 27 weeks now and due august 6th also =) I'm having a girl also and her name is Ava Mae. I want to go natural if possible but I'm open to pain options if I need it. This is our first so I'm not quite sure what to expect with labor and delivery, I'm getting kind of nervous but still excited =) .


Evonna - May 7

Hi Ca__sie & LollyM, by the way, this will be my first and is very nervous about labor & delivery, i want everything to go well. I hope all of your labor & delivery goes great! = ]


mommie2be - May 7

Hello! It's nice to finally "cross over" to the 3rd tri. I'm Aug 11. Pregnancy was hoped for, but still ended up being a surprise! We still don't know what we're having b/c baby wouldn't cooperate at the 20wk u/s. Evonna, this is also my first and I'm starting to get very nervous about delivery. I'm hoping for a natural delivery, but I recently attended my best friend's delivery and that was eye-opening...


Evonna - May 7

awww mommie2be, hopefully you'll find the s_x of your little bundle of joy next time you visit. I wasn't nervous at first, as you can see the closer to my due date the more nervous i get. Did watching your friend's delivery frightened you alittle?


Shannah - May 8

Hello Everyone. I am due August 12th, almost 27 weeks pregnant. We are having a baby boy! Very exciting! How is everyone feeling? I have been feeling pretty good except this horrible pain I have had from about 20 weeks on the right side below my ribs. It is bruised and so soar when I sit. The doctors said it is my ribs expanding and some women experience more pain then others. I live in MIchigan, anyone else from Michigan?


Angelaw. - May 8

I am originally due Aug 11 (I have had u/s's that said maybe as far as the 16th, but I'm hoping for the 11th). I have 95 days left yay! We are having a boy and his anme is Maxson Lee. We are trying for a natural childbirth and we are taking Bradley cla__ses starting tomorrow! This preg was very planned, we were TTC for about 7 months before this little guy came along. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE ON THE 3rd TRI BOARD!!!! (even if it is a little early!)


JBeach - May 8

Hi, I am due Aug 2 with my first baby -a boy. We have deceided to name him Jack. I am nervous about labor and believe I will choose to have an epidural.


mommie2be - May 9

Evonna, Friend's birth definitely made me nervous and turned me off of the notion of painkillers during pregnancy. They had to wake her up to have her baby. After the screaming and birthing, she was pa__sing out again... I think I would like to be a little more lucid during this big day. But wow... the pain she experience heavily medicated was beaucoup.


Brandie in Ga - May 9

Hello all my name is Brandie and I am currently as of May 9th 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant and due with son 3 on August 4th.Pregnancy is going great so far...How about all of yours?


Brandie in Ga - May 9

Well Evonna to answer your questions..Im having a boy,Im due August 4th, yes Im getting and Epi and this pregnancy was


Evonna - May 9

Brandie, my pregnancy is going great so far and hope it stays that way until birth. Jbeach, your making sure it's with an epi, lol. Angelsaw, i need to start birth cla__ses especially if i'm going to have my baby natural.


Evonna - May 9

Hi Shannah, my baby actually kicks my ribs and it hurts, sometimes she kicks or punches me so hard my uterus hurts, lol. Mommie2be, i would have to agree about having to be a bit more lucid rather than drowsy and no stamina.


ataylor724 - May 9

Hello everyone! I'm due August 7th with first baby. She's a strong one! I'm definitely having an epidural, I know my pain tolerance and know there's no way I'll make it without one. This was a "surprise" pregnancy, we don't like the word accident lol, and we are very excited. I have that horrible pain in my ribs on my left side and just when I don't think I can take anymore I get a swift kick to the same spot. I haven't been enjoying this pregnancy so much because of sickness and a lot of pain, but I live in San Diego and there's a pregnant bikini pagaent here this friday that I will be in to try and have some fun being preggers :) It's for 3rd trimester so I barely made it, and 1st place wins a thousand dollars... can't complain too much :)



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