Natural Or Epidural This Is Not A Poll

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Evonna - April 30

Moms who are pregnant at this moment, which have you planned to take, Epi or natural? and why? I decided to go natural because i feel that it won't be as bad. all the women in our family had their children all mom, grandma, her mom, and so on.


HannahBaby - April 30

I had a natural (not by choice) my daughter had a heart rate problem in labor so they wouldent let me have any drugs. And i wouldent do it any other way. I plan on having a natural birth as well with this one. My dr told me first time moms push on average 1-2 hours. I pushed like 3 times, id rather be in pain than push forever with an epidural. And also, the feeling that i felt when my daughter came out was amazing. I would have never felt that with an epidural. Im pro natural.


krista-lee - April 30

i plan to get the epi. ive seen alot of births (on tv/internet) and it looks so haooribly painful, i wont go without some type of drug! my mom never had any drugs for any of us (2 sisters, 19 & 2)


Alycia - May 1

I'm having a homebirth, and I'll be going 100% natural. I belive that the expectation of pain, in addition to the restrictions on movement and such at the hospital are what contribute to painful births. Women who birth at home or in more flexible environments such as birth centers report much less pain. Also, having an epidural increases your chances of having a c-section or instrumental delivery. Good luck to all, whatever you decide!


Tillie - May 1

I plan to deliver without an epi, but I must say that my doctor says calling v____al labor with pain medication "unnatural" is really misleading. Getting an epidural does not mean you're not having a "natural" labor! It just means you're getting some pain relief, which is the right of anyone having a hospital procedure. Many doctors and midwives--and even my doula--say that the perpetuating "having an epi increases your chance of a c-section" is not at all true. I don't think we should continue to perpetuate the idea that women who seek help with labor pain are not having natural labors or are somehow putting their babies at risk. That really doesn't seem fair.


Alycia - May 1

Tillie - I certainly don't think that women who want an epidural should do without them. However, it is a FACT (based on statistics), not an OPINION that epidurals increase the rate of c-sections and forceps/vacuum delivery. There are several reasons for this, among them that epidurals are more likely to cause abnormal fetal heart patterns (which don't always mean the baby really is in distress), and doctors are very quick (too quick) to do c-sections at such times. There are other reasons also, but it would take a whole chapter to get into. Again, I am not saying that a woman who is afraid of labor pain, or who goes into labor and feels a lot of pain shouldn't get an epidural if she wants one. I just think it's good for them to be well-informed about their decision.


angelbebe - May 2

I am also planning a homebirth, drug free. I agree with Alycia that your expectations (pain) can dramatically affect what kind of experience you have. I also think that if you are free to move around and labor in different positions and ways (like in water) that the pain can be handled much better. I guess we'll see! And, I have done a TON of research on the epidural itself and you can't deny the studies and facts of increased chance of medical intervention. I have no judgement of any woman deciding to have one. She is responsible in the end for herself and her baby. I have many friends who loved their epi, but I also have many friends who swear they would NEVER have one again especially those who went natural the second time around. i want to feel everything. The experience is very important to me. I am also giving birth in a third world country (Honduras) so I want to decrease my chances of any intervention so this seems like the most responsible thing for me to do. My midwife is from Seattle and she is awesome!! Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how you all came through afterwards.


CyndiG - May 2

I had an epidural with my first daughter, and the experience was HORRIBLE! I had to push for 3 hours, she wouldn't nurse till 7 hours later, the epidural didn't work like it was supposed to so I felt soooo much pain. I'm planning on doing it unmedicated this time. I've been there done that and I KNOW I can do it and it will be so much better this time! Good Luck all!


lindsay - May 3

THANK YOU tillie!!! i always think that when people ask if i am going natural or not!! i'm like well, it seems pretty natural coming out of my v____a like God intended, right??lol that statement jjust always irks me... i had an epi w/ my first birth and am planning to try and go unmedicated this time around... i actaually had a nice labor and delivery, but horrible recovery, one i don't want to chance having again! i just keep telling myself 'i can do it' and i believe i will !


angelbebe - May 3

Tillie & Lindsay - The phrase "natural birth"... I guess it depends on what you define as natural. I have to admit I have always thought of "natural" meaning without medical intervention...including drugs. I mean, there is nothing "natural" about having drugs HOWEVER it is totally "normal" to use drugs. I wouldn't be too offended by that comment. It just depends on how you define it and it's obvious that there are differing opinions. I think everyone is a kind of right here. I think what is probably annoying are those who feel like they have to make a point about the way they delivered, like they have something to prove, or like going "natural" is the more enlightened way to go. For those of you who had an epidural, at what point was it administered? How dialated were you?


Been There - May 3

Alycia, you are ent_tled to your opinion. But I think that no one can tell determine what is painful or contributes to pain one way or another. Some people deal with pain better than others. So, it's not a great study that can provide so-called facts that pain is any less just because someone used a birthing center. How can a person report more or less pain other than their experience? It's very subjective. I believe the abilty to deal with pain is based on the person's own tolerance and cannot be compared to someone else's personal experience. Hannahbaby, I see you felt your experience about feeling that it was amazing when your daughter came out, because you didn't feel that you would have felt that with an epidural. That's wonderful for you to feel that way. I, personally, don't think it matters how the baby comes out (c-section, natural, with drugs), it's still amazing no matter what. You just delivered life. For everyone, I think everyone is ent_tled to their own opinions. I don't think that they way you choose to deliver lessens the experience of having a child and/or your happiness that he or she has joined you. Plus, some people just don't even have a choice about how they deliver.


Alycia - May 3

Been There - I agree that pain is VERY subjective, and that's my whole point. We all experience the same thing in different ways depending on how we're feeling or what else is going on on any given day. I'm not trying to comment on anyone else's experience of pain. It is true, however, that a woman will be in more pain during labor if they are made to lie down (as they so often are in the hospital). Appropriate movement - as determined by the woman herself based on her pain level in each position - can alleviate a great deal of the pain. Since this is better tolerated in birth centers or at home, it follows that a woman would probably experience less pain there than at the hospital. That is not to say that they would not desire pain relief anyway, however. That is everyone's rightful choice.


mom2b2x - May 3

I have had both ... i had my daughter 3.5 years ago with and epi and it was wonderful no problems no pain and i pushed 3x and she was out my whole labor was 5 hours long... this time (a week ago, 3 hrs labor) i got the epi but it did not work so i felt everything and it is very painful and you do think you cant do it but osmehow you manage and it was unreal the overpowering emotion i felt when my sons head came out and i knew it ... you just kind of forget about the pain and it fades .... it was amazing but for me i dont know that i could do it again that way but it is totally up to you and how you body copes with pain but ladies just remember this if you choose w/o epi that is great but you do have the right to change your mind in l&d and ask for the medicine if you cant make it and one way or the other it doesnt matter .... IT DOESNT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A WOMAN...


Jenn2 - May 3

Evonna- I am going to give natural a try.....but I am not stubborn about using the epi if I feel I need it. My main reason for not wanting to use the epi is b/c hospitals and all of their equipment and drugs....freak me out!! I really am not fearful of labor. the only reason I would get an epidural is if I had one of those long labors, and I was just tired. My mom had short, easy labors, so I am crossing my fingers for the same. I think the best way to approach labor is to keep an open mind, and try to relax and just know that you will be fine!


Slava - May 3

I had my first daughter with epi and it was very good experience. I pushed for 5 minutes and she was out. Before I got epi the only thought I had in my head was, how come I don't know anyone who commited suicide from pain like that. And I am very pain tolerant person. And very fit. I was happy with epi, no problem with b___stfeeding. If you don't experience pain like I had you might be fine without any drugs, but I don't want this torture, I will use epi for my second baby.


Been There - May 3

Angelbebe, I think you have to be at least 4 centimeters. I'm not sure this is still how it goes, but when I was in the hospital 8 years ago (so this may be outdated), it was 4. Another woman in the ward who was induced just as I was, was in pain the entire day because she couldn't get to 4 centimeters. They finally had to perform a c-section, which is the only reason she finally got a little relief.


lindsay - May 3

to angelbebe- i just wanted to clarify... i pretty much agree w/ you, i just think v____al birth is natural birth , medicated or not... then there are c-sections... that's all. but like 'been there' says... it doesn't matter how a baby gets here, it's amazing no matter what! i've heard so many wonderful and horror stories about all types of deliveries... i guess you take what your dealt, answer your question... i was induced at 8 in the morn but was already 4 cm dialated when i got to the hospital, so i could have gotten one as soon as i got there if i wanted... but it was around noon , i think , when i started getting uncomfortable that i asked for it b/c i was afraid the anesthesiologist would be busy and i'd have to wait if things got really ugly, lol... yep, i was a big weenie... i never even really had "bad" contractions by my own definition... but i could feel EVERYTHING when pushing and crowning... YIKES!! (this is all coming from the woman who thinks she's going unmedicated this time,LOL) but i really am going to try !!! it's just a big combination all the horrible side effects i had from the epi, and the fact i feel more mature, if that makes sense, that i understand my body and the process so much more now , and i really would like to experience everything like women from the beginning of time have... am i completely crazy?? i'd probably be going in knowing i was getting the epi if it didn't mess me up so bad last time though... i don't know =) watch i'll be begging for one,lol! but on a serious note, i really do want to go unmedicated this time and wanted to tell all of you no matter what you choose (or maybe don't choose) good luck and i know we will all have a memorable experience , to say the least!!!



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