Mommies Due In Early August PT 2

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Evonna - May 25

How has everything going with you now? Do you have your Birth Plan set? sign-up for birthing classes? done your labor & delivery tour? etc. Let me & the rest of the August moms-to-be know what's happening with you now that it's Almost June.


Been There - May 25

Hi, Evonna. Things are going well. My c-section has been scheduled, so my birth plan is just to show up on time. I've already delivered in the hospital I'm going to, so I won't take a tour prior to that. Give us an update on your status.


Evonna - May 25

Everything is going great with me now, still get nauseous at times but other than that, things are going well. I am now 29 weeks & 5 days pregnant. For some who don't know my story from my thread 'Mommies Due in Early August' pt. 1, i am having a girl and have no clue what to name her yet, but she will have a name soon before delivery. I 19 years old & currently is engaged to a wonderful man. I am a first time mom-to-be and i cannot wait to hold my baby girl in my arms. I have signed up for childbirth cla__ses and will sign up for b___stfeeding cla__ses soon. I have not done my labor & delivery, postpartum nor newborn tour but will eventually get to it when i am close to my due date. I think that's all! = ]


Evonna - May 25

It's nice to know that things are going good with you Been There. Good Luck!


Ca__sie06 - May 25

hi!! Everything is great!! :) I am still grinning ear to ear because I got to see my little one again today. He is just so darn cute!! I am doing pretty well, still have bad back pain and heartburn, the usual, lol, but other than that good!! Yes, I have my birth plan. We started attending childbirth cla__ses Monday. At our next cla__s we get to tour the hospital and everything. It is hard to believe it is getting so close! I already had my first shower and got a ton of really cute stuff, and my next shower is in 2 weeks! We have all the furniture for the room and are going to start painting and bordering this weekend and start getting the room together! And Sunday is me and hubbies 1 year anniversary!! :)Its great to hear everyone else is doing well too!!


3babies - May 26

Hi girls. Good to hear everyone is going well. I was supposed to have my c/s date by now too, but there was a mistake at the doctors and I ended up seeing my usual doc, not the one who does the c/s so I dont have a date! My doc thinks he wont let me go over the 38 weeks though, so that will be around the 19th July. Also at my last appt my bp was still up, and bubs hasnt grown much in the previous two weeks (apparently I am 'neat' ... no cause for alarm, but he has put me in for a scan at 33 weeks to check on growth). Here's hoping to an uneventful next couple of weeks! Oh and also, just to remind me of the joys of pregnancy, last night I was sitting at the computer when I felt something wet running down my tummy (I was wearing my pjs). Sure enough I had a big wet patch around my b___b. One was leaking a little, but the other one was just streaming. .... Oh well at least I was at home and not out at dinner or something!


kari15 - May 26

Hi everyone...i'm really due July 31st but I'll prolly go late, so I decided to write in this thread just signed up for birthing cla__ses which start June 6th and go once a week for 5 weeks....i don't think i'm going to tour the hospital because I spent the night in a maternity room there because I went into pre-term labor and I was also in the early-labor room for a i feel confortable with the area already.....and i didn't do a birth plan yet but plan to soon!!! I'm starting to get really excited!!! I can't wait!!!!


Evonna - May 26

Aww, it's good to know everything's going well with all of you!


Evonna - May 26

Sad to hear that 3babies, seem as your days @ the hospital were c___ppy, lol. Hope things go better with you soon.


mommie2be - May 26

Hey fellow August mommies! I'm currently 29 weeks and am so in love with my baby girl! However, I must vent b/c I just had my lovely appt at 7:20p last night (after waiting for 2 hours- signing in @ 515p) and doctor said I've gained too much weight! I've gained a total of 29 lbs. Additionally, the whole appt was rushed (she saw me a total of 5 minutes) and this appt was already a reschedule b/c doctor cancelled on me the first time. What's funny is that I only drink water and 1 cup of milk/day. My food intake is little portions b/c I get so nauseous (sp?) after I eat still. She wants me to keep a diary, citing that "I'll probably surprise myself at how much I actually eat". I don't think so, especially when I dealt with an eating disorder about 4 years ago and all I still think about is what I eat. I was a little insulted. I tried to attribute it to her being tired after a long day (and myself tired from waiting so long). Okay- done venting. Thanks. Other than this appt, I'm quite happy and counting down the days to lamaze!


Evonna - May 26

I'm glad you are happy mommie2be, for me, gaining weight was a struggle for awhile and i've now gained 22 lbs. I feel i need to gain more weight. What was your pre-pregnancy weight?


Been There - May 26

3babies, you post about leaking had me laughing. I could just picture it and thought, "I hope that doesn't happen to me." Especially not while I'm out or at work. Glad to see we're all coming along. How's shopping going for everyone? Any showers?


Shannah - May 27

Hello Everyone! I am 29 weeks and feeling pretty good. We started our child birthing cla__ses this past Wednesday, soon we will get a tour of the hospital. My first shower is June 10th, that is getting exciting and I have another one on June 25th. I can't believe it is almost June already. We have no boy names picked out yet but hopefully soon. This month I am going to start working on the nursery. I am still waiting for the furniture to come in but it should be here by the end of June. Glad to hear everyone is doing well!


Angela - May 30

I am 27 & 31 wks PG. Due august 2nd - I am learning the hard way that I should avoid eating after 8ish because digestion almost completely stops around that time... heartburn/indigestion has been pretty bad. I take a fiber tablet & 2 tums which takes the edge off. My struggle right now is being able to get through the 36 week / labor examination where the doctor checks the cervix - I have never been able to get thru a pap exam due to a condition called vaginismus and these exams seem to be worse than paps. I am trying to find a way to avoid the exam because it might be traumatic for me. Anyone else fear this b/c I really feel alone...


Kitty - May 30

Hey girls!!!! I skipped over to say " IAM ALMOST HERE" Sunday I will be 28 weeks. I went and registred at babies r us today and had soo much fun. How are all of you doing?


3babies - May 30

Hi Angela, I am a physio that specialises in womens health, so I have treated women with vaginissmus before. I just wanted to say that if you have an understanding doctor, they will probably skip the exam, or put it off for as long as they can. Also treatment has really helped some of my patients. We mostly use biofeedback but you really need a good multidisciplinary approach to get the best results. It may be something you want to look into after your baby is born!


Angelaw. - May 31

HI ladies! I will be 30 weeks on Friday!! I can't beleive it! I get (probably) my last u/s this month (June) and I can't wait! So far we are doing pretty well. I am 30 weeks and have gained 16 lbs, he is unbelevable active- to the point wher it feels like he is bruising my stomach! We have had our birthplan written for quite a while, we are in our 5th week of Bradley cla__ses, we don't have our L&D tour until like the 2nd week in July- I don't want to get my hopes up too soon!! My ds will have his big brother cla__s around the 3rd week of July. I haven't had my shower yet, but it is scheduled for June 17th. My BIL owes me, so he will painting my nirsery for me next weekend and hopefully the weekend after that, we will have everything we need! I have probably enough clothes to clothe every boy baby on this thread b/c people kept yelling at me for buying other stuff b/c then they wouldn't have anything to buy for my shower! So that is what is happening with me. BTW- does anyone think they may go early? I can't shake the feeling that Maxson may be a July baby ;) !



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