Momz To Be In EARLY August PT 3

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Evonna - June 11

Hi again, i did past topics on Mommies due in Early August l & ll. Even though i am due early August, i feel that i will have my baby end of July of next month. I am now 32 weeks pregnant today and due August 5 or 6th. Is time going fast for you moms-to-be? It seems as it's going fast for me. It'll be July soon and i am so excited. I already feel that once July hit, weeks will go by quickly and next thing you know i am already due. Is everything good with you all? Feeling better? I've been having great sleep lately and less heartburn. I am more energetic than before.


Ca__sie06 - June 11

Wow, I feel like this pregnancy is dragging on and on. I am just ready for it to be over!! My heartburn is getting worse, and I am having such bad joint and muscle pain that I can hardly get out of bed! I am due August 8th, but I also think I will go some time in July. My mom had both me and my sister at 37 weeks, so that is what I am hoping for!! I am so excited and have everything ready for the baby, so now I just want him here to make everything complete! I am having a shower today (in about an hour!!) so I am setting here while my aunt sets everything up! We dont have too much longer left now!!


Olivene - June 11

I'm due the 9th- do we all think we are going to go early?! My mom predicts July 20th for me. I'm not betting on it. I can't beleive how fast time is pa__sing! I cannot sleep at night these days. It's driving me crazy! At least I'll be in practice for sleep deprivation once our baby girl gets here! Heartburn here, too. Not fun, but it is exciting to be getting closer!


clairon13 - June 11

this is my first time posting here in this forum.... i'm due the 7th, but also feel we're going to be a july baby!!! i live in the south, and it is soooo freaking hot, so that makes my energy levels plummet for the most part, but i find myself always excited and scared-this is our first baby. i keep wondering if it's going to be a boy or girl, and if i will be a good mommy. my husband and i are also having to move from our current apartment, so i think the stress of moving is making me stress about all the little stuff. i was watching tv yesterday and a car advertis____nt came on and blared something about not due til august... that made it all sink home b/cs if even the tv thinks august is right around the corner, it really is!!!


clairon13 - June 11

oh, and my heartburn got so bad my OB put me on prevacid, and it has changed my life!! LOL i mean it; even water would give me heartburn before, and now i never have it... all dr's offices should carry samples--ask, i did, and still haevn't had to pay for a prescription!!


mommie2be - June 11

Due Aug 11, but measuring 2 weeks early. Clarion- I may ask my doctor about Prevacid (THANKS!).. b/c I've been sleeping upright in a recliner for 3.5 weeks now to avoid heartburn and am so tired. Time is definitely going fast though... I can't believe how fast it's going!


ataylor724 - June 11

Clairon, we're the same. My husband and I are having a girl on the 7th. I don't know if I'll go early or not. My 21st bday is July 24 and I keep having dreams about going into labor that day so we'll see lol. The heartburn... wow, so horrible. I feel it with water, too. Also it is so d__n HOT! I love San Diego, but my goodness I don't think I can handle a record breaking summer this year. The next baby better be due between Nov and March :) How are you ladies doing in your birthing cla__ses? We don't start ours until the 22nd and they don't end until July 31... yikes, a little too close for comfort, but that's all we could do. Time is going by so quickly and I feel like nothing is ready. I think my fatigue is still outweighing my nesting instinct lol.


3babies - June 12

Just thought I would pop in to say hi, I am due on Aug 2nd but have my c/s date of 18th july. This will be number 3 for me. My heartburn is also a little better than previously, everyone is telling me that they think I have dropped, but I think the baby just sat low from the beginning. Of course this has started all the boy/girl theories because we dont know what we are having. We have a scan on Fri to check on growth and I cant wait to see the baby! 5 weeks and counting for me!


EricaG - June 12

Hi! LMP EDD August 9th, but ultrasound EDD is August 1st so it's a very real possibilty that I will go in July. Gosh I hope not! I feel like I have NOTHING done! And I have plans all the way up to the week of my first due date. Nope, August 1st or 9th will do just fine for me, lol. I just feel so overwhelmed. I have this huge to do list and no ambition to do anything. Hopefully I'll start nesting soon, lol.


Been There - June 12

I'm sooooo ready to be done with this. I'm tired of waddling and feeling tired. My hips hurt so bad all night from lying on them. This baby is just taking up so much room. I stop working in 4 weeks, which is when I will do my final shopping, wash baby items, etc.


Shannah - June 12

Hello Everyone! I am due august 12th, i really hope i will go early, but probably not ;) I just had my first shower this past saturday, it was very exciting! i am sleeping well just have the pain on my right side that never goes away when i sit. otherwise everything is good, it seems to be flying by but i think july will go slow!


Brandie in Ga - June 13

Hi all Im Due August 4th..But like you all noone including doc thinks I will last till then.My other 2 boys were born at 38 wks so we are figuring between the 20th and 31st..My husband wants so born the 31st as thats his bday but I said go back to school the 1st and seeing how IM THE MOMMY I want to take them to school on there first day...So my preg as been pretty easy..Last week had a scare with preaclamsia and fundal height...They said I am spillin protein in urine but they did more tests and they called yesterday and said all was good then my tummy was measuring off by 3 weeks so they didnt think my baby was growing right so they scheduled another US and found out he is almost 5 lbs give or take some...So now thats all good so no more worrys for right now...Now I can concentrate on my baby shower this coming saturday (June 17th)...I can't wait as this is my 3rd baby and I have NEVER had congrads to you all hope to talk to you soon


Evonna - June 13

I enjoyed reading all of your postings and is glad that everything is going well with you all. I can't wait to pop this little one out because i am so anxious to see & hold her. I try eating less meals and not all at once, which makes me have less heartburn. Congratz on yall & your babies!


Evonna - June 22

Hi again, i am now 33 weeks and experiencing rib kicks. They are no fun at all. I woke up this morning from a forceful b__w to the ribs!! My baby sure did have a active wakefulness..


Been There - June 22

You know, it's so funny. I grimace when I feel the baby stretching and it really hurts sometimes. But at the same time, I know if he didn't do it, I'd be a panicking fool worried about whether he's okay or not. Life is so ironic. I guess a happy medium would be nice. Some movement, without the pain. Okay, so who right now is tempted to start packing and who is tempted to start washing baby stuff already? I know I am, but I'd just like to see if I'm alone in this.


Evonna - June 22

Been There, i would have to say that i am so anxious to meet the lil' one. I planned on packing the beginning of July. I am tempted to start washing baby stuff as well. The kicks and jabs in the ribs is not a good feeling, but like you said, it's better than to feel the baby than not at all.


3babies - June 23

Been there I just read your post and had a laugh as my laundry floor, line and washing machine are full of baby linen and clothes as we speak. My husband was off yesterday morning and I made him clear out a cupboard for the baby and move things around for me. My c/s is 18th July and we have school hols from early July, so I think all of a sudden I am panicked about getting organised. Am I the only one to get teary holding up those tiny baby clothes though?



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